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Nashik : New Destination

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Nashik : New Destination

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    MIDC acts tough against commercial use of plots in Nashik

    The MIDC has already served notices to eight industries in Satpur and Ambad industrial estates, asking them to stop commercial use of the industrial plotsTushar Pawar | TNN | March 17, 2017, 17:00 IST

    NASHIK: The Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) has decided to act tough against the use of industrial plots for commercial purposes and take stern action against people if found guilty of doing so.

    The MIDC has already served notices to eight industries in Satpur and Ambad industrial estates, asking them to stop commercial use of the industrial plots.

    Speaking to TOI, an official from the MIDC said, “We noticed some industries have been using industrial plots for commercial purposes. Actually they are not allowed to use industrial plots for commercial purpose. Hence, we have decided to take action against them.”

    An official added, “During a survey, we identified eight industries using industrial plots for commercial purposes. We served them notices asking them to stop commercial use of the plots.”

    The official said defaulters are expected to stop commercial use of the plot within 15 days after the receipt of the notices. “We will take action against them if they did not respond to notices. Out of eight industrialists, six are from Ambad industrial estate, while two are from Satpur industrial estate of the MIDC,” he said.

    The MIDC has three industrial estates across Nashik district. The Satpur and Ambad industrial estates are located in the jurisdiction of the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC), while Sinnar MIDC is located around 30 km away from the city.

    The MIDC has already started a survey in its industrial estates to find out how many industries are operational and how many are sick. Moreover, some industries have constructed buildings and also obtained Building Completion Certificates (BCC), but they have not started operations. The authority has already conducted 30% survey in Satpur and Ambad.

    MG Kulkarni, president of Laghu Udyog Bharti (North Maharashtra) said, “This is a good move that the MIDC is taking against those using industrial plots for commercial purposes.”

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      Open plot in MIDC serves as dump yard

      Sumita Sarkar| TNN | Updated: Mar 19, 2017, 10.21 AM IST

      NASHIK: The land for the common effluent treatment plant (CETP)in MIDC is being used as a dump yardfor waste despite several complaints to the civic administration.

      People in sector B of Ambad MIDC are using the area as a garbage dump by throwing away construction debris and other hotel waste there."We shifted our factory to the new plot opposite the CETP on January 11. Since then, we see hotel waste, garbage and construction debris being dumped there. People do it after dark so that they are not caught and the garbage lies there through the day," said Ravi Nair, a resident who recently shifted to Ambad MIDC.

      Nair has even sent several photos and videos of the dump yard to the Nashik Municipal Corporation health officer, but in vain. "People are not ashamed to use public property as a dump yard because the NMC has not done anything till now," he said, adding that recently someone dumped hotel waste in huge black bags during the night and by morning, the area was stinking.

      ************** companies in the area too are dumping their waste in the open plot, which could be hazardous and unhealthy for the residents in the area.

      NMC's health officer Vijay Dekate said that he did receive complaints about the open plot being used as a dump yard and has deployed staff to clear it. "We will send our sanitary inspector of the CIDCO division to get the area cleared once again," he said.

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        Citizens put on running shoes to save water

        TNN | Updated: Mar 20, 2017, 06.50 AM IST

        NASHIK: Most city-based citizens tied their shoelaces tight and ran for the Water Resources Department's (WRD) 'Run for Saving Water' on Sunday along with the Nashik Municipal Corporation to mark the week-long 'Jal Jagruti Saptah' organized for World Water Day, celebrated on March 22.

        The run was flagged off at Sinchan Bhawan while the participants ran along ABB Circle and City Central Mall before coming back to Sinchan Bhawan.At the start, MLA Seema Hiray underlined the need to save water by taking measures to ensure that the flowing rain water is blocked in the fields and boosts the percolation of the same. "Jalyukta Shivar is the concept launched by the government and the people should also practice in their areas," said Hiray.

        Additional collector Kanhuraj Bagate, pointed out the need of using optimally the water thus avoiding pollution of the same. "The random use of water creates two problems - first is it increases consumption and the overuse results in polluting more water. The best way was to use water optimally and recycle and re-use the same which will cut down the dependency on fresh water always," Bagate said.

        Superintendent Engineer at the Command Area Development Authority of WRD, Rajesh More appealed to the people to save water by consuming it judiciously. "Saving water at this point of time is very important as the water saved now can help us live in a better position during the summer, or if the rains are delayed. The people across the length of the river should contribute to the cause irrespective of dividing the water and the river," he said.

