hello Friends

I am interested to know how much minimum land is required to get NA sanction from government. Is there any clause as such in govt rules.

It will be of great help if any of the member can throw some light on this question.

Thanks in advance

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  • As far as I know you can buy Farm Land only if you are a farmer.
    And that too minimum farmland you have to buy is 10,000 sqft.

    I am not sure about the law under which we can apply for NA.

    though municipal corporation declares large parcels of land into NA when there is need for housing for the grwoing population.

    Others please pour in the info :bab (2):
  • Hello KM,

    Thanks for inputs, I understand that farmers can purchase farm plots, having fulfilled that basic conditions, what should be the min land size which can get NA sanction from govt, I heard that is you are a single plot owner of Non NA plot then you individually cannot apply for NA. If you approach in group and land of all the group member is adjecent then there is possibiity that Govt will consider your application and give the sanction.

    Any inputs from senior and experienced members here ? :bab (6):
  • hi,
    lands are assigned gat no.s, now survey no.s, if you hold a part of a survey for which you will have to get a partition deed done and then whatever small part you hold individually can be applied for NA. Following is a useful link on NA sanctions :


    also read the section on fragmentation of land.

    Anil DC
  • is there any limitation of land area for NA (like Max 10 Gunta or anything) in Pune.

    I have land 2.5 Guntha and my relative has 2.5 Guntha, Total 5 Guntha. Can i convert it into NA land. it is in PMC corporation area. (Location: Uruli Devachi, Pune).

    If NA is possible, please tell me the procedure for the same.

    Thanks in advance.