gives a fair idea whether to go with buying or continue on rent( assuming you get possession for the bought house today,like buying a resale one, and the property rates do appreciate :) over the period of time.)
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  • good information provided.
  • This is the worst rent vs buy calculator I have seen.It does take into account,inflation & your savings growth. I believe this is the best one -
    Make sure you use the advance settings well---

    Note: Rate of return is average 15% on savings if money saved is put in MFs
    Actual Inflation average in India is 10% over the years
    Average Interest rate - 9% pa

    Considering just these two factors, the property needs to appreciate atleast the rate of 20% per annum EVERY YEAR FOR THE NEXT 20-25-30 YEARS -- JUST TO BREAK EVEN .....OR YOU WILL ALWAYS BE LOSING MONEY WHEN YOU BUY...

    Well, surely a very pessmistic thoght,aye??????
  • buy or rent

    A nice article by indianexpress on buy vs rent.

    House: Buy or Rent?
  • Thank you neetak! this is very comprehensive calculator. Great work!