Got to know of a new launch - Petals from Sai Mittal associates (Mittal Brothers?) at Wakad. My friend inquired and the rate they quote is about 3700 psf. 3 bhk is rather smallish with just less than 1200 sq. ft. The 3bhk he checked comes to around 53 Lacs. Didn't see a thread and though of sharing info. My friend is not so inclined as the 3bhk is little small for his requirements.

Think this scheme is right between Elysium and Palash Plus, Nr Malpani Greens. Also has commercial space as per their website
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  • That is what the question is.. I think builder used to sell "Kaanda" and now selling "Flats".
    First time in my exp.. came to know that one can negotiate this much.. now I got confidence to negotiate to any amount.. let it the other guy think it any way... :D
  • I think you just show the interest over the phone and tell them that it'll be difficult for you to go beyond 60L.. And if still they entertain you then put a quote of 61L saying that you increased 1L as you liked them. :D
  • If you ask me.. I would start with 50.. .. :D
    But I don't think "Kaanda waala" is that much cheap.. ;)
    What i observed is the final would be around 70, but these guys are quoting very high and settling at 70 it looks like.
    Again it is out of my budget and expectations.. so no progress on this as well.
  • What is the current rate? When I last enquired it was 76L total package for 2bhk.., I didn't go further becoz of my budget.. also they had very few options like one two flats left.
    I feel this project is good.. want to streach a bit and look at them again.. any thoughts on how is the quality and builder?
  • Possession Delayed by a year..

    Possession of building C is delayed by almost a year..still lot of work pending..Petals representatives (retail concept guy) on the site are not giving proper response..
    Please think twice before buying flat in this scheme..:(
  • My Broker () was telling me that this project has some problem in approvals and documentation.
    They do not have their own sales team. You see Mount Vert Oyster and Petals sales team is same. Builders have engaged third party to sell it. So third party would add own profit before quoting the price to us.
    To me they told 2 BHK for 72 lakhs when I visited them in Nov 2nd week 2014.

    However only C building was pending to be completed. Others are ready.

    Do they have any garden and amenities inside ? on prima face i could see very little open space inside.

  • is he the same builder as that of one nation?
  • Is it true that builder put up 3rd tower on the space which was supposed to be kept open for amenities ??
  • Originally Posted by hrishikesh157
    is he the same builder as that of one nation?

    Yes, its the same builder.
  • The possession of building C is delayed by 2 year...still no sign of possession - no one picks up the call - no one is available at the site...feeling helpless.. :

    Guys - just be aware of this gonna cry once you buy the flat from them.. :- (
  • I observed that not even workers are there on site - never saw workers working on these building in last few months..

    they promised Dec 2013 as possession date when my friend was hunting flats, he booked in profile saying that even if he gets late possession profile fits in his budget and look - he got flat with parking in profile, possession too and rented it out as well..

    petals guys were telling him that they have only two last flats and no parking is available. were not even ready to negotiate saying possession will be in 3-4 months..
  • Retail Concept is no longer associated with Petals. When I visited sales office in Nov, I was told that they will give possession of C building by Dec 2015 and D building by Mar 2016. Differences between JV said to be the reason for delay which as per the sales person were almost sorted out. But I don't see any progress and even Mar 2016 for C building seems unrealistic.
  • ya, looking at current state it seems C can be completed earliest by Dec 16 .. hopefully D guys also get possession in 2017..
    builder enjoying interest free money - almost 90% as per payment schedule must have been extracted from all buyers.
  • I have read on one of the online forums that petals guys have asked for 1.75 lacs more to give possession. Is it right or just a rumour?

    Following is the source of information:

    Mittal brothers Petals: an excellent project - Review on MITTAL BROTHERS PRIVATE LIMITED - PUNE -
  • yes, I also heard the same