Would the forum members recommend buying a villa in Chakan or a flat in Wakad,PS,Baner etc?? I recently enquired about Cozy Corner at Chakan by Pharande and was quoted 57 lakhs. Now if we look at the cost of 2,3 room BHKs in wakad, baner etc we can see that it comes to about the same price in the current market scenario. I was pondering whether it would be more prudent to go for a landed property thinking of long term prospects.

Thanks in advance,
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  • Better stay away from RE. Rent one and invest money in some resonable stuff... where money will grow..
  • Sumil,

    Seems you are an investor. As of now, cash is the best bet. Stay rich in reality rather than on paper:bab (34):. Avoid RE investments, for self use, buy based on your requirement rather than appreciation.

    *Pharande Culture Crest, Spine road is flop project. Take your pick from this.