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Nashik : New Destination

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Nashik : New Destination

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    Survey of Gangapur Rd encroachments today

    Sumita Sarkar| TNN | Apr 5, 2017, 11.49 PM IST

    Nashik: The civic body will conduct a joint survey of encroachments on the Gangapur Road by big restaurants and commercial complexes on Thursday. The road is to be widened and the NMC has facing flak for sparing encroachments and cutting trees without acquiring the land.

    The survey will be conducted by the civic chief, officials from the town planning department and the Shiv Sena group leader in the civic body, Vilas Shinde.

    "It was not necessary to cut the trees. But trees have been cut and encroachments by big commercial establishments and restaurants have been spared. The trees in the middle of the road have been spared and those on the sides have been cut and, that too, without acquiring the land," said Ankush Magji, entrepreneur and social activist. He said that the trees on the middle of the road that cannot be used as divider should have been cut first and transplanted.

    "But, this is not the season for transplant. The authorities could have waited for a couple of months and then transplanted the trees," said Ankush.

    Ashwini Bhat, one of the petitioners in the tree hacking case, said, "The court orders have not been followed properly. Indigenous trees are to be spared. The trees on the sides of the road could have been retained as divider for the service road, where only two-wheelers should be permitted."

    When contacted, Shinde said, "The trees have to be cut for road widening and we have the orders of the court to cut the trees. The land acquisition is under way."

    When asked about encroachment by big establishments and restaurants, Shinde said, "They will also have to be removed."

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      Principal secretary, civic chief discuss Pan City projects

      Sumita Sarkar| TNN | Updated: Apr 7, 2017, 11.14 AM IST

      NASHIK: Principal secretary and state employment commissioner Vijay Kumar Gautam met municipal commissioner Abhishek Krishna on Thursday and discussed about the use of optical fibreand information technology(IT) development among other issues under the Pan Citycriteria of the Smart Cityproject.

      "It (optical fibre) will eliminate the need to dig roads again and again for various works. He (Gautam) also discussed about IT development in Nashik. The Nashik Municipal Corporation(NMC) and state government would jointly prepare a project for IT development and then finalise an agency," said Krishna.

      He added that the principal secretary was pleased with the citizen facility centre (CFC), solid waste management and global positioning system and online complaints.

      The CFCs that became functional from Wednesday after the formal inauguration by mayor Ranjana Bhansi received a total of 308 applications till Thursday evening. These include applications for property tax collection (143), birth certificate (9), water tax collection (123), plinth completion (4), zone certificate (1), water connection (4), building completion (8), property transfer (3), death certificate (1), dog license renewal (4) and dog registration (8).

      Meanwhile, the NMC has also floated tenders for hi-tech parking facility. "We will be outsourcing this job. The facility will be app-based and has to be developed by a software company. Integrated parking will also be included in this. Electronically whatever is feasible will be developed," said the municipal commissioner.

      Krishna will be leaving for Mussourie on April 7 for a month-long training of IAS officers. During his absence district collector B Radhakrishnan will officiate as the municipal commissioner.

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        Day 2: Farmers block highway work

        Abhilash Botekar| TNN | Updated: Apr 9, 2017, 11.27 AM IST

        NASHIK: Farmers from Shivde, who are opposing joint land measurement for Samruddhi highway, continued to stall the process for the second consecutive day on Saturday, demanding a dialogue with the district collector.

        Farmers in Nashik district have refused to give their land for the state government's ambitious Nagpur-Mumbai Super Communication Super Highway.

        "The farmers, who had turned violent on Friday, heard the administration peacefully throughout Saturday and then held a meeting among themselves. They then presented a memorandum to the officers, setting a few conditions and calling for a meeting with district collector Radhakrishnan B before the joint measurement is done," said deputy collector Vitthal Sonawane, who is also administrator, new townships, Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation.

