I think this is a good link, and we would have more information once we have data for 2010.

In Pune, prices have increased from 100 to 117 in three years - it doesnt even cover the inflation, forget the interest rates...

Infact, I was checking magic bricks - the same 1500 sq feet apt at Bhandarkar Road was available in 2007 at 8000 Rs per sq feet, the price available is SAME there now.

All those talks about the rates increase since last 3 years is a JOKE.

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  • Stats on the site is very good. But funny thing aout stats is you can draw your conclusion just how you want to read it.

    Stat is till dec 2009 and so 6 months old. We can read so many things from stats.
    1. Rates are higher on dec 09 than peak (I doubt!)
    2. index moved from 98 to 117 from dec 08 to dec 09 so who struck deal at right time earn 20% in year.
    3. Hinjewadi , wakad, PS index moved from 100 to 134 till dec 09.

    In dec 08 I suggested Buy (I couldn't dare to buy as did not have enough cash) but today will say hold or wait.
  • Originally Posted by pcpune

    All those talks about the rates increase since last 3 years is a JOKE.

    LUCKY ME !

    Still DIGESTING the JOKE...

    but i seriously i wish it were true, at least i cud afford my home at a reasonable price :)

    Mahesh : I agree!! Consultants get paid for reading through the data and recommending what client actually wanted to do :) A habitual trait!!

    What is 100 in the graph means as a base?

    And what it means to be 134 now, as compared to 100 in Jan-2007?

    How is this graph being interpreted

    As per above link, all areas in Pune have seen price rise

    There was drop in Jul-Dec 2008
  • Guys, if you CAN TIME the RE market to perfection, you would be richer than the builders ! A 10-20% rise or fall in prices doesn say much of the activity in RE, what matters is the false claim by builders that RE prices double every 3 years !!!!!!!!!

    10% a year increase doesnt even cover the inflation, so if 100 become 130 in 3 years, IT IS STILL THE SAME !!!!!!! - no profit/no loss....