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Nashik : New Destination

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Nashik : New Destination

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    Civic body pledges to raze all unauthorised structures

    TNN | Dec 3, 2016, 10.47 AM IST

    NASHIK: The civic body on Friday said it will slap fresh notices on owners of unauthorised structures in the second phase of its encroachment drive.

    Notices will also be sent to around 57 caretakers of unauthorised religious structures in a day or two, informing them that all unauthorised structures, be it places of worship or otherwise, will be demolished.

    Municipal commissioner Abhishek Krishna said all unauthorised structures, irrespective of the type of encroachment — be it religious or not, will be demolished in accordance with the law.

    Encroachments in the CIDCO area were removed by the (CIDCO) administration and the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) with the help of NMC recently, even as the move was criticised by many claiming that religious structures were demolished without any formal notice. In the first phase of the civic drive, 84 unauthorised religious structures were demolished.

    "All encroachments in that particular area were removed, and not just the unauthorised religious structures," said Krishna. "We will also serve notices to caretakers of 57 religious structures. We had notified them earlier, but will now send fresh notices again just before we go ahead with the demolition drive," he added.

    He said all religious structures constructed after September 2009 will be demolished by December as per the government resolution and the high court's orders.

    The civic administration has already demolished 84 unauthorised religious structures in the first phase.

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      National Green Tribunal lifts stay on construction works

      TNN | Updated: Dec 9, 2016, 06.19 AM IST

      NASHIK: The Western Zone bench of the National Green Tribunal (NGT), Pune, which had imposed a stay on construction all building until Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) made the compost plant completely operational and treated 100% waste, has lifted all the conditions except for environment clearance.

      The decision comes as a major relief for smaller constructions but building constructions on 20,000 sq m land and more will have to comply with environmental norms. Earlier, constructions were not permitted right from the conservation area till 10 km. Now, the NGT relaxed it to 100m.

      Municipal commissioner Abhishek Krishna said, "The NGT has relaxed all the conditions except for environment clearance, which is required for constructions on 20,000 sq m and more. They will have to make composting arrangement, sewage treatment plant, have five trees, etc."

      He said the NMC had followed all the conditions for the relaxation of the rules and hence the NGT had given the decision.

      The agency appointed for managing and maintaining the compost plant has begun work on it and by December-end, the municipal solid waste management (MSW) plant would be completely functional along with the refuse derived fuel (RDF) machine. Some of the new garbage collection vans have started rolling in the city and all of them will be operational by December 20.

      "Now, the challenge will be segregation of waste. It is the responsibility of both the operators of the garbage vans and people at the MSW. People should actually be segregating it before handing over the garbage to the van," said Krishna.

      Builders and the NMC may be rejoicing at the decision but some environmental concerns have been raised. "From the periphery of Pandavleni and forest department's Nehru Udyan at its foothills, no construction was allowed at 500m. Now, the distance has been relaxed to 100m from the periphery of the conservation site. For sanctuaries, no construction was permitted at 10-km periphery from the boundaries. Now, it has been brought down to 100m. How can you expect wildlife to survive in the area?" said Purvi Joshi, a teacher.

      K Shanti, a biologist, said, "If constructions are permitted so close to the conservation sites, then there will be habitation. How will the wild thrive in human settlements?"

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        Nashik builder gets 2-year imprisonment

        The builder however refuted the claims saying, “I had done the job as directed by the forum and the consumer was told everything about the same.”Abhilash Botekar | TNN | December 10, 2016, 07:57 IST

        NASHIK: A city-based builderwas sentenced to two-year jail by a consumer forum for not abiding by its orders.

        The forum had asked the builder to get the complainant’s house repaired within 60 days and pay a penalty of Rs 10,000. But, an inspection revealed that the repair was not done correctly..

        Complainant Santosh Gangurde registered a complaint with Nashik consumer forum against builder Nilesh Sonawane, claiming the latter had not obeyed 14/10/2011-orders of the forum asking him to carry out repair of complainant’s house, to the mark.

        “I bought the house from Sonawane, but there were many issues and so had registered the case in 2009 against the builder at the local forum. The forum had then ruled in my favour. Since the builder dilly-dallied with orders, and failed to repair the issues, I registered a case unders section 27 of Consumer Protection Act,” said Gangurde.

        The builder however refuted the claims saying, “I had done the job as directed by the forum and the consumer was told everything about the same.”