        In the memorandum, the farmers have demanded Rs 2.50 crore per acre and payment of entire amount before the government starts land acquisition. "We do not want the price set by the government as it has been fixed arbitrarily. We want the price for the land as we demand. The prices of the land across the stretch of the highways cannot be uniform," the farmers said.

        The farmers have also stressed on the settling of all the farm loans and that the same should not affect the compensation given to the farmers. "If a farmer has taken loan on the land, it has to be cleared by the government and the compensation for the land acquisition should be paid in full to the farmer irrespective of the amount of loan," the farmers demand.

        The farmers have stressed for a dialogue with the collector before the beginning of the joint measurement. "We are unable to carry out the joint measurement of other areas. We will have to settle the issues first. Soon, a meeting of the farmers and the collector will be conducted to decide on the issue," the officer said.

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        • Re : Nashik : New Destination

          Any Nashik buyers/flat owners can comment on Nashik builders tendency not to form co-Housing society. Almost all builder now make Apartment condo. Why such trend is there in Nashik ?? Its more beneficial to builder in future.
          Any new buyers got positive reply from builder to form CHS in Nashik recently?


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            Waste segregation still a challenge

            Sumita Sarkar| TNN | Updated: Apr 11, 2017, 08.40 AM IST

            NASHIK: Civic body's plan for waste segregation at the source has not been able to generate desired results, so far.

            Earlier this month, chief minister Devendra Fadnavis tweeted that all civic bodies have to follow waste segregation from May 1 onwards. However, the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) began this practice in December last year.

            The corporation told the contractors to sensitise people and spread awareness through loudspeakers on garbage collection vans. It also announced stringent action against those failing to segregate waste. However, things are still the same and to address the issue a meeting was held at the NMC headquarters on Monday evening.

            Till date, the vans have not been able to maintain regularity, punctuality and waste segregation. In most of the places, the vans do the rounds in the afternoon making it difficult for working couples and senior citizens to hand over garbage to van attendants. Citizens also complain inaccessibility to the mobile application that was supposed to keep them posted about the status of the van in their area.

            Ashwini Brahmankar, a resident of Abhiyanta Nagar, said, "There is no fixed timing for garbage vans in our area. If the NMC is monitoring the vans through GPS and fining them then why are the vans still irregular? For working couples it becomes very difficult to hand over the garbage. The van comes anywhere between 12.30 pm and 2-2.30 pm. On Sundays it comes at 12.30 pm. The application that was to help track the van is not functional. Also, there is no compartment for waste segregation in the vans."

            Sharada Tambe, a domestic help at Gangapur Road, said her owners leave for work in the morning, but the vans came only in the afternoon and that too on alternate days.

            Pramod Pagare, a senior citizen, said, "If the vans come in the afternoon and no one is at home it is difficult for senior citizens to carry the garbage. We segregate the waste in our house, but they are mixed in the vans. We cannot see any compartment but just a partition for namesake."

            Health officer Vijay Dekate said, "We have asked every sanitary inspector and employee to create awareness in their respective prabhags. From May 1 onwards we will start fining the citizens. Rs 1,000 will be slapped for failing to hand over segregated waste to the garbage van attendants."

            About the irregularities and inconsistent timing, he said the vans were given routes for every prabhag which they have to follow.

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            • Re : Nashik : New Destination

              2,475 acres available for new industries in district

              Tushar Pawar| TNN | Apr 12, 2017, 06.53 AM IST

              NASHIK: Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) acquired 1,075 acres for industry at four locations in the district, a move likely to boost industrialisation in Nashik.

              The MIDC is also in the process of acquiring a total of 1,330 acres, of which 140 will be at Dindori and 1,290 at Sinnar. A total of 2,475 acres will be available for industries in Nashik district.

              Unavailability of land had affected Nashik's industrial growth for the last 12 years. Apart from the MIDC's land acquisition, around 1,400 acres are available at Special Economic Zone (SEZ) at Sinnar, of which allotment for 382 acres has started.

