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Nashik : New Destination

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Nashik : New Destination

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    Concrete shadow on green cover in Nashik

    TNN | Updated: Jan 11, 2017, 11.16 AM IST

    NASHIK: Nashikities fear that more concrete structures will come up in their city at the cost of green cover.

    The state government has decided to do away with 31 reservations in the city's development plan (DP) that it recently approved.

    In its January 9 notification, the the government stated that 31 plots, earlier reserved for setting up gardens, municipal markets, playgrounds and commercial and educational establishments. will now be converted into residential zones.

    The government's move has left a major section of residents livid with many questioning the logic of deleting these reservation. Many felt that the deletion of the reservation were "in violation of Supreme Court verdicts on gardens and educational establishments".

    These reserved areas were included in the DP prepared way back in 1993. The new DP has been planned for a period 20 years from 2016, projecting the future population growth at 24.50 lakh by 2026 and 34 lakh by 2036.

    "On what ground the government has deleted the 31 reservations? We fear that these deletions have done keeping in mind some vested interests," entrepreneur Rohit Patil said.

    According to him, reservations for municipal market places behind Durga Garden and at Dasak in Nashik Road have been cancelled along with the reservation for the garden behind Mhasoba temple on Nashik-Pune highway. These have been converted into residential zones. "As per the apex court direction, reservations for gardens and educational complexes cannot be deleted," argued Patil.

    Sharing similar views, economist Sushma Kanade said the deletions have been made on the basis of the objections raised. "But it is surprising that the reserved areas have all been converted into residential zones. This clearly shows that only the builders have been appeased. I have gone through the notification. It at least gives us a scope to raise objections again," she said.

    "If NMC does not require the reservation, then why had the authorities proposed it in 1993. And why does the civic body now feel that it does not require the reservation," Kanade added.

    Jayesh Thakkar, former president of Confederation of Real Estate Developers' Associations of India (Credai), Nashik chapter, said, "The reservation of the gardens should not be removed. The young generation needs such amenities. There are not many reservation for gardens in this DP. We need bigger gardens such as Shivaji Garden, Nehru Garden and Pramod Mahajan Garden."

    Kishor Patil, one of the town planners of Nashik, told TOI: "We have sorted out some highlights of the DP. It will take some time to publish it. Citixens can register their suggestions and objections"

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    • vaibav123
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      Population is out of control and greenery cannot survive easily.
      We are in for crowded cities and road sides.

  • Re : Nashik : New Destination

    Waste management only after 2 months

    TNN | Jan 14, 2017, 12.02 AM IST

    Nashik: Most new garbage vans have started rolling on the streets of Nashik, but the start to an efficient waste management seems at least two months away.

    Segregating garbage and repairing defunct machines are among the issues plaguing the agency managing the municipal solid waste (MSW) compost plant plant, which it will take over completely on January 16. The civic administration gave a 30-year contract to Pune-based Mailhem Ikos Environment Private Limited on design, finance, build, operate and transfer (DFBOT) basis.

    The agency will be responsible for the total solid waste management (400 tonnes a day). It will also be responsible for repair, upgrade and operation of the existing compost and refuse derived fuel (RDF) plant, capping of the existing dump site and setting up a new scientific landfill.

    In November 2015, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) withheld all building permissions due to the improper management of MSW. Following this, the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) began working on it on a priority basis.

    The NGT said the stay on building constructions would be lifted if within six months the compost plant was successfully managed as per the MSW rules.

    "We signed the agreement on December 27, but we had placed our people at the plant in November to ensure that time was not wasted. We will take over the plan completely on January 16 ," said Colonel Suresh Rege, the executive director of Mailhem.

    "We need more than 400 tonnes of garbage for proper management at the plant. Another challenge is segregation of garbage at the source," he said, adding that the equipment at the plant needed a fair amount of repair and this would take at least 2-3 months.

    "We hope that within 2-3 months, waste segregation also happens at the source. We hope we can start the land filling by March 1. The NMC should pay the fees as per the norms and within a period of 30 days. For the first 5-6 months, we will not have any income because the sale of the compost and RDF will come later. We have given a bank guarantee of Rs 7 crore," said Rege.

    At present, 35 people are working at the plant and the number will increase to 60 in another month.

    An NMC official said they would ensure that the company got the payment on time. Health officer Vijay Dekate said, "Most of the waste are getting segregated at the source. Wastes from hotel, garden and debris are also being collected by independent vans. Out of 206 new vans, 148 are operating. The rest, mainly from Cidco and Panchavati, will also start soon."

