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Good Pointers towards buying your dream home !


Good Pointers towards buying your dream home !

Last updated: January 16 2013
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  • Good Pointers towards buying your dream home !

    Hi Friends,

    Starting a new thread for people to contribute positive ideas / preferences for their dream house.

    The idea is to pick one good topic each time and build upon it by adding ideas...

    Hope this will help a lot of prospective buyers.

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    Re : Good Pointers towards buying your dream home !

    Vaastu !

    Am not sure if everyone believes in Vaastu but it could be an important factor,

    1) East facing Houses are good as per Vaastu

    2) Bedroom layout should be such that Head is towards the East

    Dont know much... so please add...

    From a personal standpoint,

    1) Apartment must be open atleast from 2 sides. You will generally find that apartments are open only from 1 side, builders can even build houses closed from all sides
    But, try and get an apartment that is open from 2 sides atleast so that you get plenty of air and sunshine

    2) Common Walls: Having common walls with other apartments is normal. But, try and minimize number of common walls / areas with other apartments. Some builders have 6 to 8 flats per floor.... a clear sign of future problems....

    3) Open and Clear View: Its very difficult to predict the view from an apartment as any one can construct a high rise in front or at the back of your building..but one must try to see the possibilities to minimize view obstruction..again there is no easy way to do this..and is mostly left to our luck...

    Others, please feel free to add....


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      Re : Good Pointers towards buying your dream home !

      Under construction Vs Ready to Move In

      This is an easy one...has been debated several times and almost all veteran members agree on this one...

      When it comes to under construction V/S Ready to move in ...please go ahead and buy the flat which is really ready to move in.... buy what u see...

      Of course, there is a downside, you will have to pay more and will not be able to get the best possible flat but then.... believe me that you will save yourself from sleepless nights...

      So the thumb rule is to go for a Ready Possession apartment, unless, you are an investor !!!


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        Re : Good Pointers towards buying your dream home !

        Lower v/s Higher Floor ?

        Again a very hot topic in several cities... dont bother to do the research... here is a summary for you,

        For Mumbai, Pune kind of weather,

        Go For Higher Floors If,
        1) You have extra money to cater to floor rise psft
        2) You love heights, fresh air, sun
        3) You are a happy go lucky kind of person and have no fear of heights, dont get bothered with lift waiting time
        4) You are prepared to enjoy the summer heat and rainy seasons !
        5) Society has good number of lifts.. lot of formulas are available to calculate no of people v/s no of lift ratios...

        Go For Lower Floors If,
        1) You have limited budget and want to spend it wisely
        2) You have lots of children and elderly people in the house
        3) You dont have lot of time and patience to wait for lifts
        4) You are not bothered by street noise, a little bit of dust and mosquitos
        5) You have fear of heights


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          Re : Good Pointers towards buying your dream home !

          Finance !

          Finance is pretty important.. huh...

          We all understand that the dream home must be reasonably priced and must be affordable...what does this mean...

          Several people will interpret this in several different ways... I usually dont understand the maths and science behind here is what I would suggest,

          1) Save for a few years to get to the magical figure of 10 Lacs
          2) Most middle class people will be more than happy with a 2 BHK within a range of 40 to 50 Lacs. This means you will pay 10 Lacs as downpayment from your own pocket and get a home loan of 40 Lacs (Max)

          I would say go for it if,
          1) You have saved atleast 12 Lacs. 10 Lacs for downpayment + 2 Lacs as emergency cash
          2) You and your spouse are both working and earning atleast 60K INR (take home)
          3) You have no other major expenses than monthly grocery etc...

          Avoid it if,
          1) You have to borrow money for down payment
          2) You have ZERO balance after making downpayment
          3) You have single / double income less than 50K take home
          4) You have / might have some big expenses or liabilities coming up in near future...

          Do not forget the No. 1 rule: Go for ready possession Flat !!!
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            Re : Good Pointers towards buying your dream home !

            Location !

            IMHO, Location is one of the most over hyped parameters when it comes to buying your dream home...

            I feel that,

            1) No location is good or bad..once you are in the comfort of your home... it doesnt really matter

            2) Do not go by no. of shops, malls, eating joints that are at shouting distance from your apartment... it would cause you more trouble any way... A location from where basic shopping area is 10 min drive is in no way bad than a prime location...

            3) One can never predict growth... we tend to underestimate the long term gains and over estimate short term gains... this means that a location that is not livable now... might be the prime location in 5 years time... so dont bother too much about location...

