I have gained lots of knowledge about RE from this forum. I don’t post a lot but reads all posts :).

I am getting a deal in Tirupati Campus for ready possession 2 BR flat. As there is no Completion certificate, I have to pay 2.75% service tax on agreement value. I have to stretch my budget for this flat and EMI would be 40% of our (me n my husband's) take home salary + almost all savings will dry-up. the only factor pushing us for this deal is the availability of the same type of flat after 2 years. As we know rates will be stable till there are no signs of huge salary increments. We want to own a flat in Vishantwadi area as its closer from our workplaces + has some good schools nearby (my husband's company just 3 kms from here). We are ready to take resale (0-5 yrs old) flat. We have seen some resale flats in this area, problem is, there are very few societies in this area. Mostly are like standalone buildings. So most flats we don’t like and the flats which we like owners are quoting like anything, seems not interested in selling.
So If I do not stretch my budget I think I will lose the flat of my choice, and if I stretch I know I have to compromise in my expenses.

Can you help me in solving my dilemma?
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