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Waiting is regretting


Waiting is regretting

Last updated: July 1 2011
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  • Waiting is regretting

    I see most people on this forum ask others to play the waiting game for the prices to fall down.
    However, since the last two years, prices are going higher and higher (with 50 - 100 psf every month).
    With the fuel prices going higher and more Mumbai investors being interested in Pune, I clearly see no reason for the prices to fall down.
    Also, most societies in PS / Wakad have either top/ground floors available or are sold out.

    Waiting is regretting... If you like a flat and can afford it, go for it.

    Whats your take on this guys?
    I wanted to buy a 2BHK apartment in 45 lacs early this Jan. I waited for prices to fall down. Now I have to extend my budget to 50
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    Re : Waiting is regretting Not again. This has been discussed and continued to be discussed. So no need for another thread on this.

    Same thing was said 2 years back, when property rates fell by nearly 20-30%. Understood that then the stock market also crashed.

    So there is always a chance of things crashing, so I will wait for it. Till then I will enjoy my rental house.


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      Re : Waiting is regretting

      It always depends upon the needs of particular party interested in buying the flat.
      Currently if u see there is not much signs of recession and a person who is willing to buy a house should buy it now rather than waiting.
      But if u are sure recession has started wait till prices drop ..they may drop by 10-20%.Set a target for yourself and buy that time if u are sure of your job .

      I missed a chance to buy in march 2009 where i was getting a flat of 1200sqft in 27 lacs....later a yr when i bought i shelled more than my budget and same house is now out of my reach( even if it depreciates by 15%).

      So think how immediate is your requirement...also i will suggest book a house which is ready to possesion or just 3-4 months away from possesion....long projects may get delayed due to many factors and adds costs by another 2-3 lacs..which u pay in near possesion anyway.


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        Re : Waiting is regretting

        +1 Agreed.


        Have any questions or thoughts about this?