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Investing in Pune


Investing in Pune

Last updated: March 3 2011
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  • Investing in Pune

    Hi all,
    This is my very first post on the forum. I have recently sold some property in Mumbai and want to invest most of the proceeds in RE, preferably in Pune. I'm open to suggestions regarding investing in nearby places like Nasik, etc. as well.
    The investment amount is in the area of 60L. The property could be either residential or commercial. It can be in almost any part of Pune, but I'd much rather prefer the outskirts rather than mainstream areas. I'm not going to be using this property for personal use but plan to rent it out. I'm aware that the current RE scenario isn't exactly the best for new investment, but I plan to hold this pretty much forever and it's not like I have too much choice in the matter (I'm certainly not paying Capital Gain tax!) Any and all advice will be highly appreciated. My prerequisites:

    Absolutely clear title
    Transparent dealing
    Good quality of construction
    Should be able to rent it out immediately at a reasonably good price

    Would love it if the "gurus" could send some help and advice my way.
    Thanks in advance
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    Re : Investing in Pune

    Investing in Pune - Some Options

    Hi Vikram,

    I have also been looking for a property for quite some time and there are a few I find suitable. Maybe it will help you too.

    One is Marvel Sangria at NIBM Road. It is a good project backed by the name of Marvel so will have good returns in the future.
    Plus NIBM is a developing are so I think it will serve as a good option.

    You can also check Urban Space. It is in the same area with all the amenities and a better rate too.

    Will let you know if I find any more projects worth investing.

    Hope this helps!!


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