What should be the max amount a builder should charge? is there any legal route that can be taken if builder is asking for HUGE amout?I've shortlisted a flat, where builder is asking for 3 lakhs to give NOC.. i think it's unreasonable... please advice...
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  • Legally builder cant ask for anything. Registered societies can ask for 25K max. But then, who follows the legal process here? If the seller is desperate to sell, ask him to put pressure on the builder.
  • Thanks, builder is not even answering owner, only sales guys are talking to him.. irony of India is there is no after sell support, once you buy, its your liability...
  • Originally Posted by vishal1406
    Thanks, builder is not even answering owner, only sales guys are talking to him.. irony of India is there is no after sell support, once you buy, its your liability...

    It's the banks, who ask for NOC letter to sanction loans. Did you try to check with the bank, whether NOC can be skipped or a no dues letter from PMC is enough?
  • 3 lakhs to give NOC???:bab (3):what is flat cost? is it the only project you liked in pune in your lifetime? Man these builders are looting us...dont fall in their trap...:bab (22):

    You can give supari of hitting on builders ass in 1 lac...enjoy with remaining 2 lacs:bab (4):
  • ha ha.. that was funny..
    obviously not that this is the only project i liked, but it was one of the good project.. anyways, now i think i will not go ahead.. couple of reasons,
    1. ROI has increasing like anything..
    2. Expecting correction
    3. if correctin does not happen in pune, i will invest in some other city :)
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  • Are we not doubling our money every 3 years... courtesy the builders???:bab (59):

    They are just asking for a miniscule portion of the big loot that investors are making. :bab (4):

    Sorry for being sarcastic here... but if you think deeply.. there is indeed some truth in the above statement.

  • Guys,

    Have a similar query. I have zeroed in one property in Thane and wish to avail the loan. Unfortunatley the society is not yet formed but in progress so have to take the NOC reqd for bank from builder. The builder is charging 2.5 L and the flat owner want to share only half the charges. I would like to know if there is any rule which caps the amount the builder can charge for the NOC?
  • Who bears the cost?

    Who bears the cost of this NOC??

    is it shared 50-50 between buyer and seller ot the seller should bear it??
  • My God that's hell lot of money asked for NOC! I just sold my flat and builder took Rs. 10,000. That's all. Actually he is not entitled but can create a nuisance by not giving the NOC which mandatory. If you are financing w/o loan you don't need NOC. at 3 lacs you should look elsewhere
  • NOC Charges by Builder

    I have already sold my flat to one buyer and the registration and all is done.
    During that time, I had asked builder about NOC charges as the buyer was not taking any home loan, and he mentioned that it is fine as the buyer is not taking any loan. I had specifically asked him if there would be any problem in future as society is not formed yet and it might have my name once formed. He had said (orally) that transferring flat to new buyer won't be problem in future.

    Now my buyer went to PMC office and they have told him that they need a NOC from builder (as society is not formed yet), and now builder is asking me to pay NOC charges.

    What are the options in front of me?
  • Till the time society is not formed, Builder runs the society and he is the authority.
    For transactions done during this period, everyone asks for builder N.O.C for
    a) Updating ownership records in PMC
    b) Updating Electricity meter records in M.S.E.B etc.

    Everything depends on how much money Builder is asking. If it is nominal administrative charges, you/buyer could pay and get on with your lives. Whatever the builder said orally has no value.
  • But, now all the payments by buyer are done to me and deal and registration has been completed in Feb 2015. He is asking for Rs. 100 per sq ft and hence it comes to huge amount, so wanted to see what things I can do to save money.
  • Interesting,I had the same case(but i was on buyer side) and my MSEB name transfer happened w/o any NOC from builder. For property tax transfer(PCMC), since CC is not there we have not received anything. But my agent told me it won't be required.Are there different rules in PMC/ PCMC ? Experts please advise. (In my cases apartment deed is done with apartment formation rather than society.)
  • No idea. My buyer mentioned that PMC is asking for NOC in specific format from builder and builder is asking money for that now.
    Logically, I am no longer the owner of the flat, so the fees or charges should be taken care by current owner I think?