Hello Friends,

I just called the sales office of Balador Talegaon. http://www.balador.in/
This is 45 acre township at 1km from Talegaon station. Kindly provide your feedback on location, investment potential etc.

They are quoting 2450/- psf (100 psf for 40% down payment). I thought it was pricey option. (1050 sq ft 2BHK cost is ~26L + STamp duty, registeration, MSEB, parking etc)

Vision Shree Kanhe Phata
I just saw a newspaper ad indicating 2/3 BRHK for 19L and onwards.

How is this builder?

Looking forward to feedback/thoughts from all of you.
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  • Nixit,
    Here is my best offer to you - 1400 per sq. ft. Take it Or Leave it...what you say...??? Ofcourse, conditions apply...
  • Originally Posted by Nixit Gada
    I think you still didnt get what i wrote and what i meant...i feel u still stuck on the rate issue get outa of it and der is many more important things which needs to be given importance .

    The Launch was on 4th july...and yess ...i also said we sold for 2250 and 2350 to investors ..today its 22nd we have already got into resale around 20 more flats of investors ....today if we have opened rate 2450 and 2550 ...i will be proud if my investor earns 200 rs on a foot ...u didnt read it properly i also mentioned PROFIT is not a only motive ...
    and secondly we have started quoting 2450 and 2550 from just 2 days back...let me understand what actual user feels about it.

    TO ALL I am happy we are getting good amount of walk- in and actual users every day .

    Rajesh Genuine request try to understand all the things first and come with a intention to grow ur knowledge rather than come with a motive to fall other ....


    Well the expected answer was yes/no or rather, good news/bad news. You over delivered! Hope you will over deliver in your project also, for your esteemed buyers.

    Thanks for clarifying my basics, I learned new thing from you today:

    All these days I was thinking that a Builder, builds homes for people to live in, and earns his profits in doing this. But you are telling me here that builder is also there for helping investors make cool money. Sounds wonderful.

    Thanks and keep writing.

    PS: Launch was on Wednesday 14th July 2010 as per RK blog, you may want to ask him to correct it.:D:D
  • Jitu sir,

    Its high time you should sack your sales team. 2+ yrs and you are still selling!! Learn from other smart builders.

    People sell 270+ flats in first fews days from launch in Talegaon, Vason sold 400 flats on launch day in Kharadi, Some one else sold 107 flats on launch day in Ambegaon. And what's more there was a queue outside the booking office as late as 10PM in the night.

    They have re-sales happening already, so single flats is already sold multiple times already and you are struggling to sell the flats even for first time. This is very poor performance!

    You should learn your lesson:

    1) You are selling your project in Kothrud, that area is deprived of "Luxurious Tanker water supply" only PMC water, so bad.
    2) There are good schools, hospitals, shops, bus service and all in Kothrud. People do not like this. This is out of fashion.
    3) You are transparent in your transactions, and charge 25% loading and 50% terrace and free parking. No one likes this. This is also out of fashion. People want to pay for parking and 50% for terrace sounds so cheap.

    I hope you understand what I mean here.:)
  • Mr. Gada,

    You are on the wrong forum and wrong audience to advertise your project, please advertise to hapless,gullible,foolish IT buyers and they might BUY your story..Here--its improbable...if not impossible.

    Moderator - RE ads are not allowed, and request you to please take appropriate action.
  • hello, what is the current rate for Balador?
  • Mr. Gada ,

    Kindly leave the boasting to the time when the project is actually completed to the satisfaction of the end users , not investors . For most builders/promoters developing a project is just about making profits , but for the end user it is his life savings and financial slavery of a life time that is at stake .

    Please give at least 5 points(apart from floor plan/your team) about what an end user in this segment is looking for in a project in order to support your claim of giving satisfaction and value for money to end users .

    Quoting rates of 2500 at Talegaon on one side and talking about satisfaction and value for money on the other implies that the talk is bookish , probably to lure customers . If the current project is already sold out why are you requesting people to visit your site ? Is it for resales or phase 2 , 3...future marketing ?

    Off late this forum seems to have caught the attention of many builders/agents/brokers to the extent that they now seem desparate to spread positive reviews about their projects here (Which actually means that sales are not happening as expected and guys blogging here are doing an excellent job of alerting people to think before buying RE !) .

    Are you sure that your statements here are creating positive opinions ?