Recently I happened to visit a couple of plots near Balewadi phata (not on the main road , about half km inside). The seller was quoting 2000 psf for plot sizes of 6000sf and above
The plots are standalone and not in a gated society.
Any ideas on rates in this area?
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  • Has no one on this forum been to this area..?
    Its close to orchid school , signet corner.

    would appreciate if I could get any pointers on how the rates have been in this area....
    even if anyone has purchased property in this area in the past and can provide some insight that would be great

    Note: I am looking to construct a house for personal stay..not for investment purpose
  • i know the builders are charging 4500 psf for apartments in this area but i have no idea about the land..you can calculate the construction cost and compare both..
  • Thanks..
    Are people actually buying at 4500psf?..(ready possession?)
    ..then the land price seems ok..should ideally be around 1600 though in my view.
  • Yes..People who wants to live in Baner/Balewadi they dont have other option but to buy at this rate..
  • Originally Posted by Kamles
    Yes..People who wants to live in Baner/Balewadi they dont have other option but to buy at this rate..

    Owners have become greedy now a days and they tend to quote huge amount. One classic example is of a seller of Crytal Garden in BPLR. This incident is of 2 months back, he was quoting 1500 sqft flat with parking in 82 lakhs. But when there were no takers for it, brokers offered it for 75 and deal went for 70 lakhs. I quoted 68 :) and since I was in Mumbai I can't sit with the seller. Anyways so point is premium projects may have some demand intact but high pricing makes common junta itchy, I have seen examples of ppl getting reponse from seller for the price they asked for but buyers still left.
    Projects i.e. shantiniketan still have no buyers and transaction rate hover around 4000 psf.
    Currently market is lil volatile and would be best to stay away for it until monsoon impact shows through. I will say august would be good time to to buy a block.
    Coming back to original question, 2000 in balewadi seems lil high since it is not very posh and it won't be for next 10-15 yrs. Considering some gaothan ppl staying around and adding to that quite a few labours and security guards stayin in that particular belt, bunglows in secluded society seems undesirable. Take ex. of comfort zone which is not secluded but still lot of roberries takes place. Like you said, I think 1600 would be a good price to start of. Area of prathamesh park can also be looked at where quite many plots are available.

    *I'm out of town so not very updated of current trend.
  • I was told abt prathamesh park as well..but it was further away from the main baner road than the plots I have seen. The ones I have seen are 500m away from balewadi phata. About the security issue I am unsure how to tackle it as
    we see robberies happening even in societies with enough security measures

    I havent found any place in baner/balewadi with rates closer to 1600 psf.
    Can anyone suggest any other gated plot schemes which could be considered? I am ok with the entire belt from bavdhan to baner but on the left side of the highway while coming from mumbai.

    Just wanted to mention that I also looked at couple of plots in balaji society in bavdhan. Rates quoted are in the range of 2500psf. But I saw some negative comment about this society in this forum. Any views?
  • All plots are under litigation, and farmers dont want to sell the plots to builders at 300 rs / sq feet. However, even if you buy - you cannot construct anything.
  • when you say 'all plots' ...are you referring to certain areas ?
  • Residential Plots in the Baner/Balewadi area are in the range of 2000-2500/sq ft. There are certain places where the rate is being quoted at 3500 to 4000 in and around Baner road. Whether this is justified or not is not relevant because that is the prevailing rate there. Currently it would be very difficult to get a decent residential plot below 2000/sq ft.
  • Anyone in our forum has a plot of 3000/3500 to sell in Baner ?