Hello all .. I have been looking for 2 BHK to purchase. I have seen some constructions. here is my question: i have seen one under construction (possession will be March 2013) and inclusive of all it will cost around 32L. I have seen another one, which is ready possession and cost will come around 36L(inclusive all). Both have similar location and have similar kind of amenities. Please suggest me which i can opt ( imean under construction or readyt possession with 4L difference). what will be pros and cons in each option?

Thanks a lot for all the experts here and awaiting your replies...
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  • Yes Garbage depot will come in Punavale in near future which might affect some are of Thathawade area. PCMC already acquired land from forest department some final formalities only remains.
    The site is adjacent to Kolte Patil LR.
  • Originally Posted by madgeri
    Do you think every one who book thier flat in UC are fools and every project are common???

    Oh they are called Greedy.. And as far as I know Greed shall be avoided for one's own good. It is like someone going for Co FD for additional 2-3% over bank FD and then cries when the Co defaults. It is similar.
  • Under Construction Vs. Ready Possession Flat : Comparison

    Hi All,

    I am new to IREF, went through threads which talk about Buying Under Construction flat or Ready to move in flats. Still have few questions, can someone guide me?

    1. GST - GST will be applied to all UC flats and per current scenario, it will be applicable from April 2017. Would this cause me to pay extra money (if yes, considering already loan is passed by Bank, will this extra money would be paid from my pocket or by bank)?

    2. Considering reputation builders are holding (I know there are exceptions, but are costly), is it really a good idea to buy UC flat and spend nights praying builder would fulfill his promise?

    3. In case of UC flats, if you see something wrongdoing (e.g. Floors being built above sectioned floors), is there anything you can do? - As this can result in any legal complications which in turn can delay the project.
  • In my opinion, it makes no sense to buy from a builder.. buy rtm resale from individual sellers. The advantages are as follows:

    1. What you see is what you get.. maybe you can get some sense about who your neighbours are as well..
    2. Lower taxes.. now with GST, things are even more dicey.
    3. No waiting and sleepless nights and fighting with developers over trivial as well as important issues such as delayed interest etc.
    4. Pre EMI has to be ammortised later.. for rtm, tax benefits start right away.

    What I've actually also observed is that rtm quotes were cheaper than under construction in many cases.. this has been my obeservation, though maybe others have had a different experience.
  • Thanks Chinuboy; for your views. I'll certainly look forward in this direction!