Hey Forum, Finally I think I'm going to buy one property in kapil malhar phase 1. So I need you guys to help me out in any cons associated with it(rather actively :)); and also if this seems to be good deal.

I'm getting this property in 55 lakhs + 3 lakhs stampduty reg. Will do some internal chages and guess that would be around 1-1.5 lks. Which will make the deal bit costly arnd 59 Lks.
Also included in it is some furniture whose resale value is arnd 1 lakh and I don't have to setup everything except for wardrobes and replacing with good bed.

It is a 2BHK, 1287 area+ 1 parking + the view is good (I can have a cup of tee SUKUN se)

But one thing that is a concern to me is builder is asking arnd 3% of the transaction since society is not formed, he has the final right. :-(What do you guys think about it?
though me and the seller have agreed to share that amount.

I did asked watchman he said there is PMC water and doesn't ever depend on tanker.

I liked the location near by CCD, Food Bazaar, ATM, Pizza, great punjab etc etc.

I did heard about water logging few years back and asked about it, but people around there had no qualms.

Regarding my finances I guess I'm pretty okay with it and hope making right moves here.

Offer valid till friday so will be glad if you can put your opinion.
Hope I can find peace there.
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  • Originally Posted by saggii
    Thanks Forum for your responses, but ghar to lena hi hai na.
    Some how I feel renting a home is equivalent to hiring a cab. At the EOD you have to get out of it. Differences of opinion.

    But atleast in case of cab, you can sit back & relax without the need for you to drive ;). So, buy only when you can hire a chauffeur.

    Project is okay but location and locality was of utmost importance for me.

    You call this a location?? Man, Kapil Malhar has issues in monsoons, try driving a Honda Civic here & the chassis get hit while coming down the road, the approach road to the project is not visible, there is no garden ,let alone gym, swimming pool etc. & you pay 54L!! I personally liked Crystal Garden more than Kapil Malhar. The poss here will start soon & there are many investors, see if you can get one here.
  • Dear Saggi,

    Don't get disheartened by the fact that the deal did not go through. I have often been through similar many times when at the last moment, I walked out of a deal (I can count at least 4 times) because of some reason or the other. And I have always felt better later. I truly believe in whatever happens happens for the best.

    The closest was when I got the checkbook out for a flat in Rohan Tarang (for about 45 L in Dec 2008, 50% cash), just 2 months away from possession (simply because I had to buy something in this area due to vicinity to my work location (being an old ITG). But now I always feel happy when I pass by that building coz nothing has changed and hardly 20% of the project is inhabited where as 100% is sold out (apparently).

    Have been close to cutting deals in Baner also. But walked out due to something or the other.

    At the current rates and the quality offered, it is best to rent and buy a house far away in countryside for your retirement as cities will be unlivable at the current growth and there will be more and more turmoil.