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    • Re : Nashik : New Destination

      5,665 trees yet to be planted by Nashik civic body to meet target of 21,000

      Sumita Sarkar| TNN | Jan 16, 2017, 09.49 PM IST

      NASHIK: In attempt to increase the city's green cover and following the high court's orders, the civic administration targeted planting 21,000 trees across the city. Out of these 5,800 are 15 feet tall while the rest are 10 feet in height.

      The 15-feet tall trees have been planted through a private agency. The 10-feet tall trees are being planted by nine contractors and 5,665 trees yet to be planted by NMC to meet target of 21,000.

      The high court while hearing a petition of environment activists on illegal tree cutting had ordered Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) to transplant trees to be cut for road widening and also plant trees. The tree plantation began from October 2016. The plantation is expected to be completed before the onset of summer.

      "Out of the 21,000 trees to be planted, the contractors have planted 15,335 trees. Nine contractors are planting the trees. We are conducting a meeting with the contractors on January 17 to take a review on why the plantation is getting delayed," said an NMC official.

      The contractors will have to maintain the trees for a period of one year. The trees planted have to be of indigenous variety.

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      • Re : Nashik : New Destination

        HC stays demolition of 45 religious structures till February 7

        TNN | Jan 17, 2017, 09.48 PM IST

        NASHIK: The Bombay high court (HC) stayed the demolition of 45 temples till February 7 while hearing the petition of Shiv Senacoordinator Dilip Datir and party leader Bhagwat Arote and others who challenged Nashik Municipal Corporation's (NMC) action against illegal religious structures.

        Datir who had filed the petition in December 2016 pleaded that religious structures on open spaces and gardens should be spared. The court had directed the NMC to explain its side of the story till January 16, with supporting documents on open spaces that has religious structures.

        Sena objected demolition of 22 structures while independent applications were made by citizens on other religious structures.

        But during the hearing recently, NMC sought some time to produce the documents following which the court stayed action against the structures. The high court bench of Justice Naresh Patil and Justice MS Karnik gave stay order.

        "The court had asked NMC to produce documents to prove that the open spaces belonged to them. We argued that the open spaces were private lands where the religious structures were constructed. NMC was asked to prove their claim with documents but it sought time," said Datir.

        The hearing will be held on February 7 when NMC has been asked to furnish the documents.

        "We are at present busy with election-related work and hence sought some time from the court," said an NMC official.

        As per the court's orders, NMC began razing religious structures constructed after September 2009 and those that were hindrance to traffic and people. NMC razed 85 such structures in the first phase after which Sena and others challenged the decision in the HC.

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        • Re : Nashik : New Destination

          Military seeks 54 acre land from Nashik municipal corporation

          TNN | Jan 20, 2017, 12.43 PM IST

          NASHIK: During a meeting with chief secretary Swadhin Kshatriya and civic officials in Mumbai on Wednesday, the Deolali Cantonment Boardasked the municipal corporation to hand over 54 acres of landto the board in lieu of their land that was being used by civilians.

          The military officials claimed that civilians have been using the area from Lam Road to Anuradha Talkies and from Kargil Gate to Mumbai-Agra road for decades.

          Many commercial activities of the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) were also going on in that area and civilian traffic moved on these roads. These roads have now become very busy and congested.

          "They said that the area of this land is 54 acres and they asked for the same space elsewhere. The chief secretary immediately spoke to the district collector who said that he would look into the issue. But the NMC does not have a huge chunk 54 acres. These areas are have been used for many years and it is not even possible to relocate people and hand over the land to the military," said a civic official.

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          • Re : Nashik : New Destination

            Nashik Municipal Corporation mulls over independent cell to monitor CSR activities

            TNN | Jan 21, 2017, 11.35 PM IST

            NASHIK: The civic body will soon come up with an independent cell to decide about its projects to be managed through corporate social responsibility (CSR).

            Taking into account the unplanned ways to hand over projects under the CSR, civic chief Abhishek Krishna said independent cell is required to manage the civic projects. "This cell will scrutinise the proposals before the project is finalised," said Krishna on Friday.

            "Currently, projects are being done through the CSR activities without any planning. Anyone who comes with a CSR proposal gets the approval. We are in the process of creating an independent cell for CSR activities," Krishna said.

            He added the unsystematic handling of the projects resulted in two companies handling one project.

            Explaining about the issues the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) is facing, Krishna said, "In the public works department one person looks after roads, traffic and buildings. We need a separate person for maintaining hospitals and schools. It is not the deputy engineer's job to look after maintenance of Kalidas Kala Mandir. We do have shortage of manpower but that does not mean there should be no planning or system," said Krishna, adding it was not possible for one person/department to be responsible for many things.

