As discussed with Real, we wish to start Pune Project ratings, hence invitations are invited from all of you to populate the data. However, I would like the permissions to "edit" the data to be with Real and the senior members. I would think the ratings should work in the following way -

The ratings should be in the range of -5 to +5, and then we just add up all the parameter ratings to arrive at the final "overal rating", definately the ratings will change as we get more info about the projects and builder, but then, we dont want ALL the overall ratings to be -5, as this would defeat the whole purpose, so if "Goel Ganga" or " Vikram" is say the worst builder in Pune, the "Builder reputation" should should -5, and then we calculate for the other builders comparing them to the worst.

All suggestions are welcome, and I think we should target 25 projects to be populated per month, and by the end of say 3 months, we should have a really good list ready.

More columns/parameters can certainly be included or they maybe the sub-part of the main parameter.

New additions to be marked to this file by versions - V1,V2,etc...
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