I know that one cannot take possession legally until the builder gets an occupation certificate (OC) for the building. I have some queries:
(1) What is the difference between a Completion Certificate (CC) and Occupation Certificate (OC)?
(2) Are any of these tied to my full payment for the flat? My agreement says that the last 5% has to be paid while taking "possession". Now the builder is pressing me to make that payment, and says he won't get a CC till I do that. I think this is plain BS, but just wanted an opinion of experienced members of the forum. Meanwhile, my agreement does state that the possession will be given when OC is obtained. I am holding back, as I won't make the payment till he gets the requisite fulfillment certificates.
(3) Is any of this certificate linked to individual flat, or is it for the entire building? eg., OC for flat X, CC for flat Y, etc.

The building is in PMC, but I guess this should not matter.

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