A popular concept in the West, the trend has started here too. In our religious texts also we find the third stage of life is VANAPRASTHANAM i.e. after you have fulfilled your worldly duties the stage is to move out of your young ones lives and ultimately fourth stage SANYAS to become detached. Maybe today’s need is felt because of rise in nuclear families, younger generation wash their hands off the duty of taking care of their parents or due to conflicting natures. Should we plan to live our golden years in such communities, Why?

Elders have special needs and homes they live need different design. Retirement homes are available on both lease basis and outright basis, What is Ideal? Retirement communities are built to care of medical supervision, security, food, laundry, recreation, maintenance etc. What more is desired?

Most of the retirement communities coming up are around 60 to 100 k.m. away from cities because they offer cheaper real-estate, very few are being planned in the city. Where should retirement community ideally be located?

I request the member and visitors of forum to put forth their views for common benefit.

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