I found a good link to find out the home loan eligibility amount.


Just check how much loan amount you can get with respect to your takehome salary.

e.g If u r looking for a property worth 40Laks(All Inclusive) then 85% of the property value can be financed from bank so u should have 15% amount ready which comes around Rs675000 cash.
Amount to be financeed from bank
would be 4000000 - 675000 = 3325000
For a loan amount of 3325000, u should have takehome
salary of around Rs74000 :bab (22):
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  • very simple equation.
    60 times of your salary. + - 3-4 Lks is okay.
  • Forget eligibility.. banks will always be willing to lend you more, if you have decent repaying capability. From a buyer's perspective, you don't want to be neck deep in debt. Save some money for down payment, and take a loan for the rest. The loan EMI should not exceed 1/3rd of your household takehome salary. Also, the loan should not be stretched to 20 years or more... 10-15 years loan is what one should aim for, and as you go along, plan to foreclose the loan within 7-10 years.