RBI hikes repo rate by 0.5% to tame inflation, steeper than expected - NDTV Profit

With this ever increasing Loan Rates.....how will common man think of buying a Home?

God only knows what this Govt is upto..:bab (38):
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  • Originally Posted by truptid
    I have different opinion.
    This will make good difference in RE industry.
    People who are looking for home to stay will always be there to buy. I know that their budget will be affected but look at the other side. People who are purely buying for investment purpose will reduced. May be this will have impact on RE and prices will fall by some margin.

    good move by RBI

    I completely agree with you, truptid. This is welcome move by RBI. This will not affect genuine home buyers but those bloody investors who are looking to speculate and manipulate RE prices will now suffer a loss in their profits if they are dancing on borrowed money!! Great news for end users who are looking for their first residential home.

    I think RBI should still make loans very costly so that investors are thrown out of RE market who are just looking to make profits based on borrowed loans.
  • Originally Posted by rohit_warren

    RE prices will continue to move north - no matter if the interest rates reaches 20% for the consumer - we are in 1970s of US time line -

    don't agree at all (i know 20% is only an exaggeration). genuine buyers (the ultimate end users) have to think about their EMIs. at 15-20%, their EMIs will eat up most of their salary. not only that, even the investors will perhaps look for some other instruments than to invest in RE. builders will perhaps have to pay more in interest on their loans and become impatient. i see a correction. like someone said somewhere else, it won't be advertised, but there will be bargains.
  • RBI's rate hike may not be the last increase: Pranab

    RBI's rate hike may not be the last increase: Pranab

    A day after the Reserve Bank raised its key interest rates to check inflation, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee today indicated it may not be the last increase for now.

    "I don't think it is end of the tunnel. It is not like that. It does not happen (that way)", he told reporters, when asked whether RBI is nearing the end of the interest rate increase cycle.

    The RBI yesterday hiked its key short-term lending and borrowing rates by 50 basis points to contain inflation which is nearing the double-digit mark.

    ***Clearly saying that 'Builders and RE developers...be prepared for next stroke'
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