Got to know of a new launch - Petals from Sai Mittal associates (Mittal Brothers?) at Wakad. My friend inquired and the rate they quote is about 3700 psf. 3 bhk is rather smallish with just less than 1200 sq. ft. The 3bhk he checked comes to around 53 Lacs. Didn't see a thread and though of sharing info. My friend is not so inclined as the 3bhk is little small for his requirements.

Think this scheme is right between Elysium and Palash Plus, Nr Malpani Greens. Also has commercial space as per their website
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  • hello guys,

    I am very interested in booking a 2bhk in D building. but the problem is i am told there is no stilt covered car parking.
    Sales guy says they will give semi covered parking in the open space.
    but i read some time back on the newspaper about the x % of open space to be reserved for firebrigades and stuff and all projects need to comply with this.

    so i am very confused whether or not to go ahead with the booking especially since the sales guy says they will not be mentioning about car packing space in the agreement. only after project completion a the space will be alloted and letter will be mailed to me.

    Is the risk worth taking?

    any home owners from petals who haved booked a flat without covered car park pls let me know your opinion
  • Semi-covered is not legal term, nor can be part of agreement. Some open car park will have some small shade, that's all & tomorrow anyone can park their car there as it is 'common area'. If you are deciding to buy or not to buy based on parking, then don't buy. This parking may not be yours tomorrow once society is formed. Found several cases of this type where post-soc formation, residents don't give damn to open car park & park it anywhere they wish as legally they can being common area. In some cases, society takes rent from car owners like 200/month.
  • Any update on possession of A or B building guys..I think this is been delayed by almost 9 month now....are we gonna get the possession in this life :bab (59):
  • Even the response to this thread is been delayed :bab (59):
    no one here know about it....:bab (59):
  • wats the current status?
    All 4 buildings completed?
  • hahaha.. builders can sell anything.. semy covered? they cannot sell anything called open or uncovered parking :D i liked the creativity of the builder 'semi-covered'.. he may coin one more new phrase - half parking (for budget buyers) :D
  • HI All,

    I visited Petals yesterday and planning to book a 2BHK in Bldg D on Thursday.. There is no covererd car parking but open covered..

    The sales guys were very supportive and gave all the information.

    The Italian marble flooring, the LG sliding doors, Balconies View, all branded sanitary fittings were the positive sides.

    Negative : I didnt like the entrance of Blgd D as there is a staircase in front whn asked he was not sure if the security door would be inside or near the staircase..

    The master bedroom: Furniture would be difficult to arrange as there is no place for wardrobe and TV...

    I am only worried about the possesion, as i cud read the thread that the bldg A and B were delayed.... I was told that there are water issues and power issues too...

    Owners please suggest...
  • check the bathroom dimensions as well, I found them very very compact - you'll touch the commode several times while bathing. At other times, you'll rub some part of your body to the walls or something else.
    At given rate, builder is providing few goodies which others are not providing.
    Location is good.
  • Bathroom i checked commode and shower panel r divided by the basin in master bedroom

    Common bathroom thy have gven basin inside also and 1 out also so i have decide to remive basin and put commode over there so that i get a big bath area....

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  • M worried about the possession.. thr cn be internal changes wch we cn tell them.. the tiles color and everything is what we cn decide..

    I read abt water prblms in some post.. i want to confirm abt that.. cn owners of
    Petals here

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  • enq

    What is the current price here?
  • 5800

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  • how about your view on following amenities in petals

    swimming pool, garden (if any), play area and # of rides, any outdoor games?

    i guess in 5800 one should expect all above

    i would suggest check the quality of Italian marble (i suspect there are different grades of Italian marble)

    all the best
  • Thanks SJ.. I am going to check for the quality of italian mar le and othr tiles..

    Swimming pool is small
    Clubh house 80pct is done.. children play area is not big..
    Amphitheatre too small.. overall the amenities area is small

    Total pckg goes upto 74l but hr is going to negotiate.. lets see..

    Malpani i liked more but his rate is 6200 i dnt undrstnd hw do only 1 builder is chargi g so high in tht area.. rest all are 5800 and 5600

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  • malpani - I heard that it's on leased land and you/society will never get the ownership of that land.
    He created lucrative environment and maintained it till date to which people fall and pay hefty price even if they are not going to own the land.