we're constructing a house in our home town on 20 x 60 plot.

ground floor would be a godown/warehouse.
1st floor would be for our residential purpose.
2nd floor will have two separate flats for renting.

i've created plans for it, need input from you guys on if it can be improved further, best space utilisation, vastu etc.

note - 1. kept entrance for every module separate so all 4 property - godown, 1st floor flat, two flats on 2nd floor can be rented out separately if need be.

2. godown would be 1.5 height of normal floor. godown height would be 18', 1st floor height would be 12', 2nd floor height would be 10'.

3. stairs are not very clearly visible in plan. so i'll try to explain how i think they would work. if you see ground floor plan, there is a main gate to go upstair, then in 3 sets of steps, you'll reach 1st floor and then in 2 sets of steps you'll reach 2nd floor. will put stairs design in another post to make it more clear.

i am specially concerned on 1st floor flat. i think i am wasting lot of space on passage, would have preferred 1 more bedroom (3 bedroom flat if possible).

anyways, all kinds of feedback is welcome.
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