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Punawale Vs. Ravet, Pune


Punawale Vs. Ravet, Pune

Last updated: February 26 2016
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  • Punawale Vs. Ravet, Pune

    which is better option Punawale or Ravet??
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    Re : Punawale Vs. Ravet, Pune

    Ravet is better than Punawale......


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      Re : Punawale Vs. Ravet, Pune

      Its a function of budget, affordability and the timelines you are looking for.
      Currently, Ravet will look better but in 1-2 yrs Punawale will also be at the same status of infrastructure.

      So instead of over paying for a developed area, see the time frame you would like to move into the flat.
      If you are looking to a time frame of 1.5 - 2 yrs, you can look at Punawale as well.


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        Re : Punawale Vs. Ravet, Pune

        I think rates are almost same in both areas ?


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          Re : Punawale Vs. Ravet, Pune

          Ravet has some PLUS over punewala :-

          local railway station (akudi)
          better connectivity
          NO garbage Depo.

          PS- its real estate.. that 2006-2010 time has gone.... dont think...punewaala will be like wakad..PS or something


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            Re : Punawale Vs. Ravet, Pune

            punewest; : True that 2006 - 2010 is gone.

            Even 2011 - 2015 is also gone.

            It was the same pessimistic scenario for PS and Wakad. No one was willing to buy in PS between 2008 - 2012.
            Same for Wakad. It was same status for Ravet also and its currently the same feelings for Punawale and other developing areas.

            In RE it takes time for localities to develop. Don't be overly pessimistic.
            Go with your own gut feeling, budget and negotiate hard with builder to get the best deal.

            Dont stretch beyond the budget and dont over leverage.
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