        Chief engineer of the North Maharashtra region of WRD, NS Waghmare also appealed to the people to take an initiative in saving water near the origin of the water bodies. "The water saved in the upper areas can always help in releasing better percolation of the same in the ground, which further boosts the water table. Better water table will only help in better agriculture," Waghmare said.

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          Godavari pollution: Activist miffed with NMC ‘inaction’

          Sumita Sarkar| TNN | Updated: Mar 20, 2017, 06.41 AM IST

          NASHIK: Godavari pollution case petitioner Rajesh Pandit has alleged that the civic administration has not complied with nearly 50% of HC orders based on Neeri guidelines.

          The Bombay high court had asked the petitioner to prepare a report on the court's directions from 2012 till present. Apart from this, the report was to include the National Environmental Engineering Institute (Neeri) recommendations and information on compliance and noncompliance by the civic body and other agencies.

          On February 28, the activist submitted the report with a chart of compliance and noncompliance to the HC. The hearing of the report went on for two days, with the second hearing held on March 1. The order was recently on the HC website.

          "Neeri's first recommendation was to maintain the river's ecological and environmental flow. We understand that there was a drought-like situation last year, because of which this could not be done. But the river's flow can be maintained now as there is no drought. The HC order and Neeri's recommendations have not been complied with," Pandit said.

          He added that the untreated sewage should be properly segregated and channelled to the sewage treatment plants (STP) and not into nullahs and tributaries like the case at some city areas.

          "Existing STPs should be upgraded and biological oxygen demand (BOD) should be brought down from 30 to 10. This was to be done before Kumbh. Apart from this, some bridges nets were put up, but a few have worn out. These nets are to be installed at all bridges. In 2013, the HC asked four PSIs and 30 policemen to be appointed to keep a check and fine people polluting the river, but this was not done. On the contrary, the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) appointed retired army officers for the job. This is the first time the HC asked for police protection for a river in India, but this was not followed," he said.

          Spreading awareness, preventing washing of clothes and vehicles, as well as installing sign boards on riverbanks warning of a penalty and barricading the area to prevent vehicle entry to the river were some of the other directions that were not complied.

          The NMC refuted the allegations, saying that they had complied with all the directions. "The civic body has complied with all the directions. The court clearly stated in its order that the NMC has already submitted a detailed response to the chart. The HC has acknowledged our response," SR Vanjari, NMC's executive engineer, said.

          On issues like the installation of bridge nets, washing of clothes and vehicles in the river and upgrading the existing STPs, he said they were all in of completion. "We are perfectly in tune with the orders. The NMC has complied with all directives," Vanjari said. Pandit added that all compliances were to be done long ago, but the NMC is still in the process of doing it. "Most of them had to be done before the Kumbh. Many of the compliances were met with during the Kumbh, and were to be continued. Let the HC decide whether the compliances have been followed through. The MPCB and the MIDC compliance reports are still awaited," he said.

          A copy of the chart will be sent to the state government, the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) and Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC). The next hearing is on March 21, for which all parties are to be present.

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            Maharashtra proposes 5% increase in RR rates in Nashik

            Tushar Pawar| TNN | Mar 24, 2017, 10.52 AM IST

            NASHIK: Home buyers here may have to pay more from the next financial year as the state government has proposed a marginal hike of 5% in the ready reckoner (RR) rates.

            The final decision on the proposal is expected to be taken by the government in the next few days.

            Stamp duty is collected from property buyers on the basis of RR rates, which are revised for the financial year and come into effect from April 1.

            Government sources close to the development told TOI on Thursday that the state government has proposed an average 5% hike across the city for the 2017-18 fiscal.

            "Chief minister Devendra Fadnvis will review the RR rates across the state and finalise the same in the next two-three days," said an official.

            "This year, the government plans to make a marginal hike in the limits of municipal corporations, but there will be a (decent) hike in areas adjoining the boundaries of the city limits. An increase in the RR rates is expected more in rural areas of the state," said the official.

            In the last fiscal, the state government had increased the RR rates between 2% and 20% in various pockets of the city, with an average hike of 10%.

            There had been a marginal increase, in the range of 2% to 10%, in the RR rates with an average hike of around 6% in core areas, including the old city and TP-1 and TP-II areas.Meanwhile, Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India (CREDAI), Nashik, has urged the state government not to increase the RR rates for the next financial year to bring about stability in the market.

