Hello All members,

I need your help , I have finalized 2 options(by keeping in mind current work location, finances (loan strictly 40% of take home), good school in the 5-6 KM range, small shops near the project, domestic help can get easily and affordale,3-4 major IT work area in 10 KM radius.) 1) Ratan prestiage Kharadi. 916 Sq Feet will get be ready to move June. Package goes to 42 lakhs near around. Area Road goes from new KUL project in Kharadi opp reliance mart. I know approach road is narrow but other options are very costly than this. Amenities are mentioned by builder gas pipeline, gardan, club house, gym, senior citizen park again how they will built it not sure cause nothing has been started on amenities front. Flat is on 10th floor which is not top floor. Here i think water issue will come2) Project near Kumar Picasso Hadpsar. Its small society 104 flats. 4 story 8 buildings. flat is on 1 st floor which is ready move in. amenities are not premium. But area of flat is : 964 Sq. feet. Amenities garden , club house ,gym, no pipe gas, water from PMC 10 month 100% April and May needs tanker sometimes (experience by current families staying there). But again these are not premium. Total package goes to 39 lakhs. I know approach road from Mudhawa bridge needs Special vehicle design to travel. But right now Amenora road people are using, also road from Gadital is good but you need to face traffic for 1 km or 15 mins.

all senior members , members please help to decide on this front. I really want to your advice before investing my hard earn money (1-1 pai karke jode hai).

Both deal has 3 lakhs of difference, Ratan prestiage for 8-10 months i have to pay PreEMI or EMI + rent+ no tax benifit. so i can add 2 lakhs more.

Please advice. In both area other projects are WAY out of my budget (40 lakhs for other project i am extending (really hard) it by 2 lakhs).

I may sound in hurry but i am searching home since 1 year each time mere budget se 3-4 lakh jyada hi hota hai pasand aaya hua project. But now i have to book home cause i have kid of 3-4 month old so after next 3-4 years I need more money for education and all.

Waiting for replies
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  • i was living in the area around kumar picasso around a year back (was on rent) and for me the area felt a bit lonely in the night...also as construction activity was going on a lot of trucks (and hence dust) was present...local grocery shops were present so basic necessities like veggies, milk should not be an issue...i would however recommend a round-the-clock security in that area
    Getting an autorickshaw was really horrible...if my assumption goes correct then the society that you are talking about may have a borewell to compensate for water shortage.
    >>But right now Amenora road people are using
    Use of this approach road totally depends on the mood of the security guys at Amanora...also going forward as Amanora will not allow outsiders to use this road
    cost-wise it looks a bit on higher side...the person (in whose apartment we stayed) bouhgt his falt for a rate of around 2800 psf...
  • Thanks Abhishek for your reply. senior members please give me your views on the dilemma, I am in currently.
  • Originally Posted by patilrahul
    Thanks Abhishek for your reply. senior members please give me your views on the dilemma, I am in currently.

    yaar, if u r looking from last one year, then u might hv observed ke prices has not rised since then.....let say not much.....
    then why r u hurrying to book...chances of prices to remain stable for another 6-12 months are much more then it to increase further......

    plus...interest rates are too high....may increase further too...

    if u r not streatching financially and can book quite easily....then only book....
    otherwise unnecessorily....papa ban gaya, ab to lena hi padega.....kinda attitude will screw ur happiness of becoming a father....
  • More than one's need its the pressure created in the family and society which is driving many of the folks to buy a house in Pune. These folks are in a stress, and fail to bargain with the builder because they do not want to move away from the deal because of the pressure created. Builders take undue advantage and the whole public is paying the penalty of the bubbled up rates.

    I have seen many cases where if one gets married, they are in a stress to buy a house. Because a brother or sister or a cousin in the family has already bought a flat in the prime area within a year of their marriage. Or if you have a peer at workplace who has already bought a flat, you are at stress to buy one.

    Hope this is not the case with you. Otherwise, go ahead and buy one even it takes a 10L more in a decent area and with enough space. As someone else suggested waiting a little more doesnt hurt too.