I am planning to buy Sairang Developers farm plot near Hinjewadi named Foliage Park? Will it be good investment.
I am new buyer in land, so not sure.

Any experiance with Sairung Developers?
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  • Originally Posted by restatejunki
    I have had a very good experience with Sairung. They have thousands of customers with multifold appreciation, not without any reason. I am one of them. Yes mistakes do happen sometime, but not let one off instances spoil an entire image. They have done great work in the past, and I believe foliage park is one of their best investments. Watch out for it in 2-3 years timeframe.

    And..when you say "They have done great work in the past", what exactly you want to convey?

    Since you claim, you had a very good (?) experience, share your experience on this forum with ALL the details you have. And if you don't have any good experience, please refrain from posting spam messages here.
  • Foliage Park Sairung Developers

    Can anybody tell me current status of this project
  • The project is stalled. They are not executing agreements / registrations from what i know.
  • Foliage Park Members Group

    Hi All,

    I have created a group for investors in Foliage Park. Please join -


  • Can anybody tell me the status of Foliage Park, Sairang Developers, Hinjewadi, Pune
  • Hi pranav00in; I did not find your google group. When requested to add, Got response stating it may not exists.
  • Latest Status on Sairung Foliage Park

    Hi All,

    I am one of buyer in Sairung Foliage Park Scheme.

    This project has been delayed continuously. Sairung has been sending continuous update on project.

    Can you all please post latest update if you have any on project and way forward for us.

    I have also created google group for this. Please join -

    • Nirmal23 years ago
      I believe Sairung is making fool everyone who bought property in foliage park scheme. We all customer should go together to file legal sue against them.
      I know atleast 10 people who are in same position as I and didn't get anything from Sairung yet
  • My experience with Sairung is also very bad. I have paid them in 2010....but till date waiting for my 7/12.

    I cannot locate the plot today also...not even the project location.

    They have not even put up a board in Rihe village since last 6 years.

    Looks like a complete waste of money.

    Can you help me regarding my problems with foliiage park?
    • mamata31102 years ago
      Did u visit their office recently?
  • Originally Posted by nishantpune
    "Foliage Park" is our dream project in Hinjewadi Area,and we thanked to all those Investors who gave us tremendous response.

    Where have you gone @nishantpune ?
  • Till you don't have your name on 7/12 you do not own the land. You cannot construct anything. From what I know, the land sold by Sairung is not even proper residential NA..they have got permission for godown NA or some other such category to fool buyers.

    It is always better to pay in such a way to these builders selling land, that you pay the last and final installment only once the 7/12 is done.

    It took me one long year for my 7/12 update, but again I searched for 3 years to find a no issues land, and only after a lawyer's and bank's due diligence, I made the decision to move ahead.
    • mamata31102 years ago
      Any latest update on foliage park?
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  • ok thanks
  • Dont buy......