              The rest was acquired at four locations — 457.5 acres at Talegaon-Akrale in Dindori, 272.5 acres at Yeola, 217.5 acres at Sayane in Malegaon tehsil and 124 acres adjacent to Vinchur Wine Park. The development comes at a time when Nashik industries are taking efforts to attract large industries to Nashik with government support through the 'Make in Nashik' event in Mumbai on May 30 and 31.

              A senior MIDC official told TOI, "The MIDC has proposed a total of 930 acres for the proposed industrial estate at Talegaon-Akrale, 18km from the city. Of this, 457.5 acres have been acquired so far. We are in the process of acquiring 140 acres more within two months. Farmers have already given their consent. We will have a total of 600 acres for the new industrial estate at Talegaon-Akrale following acquisition of 140 acres there."

              The official said that apart from this, 272.5 acres in Yeola and 217.5 acres have also been acquired in Malegaon tehsil. "We are also in the process of acquiring 1,290 acres in Sinnar," he said.

              The Satpur and Ambad industrial estates of MIDC have already been occupied and there is no land available for the new industries and the existing ones to expand. The district's industrial growth was affected in the past decade because of land unavailability.


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              • Re : Nashik : New Destination

                Signature drive against civic move to axe trees from today

                TNN | Updated: Apr 17, 2017, 07.52 AM IST

                City-based environmental activists will launch a week-long signature campaign at 9.30am on Monday against the civic body's move to cut full-grown trees.

                The first phase of the campaign will be held in front of the NMC ofice. The campaign aims to garner more support from Nashikites to save trees.

                Over the last two weeks, the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) has been cutting trees obstructing road widening across the city. After filing several Public Interest Litigations (PILs) in courts, social organisations, activists and environmentalists have now taken the issue to the common man.

                "The trees on the busy Gangapur Road were chopped off after the Bombay high court's directions that ordered the NMC to replant the trees elsewhere. But, the civic body only cleared the road and failed to replant the trees," environment activist Milind Wagh said.

                According to the activists, they are not against axing the trees in the middle of the roads and responsible for the accidents. They alleged that the NMC has chopped off many trees that were not an obstacle to the traffic movement.

                As many as 17 organisations and over 100 activists in the city have joined hands to raise awareness through the signature campaign. They have appealed to residents to stand against NMC's move and support the signature drive. According to the organisers, they are aiming to collect over 10 lakh signatures and use the support to create environment awareness.

                The civic body held its tree cutting drive in the last week of March till the first week of April. Trees on Dindori road, Peth road, and Gangapur road, near the City Centre Mall and near ABB circle and ITI signal on Trimbak Road were chopped off.


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                • vaibav123
                  vaibav123 commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Well all over the nation tree cutting is touted as development.
                  When citizens brave the heat of summer,they will realise.
                  But decision makers stay in a/c and do not bother.For them road has been widened and that is it.

              • Re : Nashik : New Destination

                Farmers across state join hands against Samruddhi highway

                Abhilash Botekar| TNN | Updated: Apr 17, 2017, 06.52 AM IST

                NASHIK: Jameen Bachav Shetkari Sangharsh Samiti, an apolitical organisationrepresenting farmers from across the state opposing land pooling and acquisition for Samruddhi highway and other works will hold a convention on April 26 at Shahapur in Thane district, said Vishwanath Patil, convenor of the outfit.

                Alleging that the government was using force in land acquisition and land pooling process, the samiti aims to take the fight from the street to the judiciary, but vows not to part with the land. Apart from the ambitious Mumbai-Nagpur Samruddhi highway, the farmers are also opposing land acquisition for high power transmission lines, underground gas pipelines in the state.

                "The government is using its force in the case of Samruddhi highway passing through ten districts of the state. There have been agitations in every taluka and district, but the farmers fighting it on their own are not able to put up a strong front. We have, therefore, decided to call the farmers together and stage a common fight," Patil said.

