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Which is the New Proposed Location for Pune Airport?


Which is the New Proposed Location for Pune Airport?

Last updated: May 19 2019
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  • Which is the New Proposed Location for Pune Airport?

    Any body has any slightest hint as to what is the new proposed location for Pune Airport ?

    Plot for new Pune airport finalised, says Ajit Pawar - Mumbai - DNA

    Deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar said on Monday that although an international airport is being developed near Navi Mumbai, Pune too needs its own international airport. The state government has finalised a new location for the purpose and the process for developing the airport has started.

    Pawar was speaking to the media after a series of meetings in the Council Hall. He said that he had a meeting with chief minister Prithviraj Chavan on Saturday about the proposed international airport for Pune. He said that the earlier location selected for the international airport was strongly opposed by local people. Hence, the state government has zeroed in on a new location which would be ‘less opposed.’
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  • MANOJa
    ‘Pune is in dire need of a full-fledged airport’

    Satyanarayan Iyer | TNN | Updated: May 19, 2019, 4:03 IST

    Ajinkya Firodia, managing director, Kinetic EngineeringPune: Ajinkya Firodia, the managing director at Kinetic Engineering, wears two hats. He also leads Motoroyale Kinetic — India’s only known dealer in premium motorcycle brands.

    Firodia’s work entails frequent visits abroad, as the company also dabbles in automotive component exports. Besides travelling overseas, his travel list includes constant trips to Mumbai or Delhi — even thinking of which is tiresome for Firodia.

    “It is stressful to plan a trip because boarding a flight from Mumbai or Delhi is expensive and requires two extra days, which is quite a lot for people who travel often,” he says.
    Firodia says that Pune is a reasonably important city to not have a full-fledged international airport. “For an industry to grow, we need air connectivity. The talks have been going on for years. But it is 2019 and we still don’t have a full-fledged international airport. Once you have connectivity, you have opportunity,” he says.

    The makeshift domestic airport in the city is not too enchanting for him either. “Once, it was raining and there were no buses to take passengers to the flight. After checking-in, I went to the flight holding area. At this point, it was pouring and the cabin crew said ‘run’. So we all had to run in the pouring rain. The airport was a mess,” he recollects.

    Firodia, who grew up in Pune, says the deterioration of the city is not limited to the airport. He says, “Pune used to be a beautiful city. People would come here from Mumbai for the cool weather and to relax. Everything is so stressful these days.”

    He says, “If we just retain the weather, anyone would like to come here for business. Everything is good — the quality of life, people, schools, clubs, restaurants and cafés, to list a few. It is one of the safest cities in India. There are industries of all sorts. Despite all these, the city is going down rapidly due to lack of planning and slow implementation.”

    Looking back on the pleasant weather in Pune, he says, “Pune has lost most of its green cover. It all depends on city planning where the green zones are preserved with building public transport and infrastructure quickly. A similar project takes three months in China but it takes three years here. It should not be like that,” he says.

    The problem, Firodia points out, is that there is no coordination within civic departments. “Pune is in a perpetual developing stage as many projects like the Metro, BRTS, construction of flyovers are taken up altogether. A route that would take 20 minutes about a decade ago with narrower roads now takes 45 minutes with broader roads due to the ongoing work,” he says.

    Firodia cites the example of the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation, where newly constructed roads were squandered due to MahaMetro and BRTS work. “A large portion of the beautiful roads in Pimpri Chinchwad were dug up. The Pune Municipal Corporation can build similar roads and refrain from digging them up later on,” he observes.
    The benchmark for Pune should be global cities. Most cities in India have been deteriorating due to lack of planning, he says.

    Pollution is a curse on any city with rapidly expanding human and automobile population. “There are cities in US and China where the number of automobiles sold is 10 times as compared to Pune. But the pollution there is much lower. It is not just about vehicles, it is also about infrastructure. If you look at China, the traffic there is disciplined. If people get proper infrastructure, they will comply,” he says.

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  • fermion
    BAYGHAR. LOL. Nice and creative forum name ...

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    Guys, with current announcements, how do plot schemes in Saswad look like? Are they worth investing now?

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  • cracker
    Next gov may change location Again.

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  • manish.pucsd
    it’s official: International airport to come up at Purandar, Pune

    After more than a decade-long delay, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Friday declared Purandar as the site for the proposed international greenfield airport for Pune district, ending all speculations on the site for the airport. The confusion over the site has finally ended with the Chief Minister declaring in Pune that the Airport Authority of India (AAI) has also given an “in-principle approval for the proposed site” at Purandar taluka in the district.

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  • raayba
    Not that much dicey when you accept that airport will be operational after 15 or so years. Right now it is just in proposed stage and also not a showstopper situation with Pune Airport being able to support most of aviation needs. Also existing Pune airport is being expanded on priorty. So after 15 years may be ring road will be linked somewhere near loni kalbhor and extended to Airport

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  • souvik83
    People who invested in Rajgurunagar will lose a lot of money as land and property prices in those areas will come down dramatically once it will be confirmed that the Airport is not going to be developed in Rajgurunagar area. Purandar site is 50 kms from Pune but close to 70-80 kms from PCMC. It will not benefit people in PCMC unless metro or even local trains are started there. The good thing is that a railway station is nearby. However, Pune is not Mumbai that one will be able to find Railway connectivity from all the places. Very dicey situation for sure.
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  • compuwalah
    Prolly you are right . Hope I did not impact RE market much (happy to know my statement could make impact to RE market and that too in middle of nowhere)

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  • RRRrao
    Originally posted by compuwalah View Post
    Was doing some check on my own on this and seems Waghapur (near Saswad) will be a better option (compared to Rajgurunagar/Shirur etc as Air Force is not happy with the intersecting airspace at both places) .

    I see some secret ;-) dual airstrip already built near Waghapur (zoom out below link to get sense of the location)

    Wikimapia - Let's describe the whole world!

    Will bring down cost of project by large factor as land acquisition would be easy , straight get into infra development (as airstrip already exists or will require some extension). If power transfer happen back to NCP next election, Pawars will support the project as its halfway distance to Baramati. Only challenge is road widening (to reach this place). Recently saw some initiative to widening the road from Pune till Saswad. There is Mumbai Kolhapur railway line passing near this site (there is already plan to convert into dual track line with budget set aside for same) so maybe if they can make a new station will improve access to this place further..

    See this six year old post -

    Pargaon/Memane is in south while Waghapur/Rajivde is in north of this airstrip. So guess they are all talking about same spot or even if not its just a matter of few 10 km. One travelling from Pune to this place over 50 km , extra 10 km do not matter much .

    do you have any idea about how big the airport air strips will look like ?? come on i didnt expected this from you.

    these are some plotting scheme roads, you can see even a well in one of the air strips (LOL)

    you just pan with same zoom to our pune airport, you will come to know what i am saying.

    with due respect to you as my senior, please avoid such kind of posts. it creates unnecessory increase in RE prices in that area..... LOL

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