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I am looking for a 2 BHK flat in budget not more than 30L. Initially, in this budget, I was thinking that Megapolis is the best deal but then realized that projects in Wagholi will be a better choice.
So this weekend I went to Wagholi and visited this project: Splendour county by PS Developer. Now my queries are:-

1- There is a very little info available abt this developer on net, does anyone know how is the reputation of PS developer?
2- On net, I could find that the same developer has launched the same project(named Splendour County) in Aundh Annexe. What happened to that project, was it scrapped? Why they are launching same name project in different location?
3- There are 5 towers in this project, behind tower A/B/C, the representative told me that there is natural water body. When I checked in google map, there are many excavations going on. And that so called natural water body is nothing but a huge hollow out resulted by stone industries around, making that area impossible to develop in future. Let me know if this project site is safe?

The project is behind wagheshar temple and near to Crysalis villas by BU bhandari.

Please share your thoughts.
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