                Former additional collector Bhalchandra Thakre, who is also part of the agitation, said it was difficult to understand why the government was pushing through for its ambitious project in this manner when there were many other better and cheaper options possible.

                "If the government wants faster connectivity between two cities, it can do so using high speed trains and aeroplanes. Why is it taking the land of the farmers? It is their only source of bread and butter," Thakre said.

                Patil further pointed out that the agitation on the street has begun and this will call for full debate in both the houses of the legislature. "If the government still fails to call it off, then we will further fight it out in the Supreme Court," Patil said.

                The work of joint measurement has come to a screeching halt in Nashik district with the farmers from the Shedve village daring the government officials to enter in the area last week. The district administration took police help to allegedly suppress the revolt, which further fuelled the agitation.

                Swabhimani Shetkari Sanghatana leader Raju Shetti and Nationalist Congress Party leader Jitendra Avhad jumped into the agitation. Addressing a rally in Sinnar on Friday, Shetti said the agitation would be akin to the protest at Singur in West Bengal where the farmers shed their blood but did not give their land. The opposition parties - Congress and NCP sponsored Sangharsh Yatra during its second phase has started from Nashik division. The leaders of the yatra are all set to address the gathering of the farmers on the Tuesday.

                Political observers however smell the opposition hand in the entire struggle. "The farmers have the right to defend for their piece of land till the last breath. But more than the farmers - most of whom would want better compensation, it is the opposition parties who are willing to see the project being dropped or at the most delayed. Even the delay would mean the defeat of the government," the observers said.


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                • Re : Nashik : New Destination

                  Originally posted by harshal22 View Post
                  Any Nashik buyers/flat owners can comment on Nashik builders tendency not to form co-Housing society. Almost all builder now make Apartment condo. Why such trend is there in Nashik ?? Its more beneficial to builder in future.
                  Any new buyers got positive reply from builder to form CHS in Nashik recently?
                  looks like Since Mr. Gedam Transfer no one from nashik want to talk against Builder Lobby..


                  • Re : Nashik : New Destination

                    Jewellers, realtors expect good sales

                    Tushar Pawar| TNN | Apr 28, 2017, 06.40 AM IST

                    NASHIK: The jewellers and builders are expecting good business on Akshay Tritiya on Friday, one of the auspicious occasions to make purchases.

                    Akshay Tritiya is one of the three-and-a half auspicious muhurta apart from Dussehra, Dhanteras and Gudi Padwafor starting new ventures and taking new decisions. It is believed that any business started on this day continues to grow and brings success and prosperity. Hence, launching of business, buying property, gold and silver, and buying vehicles are initiated on this day.

                    Pramod Kulthe, president of the Nashik Jewellers Association, said, "Akshay Tritiya is an auspicious occasion when people buy gold. We are expecting good business on Friday. Also, gold prices have declined by Rs 600 per 10 gram in the past two days. Hence, it is an opportunity for consumers to buy gold on the auspicious occasion.... People buy gold coins, bars and ornaments on Akshay Tritiya."

                    Gold prices have declined by 2% in the past five six days from Rs 29,800 per 10 grams to Rs 29,200 per 10 grams.

                    The district has nearly 5,000 small and large jewellery showrooms, including 1,000 shops in the city. The Saraf Bazar area of the city has around 250 shops. The area witnesses traffic jams on every auspicious day.

                    "The traffic jams are due to encroachments. Our customers face inconvenience here. We want the police department to deploy personnel here at least on the auspicious days to regularise traffic," Kulthe said.

                    Builders are also eyeing good bookings of flats on the occasion.

                    Jayesh Thakkar, past president of the Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India, Nashik, said, "There is a festive mood in realty sector due to Akshay Tritiya. People mostly prefer Akshay Tritiya to book new flat and enter new homes. We are expecting booking of over 150 flats in the city on Friday."

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