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What's in a Name Plate?


What's in a Name Plate?

Last updated: June 7 2011
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  • What's in a Name Plate?

    When we purchase our first dream home even if it is a under construction, we start thinking of it's home decor and interiors. But what about the name plates???

    Isn't it the most ignored part while designing home interiors? I feel it is as important as interiors, the color we choose for our walls & such things. A nameplate, after all,gives out the first impression of the home.

    So here is the thread where we can share our ideas about the nameplates.

    One trend I personally observed now days is that people have started naming their home rather than using their initials.

    Folks, please share your ideas or your observations of the name plates. This will certainly help people who are thinking about naming their dream home.
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