        The forum, however, relied on the evidence by government contractor, Sharad Jadhav. According to him, the repair work was not up to the mark.

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          Fear of constructions near conservation sites in Nashik

          Constructions on 20,000 sqmt and above will need environment clearance, but buildings have been permitted up to 100 m from the periphery of the conservation area.TNN | December 10, 2016, 19:00 IST

          NASHIK: The National Green Tribunal’s (NGT) decision to lift the stay it had put on building constructions till the NMC made a compost plant operational and treated 100% waste, has raised concern about buildings coming up near conservation sites.

          The Western Zone bench of the NGT, Pune — which had imposed a stay on construction all building until Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) made the compost plant completely operational and treated 100% waste — has lifted all the conditions except for environment clearance.

          Constructions on 20,000 sqmt and above will need environment clearance, but buildings have been permitted up to 100 m from the periphery of the conservation area. In case of sanctuaries, construction is permitted at 100 meter periphery from the boundary wall.

          “I personally feel that constructions close to conservation site would disturb the wildlife. There are constructions even near Pandavleni where many peacocks are sighted. I feel such places should be declared as protected,” said an environment activist Rajesh Pandit.

          Jagbir Singh, another environment activist, said, “The condition of NGT was that the compost plant should be completely functional and waste segregation should be at the source of collection. Now with the norms relaxed, the NMC should follow all the conditions seriously.”

          Sree Kartika, a student of botany, said, “Conservation sites are for preserving nature and the wild but human settlements could disturb the wild and could possibly lead to increased man-animal conflict. Hence, whenever any construction is to be done in such areas, natural greenery should be maintained and new plantations should also be carried out.”

          Harish Jaiswal, a businessman, said if builders follow all the rules then conservation sites could be safe. “Many people destroy natural habitats during construction activities even if it is not necessary. The NMC should make it compulsory for builders constructing buildings in such societies to retain the greenery wherever possible and should also make planting twice the trees than mandatory for buildings elsewhere,” he said.

          Prachi Deshpande, a teacher, said, “Care should be taken while constructing buildings. Trees and natural flora of the area should not be disturbed. This will ensure that the wildlife habitat is intact. Most man-animal conflict is due to habitat destruction.”

          Kranti Shingi, a housewife, said the NMC should impose some restrictions on constructions near Pandavleni, Nandur Madhyameshwar Bird Sanctuary and Gangapur dam. “Builders should take care that the conservation sites are not affected due to the construction activity and settlements,” she said.


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            10 booked for forging papers to grab land

            Abhilash Botekar| TNN | Updated: Dec 15, 2016, 12.54 PM IST

            NASHIK: Ten people have been booked by the city police for forging documents to gain access to the property of a Mumbai-based businessman.

            The Sarkarwada police said that Pradeep Mishra, a resident of Mumbai owns a piece of land at Tarwala Nagar, Nashik. The accused allegedly forged documents to get their names registered to the property and were demanding the plot from Mishra.

            "The accused allegedly forged documents and signatures of the mother of the complainant and presented the same to Nashik talathi to get their names registered and gain access to the property," the police said.

            While the accused began committing the crime in 2014, Mishra's mother passed away in 2015. Much after, Mishra would continue to receive calls from the accused asking him to part with the property or spare 2,000 sq m land for them. Mishra has named the accused.

            As per the complaint, one of the accused forged the signatures of Mishra's mother and got a medically unfit certificate from a doctor on Nashik Road. The certificates were then registered and presented in the name of another accused.

            Mishra learnt about the issue only around May 15, 2016 and tried to correct the records with the help of an advocate. "The accused even contacted the advocate asking him to tell Mishra that the piece of land be sold to the people recommended by them or ask the complainant to give them 2,000 sq m of land," a police official said.

            Police have not received details of the accused so far. "We have no details of the accused yet. We are now finding ways and means to get across to the people and collect evidence before we take any further step against anybody," the official added.

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              Property survey in Nashik after 16 yéars

              Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) officials said code numbers will be attached to the properties that will help the civic body identify a property at a click.Tushar Pawar | TNN | December 17, 2016, 16:00 IST

              NASHIK: The civic body will start survey of properties in the city from Monday after a gap of 16 years.

              Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) officials said code numbers will be attached to the properties that will help the civic body identify a property at a click.

              The NMC has already appointed a New Delhi-based private firm, Geoinfosys Technolgoies, which will conducting the survey. On Friday, it conducted a a training programme for the NMC employees at Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan, the municipal corporation headquarters, on the survey.

