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Advise related to Society Formation


Advise related to Society Formation

Last updated: January 21 2011
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  • Advise related to Society Formation

    Hi Everybody,

    We recently got the possession of our flat in Pune. In our society 3 buildings ( "A", "B", "C") are there in the same campus and built by same builder. Now Builder is insisting that there will be three different co op societies ("A" wing Society, 'B" wing Society etc..) while handover the society to residents. Another important fact is that all the amenities are common (Club House, Swimming Pool etc.)

    Request to all the members to pl. guide us whether this is in favor of resident or builder....i have never seen such different societies in same guide us in that matter...

    Thanks in Advance
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    Re : Advise related to Society Formation

    Hello Rashmi, what the builder is suggesting is that each wing form its own co-op hsg society and there will be an Apex society to look after over lapping matters.

    There is nothing right or wrong about the way it is being done. This is common in many places in Mumbai. Infact, I can only think of more advantages in having it this way.

    The number of managing committee members is determined by the number of flats. Now in a society which has say 7 buildings if there are a single society, the representation may be skewed in favour of certain buildings. I have faced this problem in my previous residence. Maintenance is collected from all members but repairs are only carried out in the wings in which committee members are staying etc....

    If each wing has its own society, then the issues related to the wing will be dealt with correctly. For costs relating to club house, property tax etc, there will be representation from the managing committee on the Apex committee so all costs are correctly distributed to all members.

    I think this method will actually be beneficial for your society and there will be fewer arguments at AGMs etc...

    Good luck.


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      Re : Advise related to Society Formation

      This is all a farce so that the complete society conveyance is not done. I this case, the land and the FSI is still owned by the builder.

      Please ask the builder to form a single society and complete the conveyance.

      Once that is done, the members can themselves form smaller forums/socities if needed.


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        Re : Advise related to Society Formation

        I am very thanks full to both the members who replied to my points is that we have only three building in our campus participation in co op society will be skewed...that is rare....lets see...i would like to ask one another important thing that what is the ideal time after possession when builder should hand over the society to residents?
        If any body can throw the light ..i would be greatful


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          Re : Advise related to Society Formation

          Ideal time is asap. But registration of society can be done only after OC is given. That is the only requirement. So you have to chase builder to get OC from Municipal Corpn, only then you can run around and register the society. Builder will not do the running around (in my experience).


          Have any questions or thoughts about this?