            A delegation from CREDAI recently met the IGR and controller of stamps N Ramswami and urged him to keep the RR rates stable this financial year.

            Sunil Bhaybhang, immediate past vice-president of CREDAI, Maharashtra, told TOI that the sector is still passing through a phase of recession.

            "The demand is yet to pick up. At this juncture, we would like the state government to not change the RR rates. We have already approached the government and urged the officials concerned to keep the rates stable," he said.

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              77 per cent of land records available online in Nashik

              Abhilash Botekar| TNN | Updated: Mar 25, 2017, 01.59 PM IST

              NASHIK: The work of digitisation of land records in Nashik district has gathered momentum and about 77 per cent of records of rights (RoR - 7/12 extracts) the work has been achieved across the districts. The tribal talukas have leaped ahead with 95 per cent of works already been completed.

              Nashik taluka however is lagging behind with only 40 per cent of the work being completed so far.

              The Government of India (GoI) has stressed on paperless work under the Digital India theme, Besides, the government also aims to make the RoR transparent which will further avoid any issues with the transfer of rights.

              The district has in all 12.28 lakh out of which 9.50 lakh records have been digitised, edited, evaluated and finalised.

              "There transfer of the RoR from manual to digital is a major process in which all the concerned people have to be approached for any change in the records, updated the same and then verified as well to ensure there is no wrong entry into the records. The process has been carried out in the RoR which have been completed and are available through online process which can be viewed and downloaded as well," a revenue officer said.

              The rest of 2.78 lakh RoRs are in edit module and the work of verification and evaluation will be carried out sooner after which even they will be available for the people to view and download through online process.

              The work of online registration and the editing of RoR in Peth, Surgana, Deola and Trimbakeshwar talukas has almost been completed as the 98 per cent of the RoRs are now online, which means that any further editing in the RoR will only happen through online module, and the human intervention has been cut down.

              "If the RoR has to be edited, there is a set procedure that has to be followed and the same has to be validated by several offices and officers which will ensure no wrong, or purposeful entry can be done by any person with malafied interests thus protecting the rights of the person who own the land or who buys the same from the owner," the officer added.

              Peth has achieved 99.96 per cent completion, Surgana - 99.75, Deola - 97.91, Trimbakeshwar - 97.14, Kalwan - 97.01, Dindori - 92.99, Baglan - 93.32, Chandwad - 90.31, Sinnar 87.37, Yeola - 86.37, Niphad - 85.57, Nandgaon - 77.73, Igatpuri - 72.67, Malegaon - 71.23 and Nashik 39.61.


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                Realtors discuss development rules with Nashik civic chief

                Their suggestions and objections will be submitted to the government by the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC)Sumita Sarkar | TNN | March 28, 2017, 14:00 IST

                NASHIK: Representatives of Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India (CREDAI) and architects’ association met municipal commissioner Abhishek Krishna and joint director of town planning Pratibha Bhadane on Monday to discuss their grievances against some of the rules in the recently released development plan (DP) and development control rules (DCR).

                Their suggestions and objections will be submitted to the government by the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC). On April 30, 2015, the state government came up with a notification on uniform TDR (transfer of development rights) policy, but as per the new rules of the civic body, TDR holders will face losses in some places.

                Bhadane said the TDR will be awarded as per the terms and conditions in the contract. But Krishna made it clear that TDR will not be awarded where DP roads merge with internal roads, if TDR is loaded on the plot then the remaining TDR will not be awarded.

                Various aspects of the no objection certificates (NOC) from the fire department like Maharashtra Fire Act, National Building Code, new and old development rules were also discussed. “It is not necessary to take an NOC from the fire department for residential buildings up to 24 meter height,” said Krishna.

                Fire safety measures need to be installed for buildings that are between 15 and 24 meter. However, NOC will have to be taken for structures above 24 metre height and special buildings.

                Cupboard space issue was also discussed in the meeting. Additional floor space index (FSI) has been approved for all roads in the new development rules and five per cent additional balcony space has also been approved. Based on this rule, developers asked for respite from cupboard space violations.

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                  Gold, real estate markets ready with attractive offers for Gudi Padwa

                  Tushar Pawar| TNN | Mar 28, 2017, 06.15 AM IST

                  NASHIK: Gold and real estate markets are prepared to offer the best of deals this Gudi Padwa, to be celebrated on Tuesday.

                  Traditionally, on the auspicious occasion of Gudi Padwa, people buy new things like gold and apartments to start the new year with new promises. Cashing in on this, the gold and realty market gear up every year to attract more buyers.