            He said that due to absence of an independent traffic cell there were parking and traffic problems. "One cell should look into the traffic issue completely. Rotary parking should be implemented. Only after improving the parking system we will take the next step. There will be automated parking everywhere. After code of conduct, we will start working on parking spaces, traffic cell and CSR cell," said Krishna.

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            • Re : Nashik : New Destination

              Pending TDRs unlikely to be approved

              TNN | Updated: Jan 23, 2017, 11.53 PM IST

              Nashik: The 250 pending TDRs (transfer of development rights) that do not qualify for the old TDR policy may not be processed as per the new policy as well. Besides, the property owners will also have to lose the extra space that they procured by enclosing the balconies.

              A government resolution (GR) of January 29, 2016 brought in the new system of awarding TDR. Consequently, the town planning department had stopped approving TDRs as per the old policy. The government had declared that the TDRs that have been admitted as per the old policy should be approved. The 250 pending TDRs were supposed to have been admitted before the announcement of the new policy. But, later, it was clarified that these TDRs will be processed as per the new policy only.

              The government, meanwhile, issued notification for the new development paln for the city early this month. Now, the approval of these 250 TDRs seems to be difficult as it is unlikely that they could be regularised as per the new DP.

              "These TDRs are unlikely to be regularised as per the new DP. Also, the Pune Municipal Corporation has started taking action as per the new DP on those who have enclosed the balconies," said a civic official, indicating that the NMC will also follow suit.


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              • Re : Nashik : New Destination

                Poll power a ‘smart’ way to a good House

                TNN | Updated: Jan 25, 2017, 05.59 AM IST

                NASHIK: A smart city should have smart voters and smart corporators. This seems to be the mantra for all electoral stakeholders as Nashikites gear up to elect their representatives in the civic body on February 21. But the question remains how many will step out of their home and cast the ballots.

                A number of social organisations, along with the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC), has taken up the cudgel to improve the voting percentage and lined up a series of awareness programmes on Wednesday to be observed as Voters' Day. In the 2012 civic elections, the voting percentage was 57.

                The NGOs and the NMC are not just focusing on increasing the voting percentage but are also emphasising on electing "good candidates". The NMC will be putting up information of all candidates, along with their affidavits and undertakings, on the walls of the polling booths. The NGOs, on the other hand, will try to familiarise the people with candidates through pamphlets or the social media.

                On Wednesday, an oath taking ceremony has been organised at NMC for its employees to vote on the day of the election. "At GD Sawant College we have organised a lecture for the students. Municipal commissioner Abhishek Krishna will address the students," NMC education department administrative officer Nitin Upasani said.

                "On Thursday, we will conduct an awareness programmes in our schools. We will seek their help to convince the parents to exercise their franchise on February 21," said Upasani.

                Nashik Mahanagar Yuva Aghadi (NMYA) and other NGOs are forming a team to create voting awareness campaigns. "We are conducting door-to-door campaigns. Many people complain about candidates not doing anything for them after being elected. They also complained about bribing by candidates and refused to vote for them this time. We are appealing to people not to take voting day as a picnic and are convincing them that changing the situation is solely in their hands," said Samadhan Bharatiya, NMYA founder.

                Anand Dhali, a social activist is creating awareness through his where blogs are written. He is also using other social media extensively. "We are promoting Nashik region through our website. We have given presentation to various groups. We are particularly trying to rope in the young generation for voting," said Anand.

                Said Gopi Mali, "Our organisation YUVAN (Youth Union and Volunteers Associated for Noble Cause) and Forever Peace Foundation will post all the details on this website and will also print pamphlets and posters about this website and distribute it so that people know about good candidates."

                From February 8-18, they will be having rock bands in two trucks that will move around the city to inspire the youth and public to vote. "Smart city should have smart voters and smart corporators," said social activist Dheera Bachchav.

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                • Re : Nashik : New Destination

                  Citizens seek better rly connectivity from Nashik

                  Abhilash Botekar| TNN | Jan 30, 2017, 08.59 AM IST

                  NASHIK: New trains and better transit options on Nashik-Pune route have topped Nashikites' wish list for the upcoming Union Budget.

                  The residents here have complained of step-motherly treatment to the city as far as railway connectivity is concerned. "Nashik is the A-1 class station in the Bhusawal division, but the Indian Railways does not treat the city the way it should be. Even as Nashik has huge a volume of originating traffic, citizens here are forced to take their personal vehicles to travel to other parts of the country due to lack of proper railway connectivity," Vasudeo Jadhav, resident of Vrindavan Nagar, told TOI.

                  Jadhav visits Tirupati Balaji every year, but except for the first time , which was seven years ago, he has travelled to the religious spot only by road.

