Just been wondering why there is so much fuss about 3C and Logix - Who have NO experience in delivering residential projects..

The public response to their projects is more based on sentiments and expectations since the common man has been fed up by the oldies - Unitech, Jaypee, Omaxe etc..

- Unitech seem to have put things on hold though they have many projects.. Uniworld gardens - their only budget project in Noida has been around for months and i still begging for customers... Not sure abt the progress...

- Jaypee hasnt delivered anything till date..

- Omaxe has been trying hard to deliver Grandwoods since the past 2 years

- ATS wants to charge a whopping per sqft rate just because it has delivered a few good projects in the past and thinks that this make them eligible for upping the market rate.. Still, I would like to question the amount of financial backing they have and the "value for money" they are promising to deliver at 3800 per sq ft..

I currently find all new builders (Paras, Antriksh, Gardenia, SDS etc.) making Noida their playground and promising the world to the general public...
Their profile says 2-3 buildings done by each (even none by some builders)
and note that these building were not more than 7 storey.How good can they be expected at delivering 25+ storeys..

I heard IREO making up their mind to enter Noida... but that might just be grapevine..

Why is there no DLF, EMAAR MGF, IREO already there in Noida ?

Though it might not change things by too much, still I wanted to know..
(The only thing that can be expected by the entry of multiple giants in the Noida market is the quality of service/construction)
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  • Well i think u can count only DLF as only big builder which is not present in residential space here .....

    IREO is no different than 3C....both are PE funded companies in RE....they too have not delivered any proj....

    Emmar....its better not to have them.....the only project worth note they have delivered is CWG village and that too after getting assistance from DDa..........they have not been able to deliver anything in gurgaon after many yrs....Please correct me if i am wrong here.......

    There are enough horror stories of likes of unitech, DLF and EMAAR w.r.t quality of service as well construction quality....
    so what are we missing here by not having them ?
  • DLF, Emaar etc. might be the names that we could wish to be included...
    Just felt so since the new builders around 75/76/77/78/137 etc.. coupled with Noida Authority are committed to make an Indirapuram out of entire Noida.. Honestly..:)
  • I had started a similar thread a long time back. What ppl said was that Emmar/DLF/Vatika/Raheja only keep customers with Deep Pockets in mind and Noida is more of a place for the budjet customer... Gurgaon has earned the repo of being a Posh area and Noida is still considered the city of the Middle class....(mind you the defination of middle class has changed as per recent issue of TOI) so these builders think that investing for them in Noida will not get great returns....
  • why no big names in noida

    Hi Logicaldude,

    You said it right. The main cause of that is that big corporate names like tata housing, mahindras and others rather buy land in auctions or directly from villagers. in noida in the last 6 months a huge racket has taken place..... i hope im safe in this forum... The so called competent authorities have raked in 10k per sq mtr/yard ( in cash) for the group housing land alloted.

    For a 30 acre plot that makes 30 cr in black. Big corporates dont want to get in to all that.

    But even then it is boon for us as the scale of additions in new flats in noida is un precedented and will eventually lead to fall in rentals in the long term and also a provides opportunity for first time buyers to buy.

    Thanks DIDI (BMW) for making this come true... just 2 - 3 years back i had thought i might never b able to buy a flat for myself the way prices had shot up.
  • "BMW" :D

    That was funny!!!!!!
  • This is true. All we had some couple of years back was high prices and no entry for middle class segment in flats build by Parsvnath/Omaxe/Ansals/DLF.

    Atleast, now the trend has changed and the middle class salaried people like us have started thinking of our own house in the range of 20-40L.(depending on the type of flat.) Ealrier this range used to be 50-80L.

    Lets see how things turn up in coming few years in Noida when all these societies turn up with actual possessions.
  • Looks like that builders were well aware with the situaltion in Noida extention and preferred to stay away from this.

    These are few names who already have presence in NCR but did not entered in Noida Extn.

    Tata Housing
    Anant Raj