                  The realty sector is passing through a phase of transition, but is eyeing a good numer of bookings of flats on the occasion. Meanwhile, the gold market, which had been affected due to the government's demonetisation move, is also expected to shine on the day.

                  Umesh Wankhede, secretary of Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India (Credai), Nashik, told TOI, "Currently, the realty sector is passing through a phase of transition. The new draft development plan (DP) and the development control promotions and regulations (DCRP) have been introduced. The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act (RERA) will also come into effect from April 1. Due to this, the realty sector will get a status of industry and it will also bring transparency in the sector. Moreover, the union government has also introduced various schemes to boost affordable housing. So, we think that the next financial year is expected to be good for both the consumers and the builders."

                  There are no new projects coming up in the city, but the demand is increasing nonetheless. Wankhede said, "Gudi Padwa is the most auspicious occasion for consumers to either book flats or enter their new homes. There are no new projects coming up right now, but there is enough supply to match the demand. The demand is mainly for small flats like 1BHK and 2BHK. So, we are expecting a good number of bookings of flats from the people on the occasion of Gudi Padwa."

                  Apart from the realty sector, the gold market has also rolled up its sleeves to cash in on the festive season. Most citizens on the occasion, prefer to invest in gold or silver on the day.

                  Pradeep Kulthe, president of Nashik Jewellers Association said, "This is one of the few auspicious occasions for buying gold. There is a positive mood in the market and we are expecting good business on Tuesday. Currently, there is also the wedding season that has been going on, so we hopeful to have a good business."

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                    ‘NMC can’t hack trees on land not acquired’

                    Sumita Sarkar| TNN | Updated: Apr 2, 2017, 12.19 PM IST

                    NASHIK: Tree lovers are ready to knock on the doors of the court again as they questioned the civic body why the treeson the farthest side of the road along the Bhonsala Military College compound were hacked for road widening.

                    The issue was raised on the third consecutive day of the tiff between the activists and the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) where the latter has been blamed for cutting trees on the land not acquired by it.

                    Activists have accused the NMC of contempt of court as the 232 trees transplanted a few months back have already died.

                    The civic body had proposed to widen the Gangapur road from Jehan Circle, from the existing 12 meter to 30 meter, at a stretch of five kilometer during the last Kumbh in 2002-03. The matter of land acquisition delayed the project though.

                    In 2014, the deadline to complete the road was before Kumbh Mela 2015. The land is yet to be acquired near Bhonsala Military School. "They have not been able to acquire the land for 14 years. Let them acquire the land first and then cut the trees. If the land acquisition would take some more years, these trees could have been there till then. They are not in the middle of the road and do not cause any accidents," said Yogesh Shastri, an activist. According to the NMC, these trees were marked to be cut by the expert committee appointed by the high court.

                    The activists who reached the spot to stop the tree felling were told that the land was already acquired but when they went to the civic body and enquired, the scenario was different.

                    Petitioner Ashwini Bhat said that as per the court's orders none of the indigenous trees are to be cut. "Neem is indigenous. Land is to be acquired for road widening and trees are getting cut. These trees were touching the compound of the college. The contractor did not have the permission letter which is wrong. I will file a contempt of court as none of the transplanted trees have survived," she said.

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                      Nashik Municipal Corporation continues to hack trees on 5th consecutive day

                      Tushar Pawar| TNN | Apr 3, 2017, 12.34 PM IST

                      NASHIK: The civic body has continued hacking trees on the fifth consecutive day on Sunday. The Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) is axing trees obstructing traffic flow in the city.

                      The civic body conducted its drive on Dindori road, Peth road and Gangapur road over the last four days. On Sunday, it axed trees near the City Centre Mall and near ABB circle and ITI signal on Trimbak road.

                      Environmentalists on Sunday met with Krishna at his official residence, urging him stop hacking the trees. Krishna told the environmentalists that the work was proceeding according to the norms.

                      City roads and ring roads were widened during the Kumbh Mela, but the NMC could not cut 1,100 trees because of protests by environmentalists. The Bombay high court had given permission to the civic body on certain conditions. After fulfilling these conditions, the NMC started hacking trees from Wednesday.

                      Municipal commissioner, Abhishek Krishna, said, "We have started hacking trees as per the HC's conditions. We have to axe 375 trees that are obstructing the road widening work. We have already started cutting trees in the last five days. So far, 80 trees across various city roads have been axed and the rest will also be pruned over the next few days."


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