            4) Give priority to convenience... For Eg, if you work in magarpatta then dont buy an apartment in Aundh
            Also, dont worry too much as you dont know when your office might shift to Hinjewadi :-) .. so go for a decent location as per your current needs...


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              Re : Good Pointers towards buying your dream home !

              Floor Plans !

              Floor Plans are an integral part of your decision making take time to study the plan in detail.. the good thing is that due to stiff competition builders are hiring experts to build the right design..bad part is ..due to their would not like to give away an extra inch of space to you.. so give it a good thought,

              1) Prefer apartments that have an entrance lobby into the living room

              2) A good design will always have walking areas towards the bedroom... this means your hall will not directly open into your bedroom... generally there is a 3 to 4 feet long walking area towards your bedroom

              3) For 3 BHK designs, I often observe a flaw... all the 3 rooms are on one side of the living room / apartment.. prefer designs that have 1 room on the other side of the hall..this can double up as study room or guest room....

              4) Single Point of View: Dont worry..this is not a market standard or term..its just something that i noticed in 90% of the apartments... What I find is that most of the apartments will have a Central SPOT somewhere in the HALL from where you can view each and every corner of your apartment... somehow I dont like this very much

              5) Storage Space: This is a big plus... we dont realize but sometimes storage space is more important than living space... You will feel it when you have kids
              So, even if you get a little bit of extra storage go for it.. or ask your builder to cater for it during construction

              6) Large Living Area: I would prefer to have a cosy master bedroom and a deluxe living room / hall... reason is obvious... when you sleep you only need 6 feet by 3 feet all that extra space doesnt really matter...but when you are enjoying with friends and family in the living room...every extra sq ft adds a lot of value... so perfer apartments with large living rooms and adjust even if the bedrooms are a bit small (..cosy is the right word !)
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                Re : Good Pointers towards buying your dream home !

                Small society v/s Large Township ?

                It might seems a good idea to live in a larger than life township... but give it a good thought..

                1) Most of the townships are out of the town which means you have limited access and variety when it comes to basic stuff like grocery shops etc

                2) Routine shopping from the same mall / shop is kind of boring... it is human nature to try out new things.. which means all that extra shopping space, restaurant space etc will become less attractive as time passes by...

                3) Large township means large society ... large society means large problems... though i dont have evidence to support this..but by experience i can say that it is easier to get things done in a small society / set up / company ... u tend to get into debates / discussion / processes in large societies / companies...

                4) Feel good factor: When you live in a small society(150 flats)... you tend to be more social and active.. as compared to large townships (10000 flats)... again there is no data to prove this ..but this is my experience... one gets a good feeling after living in a small and familiar neighborhood...


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                  Re : Good Pointers towards buying your dream home !

                  Theme Based Interiors

                  Of course this comes into picture after purchase... but none the less it is very important that you and your partner (perhaps parents as well) spend a lot of time visualizing and discussing your dream home interiors

                  I am sure, all of us can spend hours in deciding upon small small things in the it color of the walls, or placement of a side table... so go ahead and visualize...

                  1) Theme based interiors is a concept borrowed from western world... and i feel it can do wonders to the end result... for example... gray and white combination looks fantastic.. so everything is the house (as far as possible) must be on the lines of gray and white... (eg, white walls with gray sofa set, curtains)
                  another theme is black and gray... there is plenty of stuff available on the feel free to experiment...

                  2) Less is more: When it comes to furniture..some how we only think of wood... with time i have developed a strong dislike for large wooden furniture pieces especially toward large woody cupboards and beds... imagine a home with minimum furniture and a lot of free space... i suggest you must try this out by removing some piece of furniture... i am sure you will like it...

                  3) walk in wardrobes: now this is like luxury but never mind... try and create walk in cupboard for clothes and ...s.h.o.e.s.. wow... it might give a 5 star look...

                  4) Bottom line is .. when it comes to interiors dont be afraid of experimenting...

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                    Re : Good Pointers towards buying your dream home !


                    We spend a lot of time on the road...for this we need good two and four wheelers...especially in Pune where public transport leaves a lot to be desired...

                    and for the vehicles u need parking..

                    I would suggest that,

                    1) If possible pay money to buy an extra parking (uncovered parking will cost less...) Especially, if both the members are working... you must definitely get that 'extra' parking... this will be the most valuable and important investment in coming time...

                    2) Prefer societies that have underground parking... and avoid societies that require you to walk thru to parking to reach the stairs or lift... good societies will not have vehicles anywhere close to walking / playing area...

                    So, include an extra 2 L in ur budget to buy that extra uncovered / covered parking... in long term you will not repent spending this money...


                    Have any questions or thoughts about this?