October 8, 2007
The Economic Times

Everywhere one seems to look nowadays; every space, square foot and inch seems to be occupied by Realtors or another, IT space, residential or corporate structure. Gone are the days when Pune used to be known as the pensioner's paradise. The land of the Peshwas has been bestowed with new titles such as the Oxford of the East, the Silicon Valley, the tech city, etc. The retail market in Pune is booming like never before. It seems to be raining money these days as the investors, the builders and everyone in the corporate sector at large are exploiting all of Pune's resources and potential to the maximum. The rapid ascension of the IT sector has brought Pune from a being virtually unknown city to one which has witnessed a massive inflow of investors in the past.

Due to this, the wealth and infrastructure of the city has grown phenomenally, not only putting Pune on the global business map in a dramatic way but also exposing the youth of the city to a score of opportunities in the field of retail, IT, the hotel industry, the BPO industry and many more. Sparing no one, everybody from the smallest entrepreneur to the biggest players in the corporate sector seems to be raking in the big bucks that the city of gold has gathered in abundance over the last decade.

High-end retail market space is the one of the most sought after sectors in the market, with major developments all over the city.

The education sector of Pune has witnessed a massive influx of students coming in from all over the country and the world, plus the education sector has also witnessed an upswing in its business, which not only contributes to putting Pune as one of the global education destinations but has also benefited the various other sectors that feed of it.
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  • What about the infrastructure in Pune?

    Nice info Pinnacle!

    It’s nice to hear Pune is in the attention again.
    Has anyone thought about improving the infrastructure?
    Development also includes road network and water facilities.

    There is a very bad condition of infrastructure in pune what do u think?
  • There is supposed to be a 146% over supply with regards to estimated absorbtion in the next years. So careful planning and treading is required.
  • Hi, Pinacle ur analyses and information is good
    what will be the reality position of pune after diwali for next 1-2 year
    The more IT INDUSTRIES are cuming & also old co. making new space, is it possible that the infrastructure of these co. will get ready in next 6-7 months
  • There was oversupply of 146% in 2007. Good data to look and then work out the price impact of same with current oversupply.
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  • @Nilesh: you seem to have boarded a wrong plane here :p

    this thread is discussing something else..