Whenever I use MagicBricks App, I receive calls from number of online brokers like DiscountedFlats, MargicBricks, Quicker etc. I visited few flats suggested by these guys. During actual visit, some Builder quoted much higher than quote given by online broker.

Should we completely ignore online brokers or these can be helpful?
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  • well here's a catch - post listing for low price, then either tell customer that the rates are hiked by builder or then show him other properties in that lower budget than the one he was expecting.

    Putting low quote ads of good projects helps brokers to get in touch with you, check with them and in most of the listing where only area/locality is mentioned and not society/project name, you'll find that they hesitate in telling you all details.

    If builder is smart, eliminating third party gives both of you flexibility to arrive at a better deal.
  • Simple answer is NO. None of the property portals are accurate. There are very few owners advertising through them . Most of the time you will be lead to a broker. All brokers follow a very simple approach to closing a deal fast i.e if they plan to show you 5 properties then the first 3 will be so bad that you would want to puke. The 4th will be average and the last will be the one they really want to sell/rent out soon.

    Keep your eyes and ears open. Ask the security guards for leads on renting / selling. You would not believe how much info you can amass just walking gate to gate and asking for it.

    And if you must resort to media look for the paid newspaper ads. They are a lot more reliable then free ads posted online.
  • yeah like on one property portal some rishabh jain has account as builder. I contacted him and he talked to me like a builder, gave me preliminary info of the project as it was his own project and then called me to his office in wakad which was at different address than site address. I asked him and he said we'll discuss your requirement and then I'll take you to site, I saw no issues in this.
    When I went there, I got to know this is a broker and not builder. The later part is - the project which I showed interest has no 2bhk left for booking as per him. Third one was excellent, he was very keen on hiking my budget and getting more to know about my financial health even before he suggests me something else.
    Later I checked his more ads and found he's spamming almost all the property portals, he posts as owner, as builder and so on..

    He showed few properties to a friend of mine - he told me when I discussed this with him and I got to know that my friend didn't like any of the shown flats (5-6) and this broker wanted my friend to finalize from what he has shown and that too soon. After few days of follow up, when my friend said that he showed those properties to his parents from outside and they didn't like any of them he started abusing my friend - it was like why you waste time if you don't want to buy or if you cannot afford something and so on.. after that my friend decided to book under construction directly through builder than going through broker for any property.