              An NMC official said the survey will begin from the civic body’s Nashik West division and is expected to be completed shortly. “We will give a code number to each property registered with the municipal corporation. This will help us gather all properties at a mouse click. The survey will help us ascertain the exact number of properties and their total areas. Once this happens, we can bring in the new properties under our tax net and boost the civic revenue.”

              Altogether 150 employees of the Geoinfosys Technolgoies would conduct the survey. They will take photographs of the properties and measure the total areas. The survey will help find the non-assessed properties and identify change in use, besides revising the assessment values.

              According to the norms, it is mandatory for the civic bodies to conduct property survey every four years. In Nashik, the last property survey was held in 1999. It attempted a survey in 2007 and appointed an agency, which could not complete the survey despite getting two extensions. The NMC later blacklisted the company.

              In 2015, the survey could not be held because of Kumbh Mela. There are close to 4 lakh registered properties in the limits of the municipal corporation that is divided into six divisions — Nashik East, Nashik West, Panchavati, Cidco, Nashik Road and Satpur.


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                High court stays removal of 5 unauthorised shrines by January 16

                Tushar Pawar| TNN | Updated: Dec 17, 2016, 07.29 AM IST

                NASHIK: The Bombay high court (HC) on Friday ordered a stay on the removal of five religious structures in the Chuchale area of the city by January 16, 2017.

                The court issued the order while hearing a writ petition filed by former local corproator Dilip Datir. Along with Shiv Sena co-ordinator Bhagwat Arote, Datir, a former house leader, had filed the writ petition in the HC seeking exemption for the five structures from being removed on the ground that they were located on open spaces.Datir said, "The NMC had conducted a survey of religious structures before and after 2009. But it did not bifurcate the unauthorised religious structures along the roads and on open spaces. We had filed writ petition in the Bombay high court last month over the five structures located on open spaces. We had urged the court to exempt these religious structures from removal as they were located on open spaces. Religious structures are the priority of people. The court has issued a stay on their removal by January 16."

                The petitioner added, "The court has also sought information from NMC about these five religious structures by January 16."

                HC judges Naresh Patil and M S Karnik issued the order during hearing on Friday. Lawyers S Nargolkar and K Joshi contended on behalf of the petitioner.

                Civic body additional commissioner Kishor Borde said, "The court has stayed removal of the five structures, but we are yet to get details. We have already removed 102 unauthorised religious structures after 2009 in the limits of the municipal corporation, including those in the Cidco area. Around 74 unauthorised religious structures, including 17 in the Cidco area, are yet to be removed."


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                  ‘Not mentioning loading percentage unfair practice’

                  Abhilash Botekar| TNN | Updated: Dec 26, 2016, 06.50 AM IST

                  NASHIK: In a large number of cases, builders do not specifically mention the loading percentage added to the built-up area in sale deed of flat. This amounted to unfair trade practice and hence, the builder should return the excess amount charged to the consumer with 11% rate of interest, the Nahsik consumer forum ruled.

                  'The builders should specifically mention the loading percentage in the construction of the flat and if that is not mentioned, it has to be assumed to be 25% only. In the current case, since the builder has not mentioned the specific loading percentage that will be added to the built-up area and the builder should return Rs 2.31 lakh excess amount along with 11% rate of interest to the consumer', ruled Nashik Consumer Forum president Milind Sonawane in a judgment recently.

                  The judgment came in the case registered with the forum on November 18, 2015 by Tulshiram Bairagi and Prerna Ambade, residents of Rukmini Nagar, Malegaon Stand, Panchavati, Nashik against the builder for various reasons, including charging for excess built-up area than actual delivery, improper development of common amenities and clearing the 'Deed of Apartment' in their favour.

                  "We have taken loan of Rs 17.15 lakh from a bank for the flat costing Rs 19.25 lakh in Kamal-Kanti apartment constructed by Poonam Gandhi, the builder and developer from Nashik Road. We paid balance Rs 2.1 lakh in cash, Rs 30,000 for power and water connections, Rs 35,000 for one-time maintenance. But we found the builder mentioned 908 sq ft built-up area and instead we received only 798.78 sq ft, which means he charged us for 109.22 sq ft in excess. We have demanded repayment of the said amount at the rate of Rs 2,120 per sq ft that we paid to him," Bairagis pleaded before the forum.

                  Besides, the Bairagis also complained that the bank account in the name of the society was not completed, the transfer deed in the favour of society not done, parking area badly developed and ill-furnished.

