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As this is my first post, Hello and Bonjour to everyone ! :)

I am interested in 2 projects in Pune - Green Olives, Hinjewadi (Kolte-Patil venture) and CountryWoods, Kondhwa (Ackruti venture). I plan to visit Pune next week (from Mumbai) for that matter. However I am in a dilemma from it's long term prospects, say after 3-5 years or so.

Considering vicinity of Green Olives near IT park and Infosys and so on so forth, Green Olives seems to have high potential for re-sale (in case I need cash arrangements for personal use after 3-5 years). However Countrywoods is located relatively closer to Central Pune (closer to Bharati Vidyapeeth, VIT, etc.) and has better access routes. In that sense, which might have better re-sale potential after 3-5 years - Green Olives, Hinjewadi Or Countrywoods, Kondhwa ? :bab (39):

For those who are wondering, I intend to purchase it for living in the short-term and would like to consider for investment in the long term.

Any opinions, suggestions would be most welcome.

Thank you.
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  • What price they are offering?
  • About Green Olives

    I work in a firm near to this Green Olives project. About around 6-8 months ago they started this project, before which there was this unfinished big building which was supposed to be some commericial office, I believe Kolte patil didn't get any takers for it and then they started this residential project there. If you visit this place you will understand why there were no takers for the earlier commerical project.
    Kolte patil however IMO is one of the better builders in Pune.
  • Yes, there stands a commercial structure by Kolte Patil which is incomplete due to no buyers near Green Olive. This area is not much developed but is close to IT Cos. There is a Symbiosis boys hostel next to this project.

    It will be easier to rent out a flat in Green Olives but may not be that easy to resale.
  • The better option from investment perspective would be IVEN township of Kolte Patil in Hinjewadi. its a 400 acre township and would bring it much higher returns then Green Olive. Look at the valuations ofBlue Ridge because of being a township. Rates in Green Olive are 3400 whereas IVEN is available at prelaunch of 2625. Green Olive has more builders invested in than end users. Surprising inpite of being right opposite to Infy this project has not taken off. Sales is very low in this project, they have only opened booking for A & B and in last 10 months even these are not sold. Maybe due to very conjusted location.
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