                  "There is no direct train connectivity to the Balaji temple from Nashik even though trains do originate from Nagarsol village, which enjoys a station-cum-terminus status and is 22km from the Manmad Junction on Nashik-Bhusawal route. It is high time for the Indian Railways to wake up to the fact that Nagarsol is not even a taluka and has nothing around to entertain the passengers," Jadhav added.

                  The Member of Parliament from Nashik, Hemant Godse, has presented a memorandum to the railway minister seeking his attention towards the plight of Nashikites.

                  "Nashik Road railway station was to be included in pilgrimage circuit 'Astha', but other than the announcement nothing has happened so far. In fact, it is after two years of promising of elevators and escalators that the actual work has now begun. Still we hope that the railway minister will do the needful for the residents of Nashik as he did for those in Mumbai. We urge the Union government to bring development to the city in the real sense," Godse said.

                  Rail Parishad , a non-government organisation (NGO), too is betting big on the Union Budget to start services on the Nashik-Pune route.

                  "Nashik is not getting its due share. There are travellers to Konkan, Hyderabad and Chennai from the city. Forget about South India, there are not enough trains to carry Nashikites to the northern parts of the country. Many people from here have to travel to Mumbai to catch trains to their respective destinations," Bipin Gandhi of Rail Parishad said.

                  On road connectivity, he said the road traffic between Mumbai and Kolhapur via golden corridor or even the Konkan Road is very dense. "If railway connectivity is improved, it will be of huge help to the citizens here," he added.

                  Rajesh Fokne of the Divisional Railway Users' Consultative Committee (DRUCC) stressed on the development of the Nashik station to increase revenue. "Why doesn't the Railways think of developing the station to earn revenue while providing passenger-friendly infrastructure. The railway station can be turned into a business hub with the Railways getting revenue only for renting out its space. This way the railway administration will not have to spend monies for cleanliness and security of the station," Fokne suggested.


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                  • Re : Nashik : New Destination

                    Put an end to traffic mess, demand citizens

                    Santosh Sonawane| TNN | Jan 31, 2017, 11.51 AM IST

                    NASHIK: Illegal hoardings, wayward parking and rampant encroachments have dented the city's image over the past few years. Citizens now want the to-be elected representatives to solve these perennial problems on priority.

                    With the civic polls slated on February 21, the voters reminded the politicians that the first impression of a city is created through the condition of its roads and pavements, traffic sense of motorists and cleanliness.

                    Suresh Gaidhani, an industrial worker from Nashik Road, said he moved to the city from the adjoining district of Dhule for work. Largely happy with the life in the city, they rued that driving around their new area of residence has been a nightmare.

                    "There has never been a problem about water, electricity or other civic amenities in Nashik. But driving on city road is certainly frightening. As a motorist, one can see many things lacking on the city roads," he said.

                    Many motorists said the number of potholes causing bumpy rides have reduced over a period of time, the absence of proper road markings, zebra crossing, stop lines, speed breakers, lane marking are a dampener.

                    Citizens also voiced the need of traffic signals in many parts of the city, which has witnessed tremendous growth over the past eight to nine years. Poor lighting on city roads at night poses a major risk to motorists and has been blamed for several accidents.

                    Rupesh Dalkari, a sales executive and resident of Gangapur Road, said there is a need to spread awareness among citizens about traffic rules. Many illegal garages have occupied the roads and shops and hawkers also eat away the much-needed place. "People also leave their vehicles parked in such a way that it proves an impediment to the vehicular traffic, apart from giving an ugly look to the roads," he said.

                    Residents said efforts should be made to widen the roads considering the rising number of vehicles in the city. The civic body would also have to ensure sufficient parking to prevent haphazard parking on roads, especially in residential areas.

                    Citizens also voiced their opinion that heavy vehicles should not be allowed into the market areas during the day time, while there should be separate parking system for heavy vehicles outside the city and in the industrial areas. In crowded places, the civic administration can start vertical parking. Vaishali Chaudhary, a lecturer in a college, said pay and park facilities should be created to solve the traffic problemand provide employment.

                    According to a government resolution, every city with a population of over 10 lakh should have a traffic cell in the civic administration. This cell should be headed by an engineer, who has done postgraduation in town planning. There should also be two deputy engineers and other staff so that they can take decide on what all things are necessary on the roads for cleaner, wide roads.

                    Along with this, the traffic cell also has other members in its committee comprising DCP traffic, RTO officer, officers of NHAI, NGO representatives, electricity engineer. They can jointly brainstorm on things that are necessary for the roads and then put them in place.

                    Abhay Kulkarni, president of Nashik First, said the Nashik Municipal Corporationdoes not have such a cell.


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