                  The builder, however, denied charges saying the consumer had wrongly calculated the built-up area. "The consumer considered loading percentage of 25% on the built up area instead of 35% and hence, the difference in the calculation by the consumer," the lawyer for the builder said.

                  The builder further denied other charges saying best of amenities were provided to the building and that there were no issues about any house. "In fact, the complainant had registered the complaint only because they did not want to pay the balance Rs 85,000," the lawyer said.

                  The forum committee of three members went through facts presented by the complainants and the defendants and arrived at a conclusion that the builder had erred by not charging excess area not delivered and also by not completing the formalities of deed of transfer.

                  'Going through the papers, it is amply clear that the builder did not mention the loading percentage. When it is not mentioned, it has to be considered at 25% of the built-up area. Many times the builders do not mention the loading percentage and simply claim the carpet and built-up area in the sale deeds, which we feel is unfair trade practice', the judgment said.

                  'The builder therefore should return to the consumer Rs 2.31 lakh along with interest at 11% for wrongly charging the development loading percent from December 2, 2013, clear the deed for transfer within one month of the judgment, clear the parking amenities to the mark, clear the one-time maintenance payment and also pay Rs 15,000 for physical harassment to the complainant and Rs 10,000 for mental harassment,' the forum said.


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                    Valuers’ body wants government to reduce Ready Reckoner rates

                    Tushar Pawar| TNN | Dec 27, 2016, 07.19 AM IST

                    The Nashik chapter of Institution of Valuers (India) — an association of government approved valuers — wants the state government to reduce Ready Reckoner (RR) rates for the financial year 2017-18.

                    The association on Monday said it will approach the town planning department of the state government and urge them to make realistic valuation of properties and reduce the RR rates, which will come into effect from April 1.

                    The RR rates are an annual statement of rates based on which the stamps and registrar department collects stamp duty from property buyers.

                    The state government revises RR rates every year with effect from April 1.

                    Earlier, the state government would revise RR rates as per calendar year (Jan-Dec) every year. But on Dec 31, 2015, the government passed an amendment and decided to announce RR rates for the financial year (April-March), with effect from April 1, 2016. Now, the new revised RR rates are to be announced on April 1 next year.

                    Sanjeev Patil, president of Nashik Institute of Valuers (India), said, "Earlier, the proportion of black money was more in property transaction. The ratio was 60:40 i.e. 60% white money and 40% black money. Moreover, brokers would also take their brokerage. But after demonetisation, there will be no scope for black money as every transaction will be recorded. Hence, there will be correction in property prices."

                    He added, "The real estate sector is passing through a phase of recession for the past three years. The supply is more as compare to the demand. Nevertheless, the state government increased the RR rates at large in past three years. Hence, existing RR rates are unrealistic. Now, the new RR rates of the district are to be revised for a year with effect from April 1. The Town Planning department has also started its exercise to revise rates. Hence, we want the state government to reduce RR rates through realistic valuation of properties with the help of experts and government valuers."

                    Patil said their body will approach the concerned government authority for the same. In last three years, the RR rates have almost doubled in Nashik. During the calendar year 2014, the state had increased the rates of land, residential and commercial properties in Nashik city in the range of 1.62%-48.93% in different parts of the city.

                    In 2015, the RR rates of land, residential and commercial properties in the city had been increased in the range from 5 per cent to 15 per cent in different parts of the city.

                    In 2016-17, the state government increased the RR rates in the range from 2 to 20 per cent in various pockets across the city.


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                      Builder deposits Rs 7 crore, probe on

                      Tushar Pawar| TNN | Dec 30, 2016, 11.11 AM IST

                      NASHIK: The Income Tax department has started inquiry of a major builder in the city for depositing Rs 7 crore in scrapped Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes in various bank accountsafter demonetisation.The department is verifying the source of the money and finding out whether the money is accounted or unaccounted.

                      Sources from the I-T department said, "We have already served notice on him and are conducting an inquiry. It will take a few days. The builder has claimed that the money is from his customers." In the last week of November, the department had conducted a probe against a realty firm over cash transaction in property sale and also to find out unaccounted income. Builders, jewellers, banks, traders and industrialist and priests are under the scanner after demonetisation.

                      On Tuesday, the I-T officials have found unaccounted assets worth Rs 2 crore and seized 4.5 kg gold from the residences of two priests in Trimbakeshwar town.


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