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Nashik : New Destination

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Nashik : New Destination

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    Dindori-Niphad-Malegaon to emerge as investment potential zone in district

    Tushar Pawar| TNN | Apr 30, 2018, 13:03 IST

    NASHIK: Two new industrial estates are coming up at Dindori and Malegaon in the district, which will boost the industrial growth in the region.

    Both Satpur and Ambad industrial estates of MIDC, which are located in the limits of Nashik Municipal Corporation, are fully occupied and there is no land available for the industries to set up new plants or expand their existing units.

    MIDC is setting up new large industrial estate on total 352 hectares at Talegaon-Akrale village in Dindori tehsil. This new industrial estate is located 18 kms from Nashik city. Of which, it has already acquired 250 hectares in first phase and infrastructure works are about to be completed.

    “We will soon start allotment of around 22 plots at Talegaon-Akrale in May and another 30 plots in next couple of months. There is huge investment scope at this new industrial estate, at it may attract new projects," said an official from MIDC.

    “Apart from Dindori, new industrial estate is coming up on 345 hectares at Ajang village in Malegaon tehsil of the district. This new estate is also expected to fetch more industrial investment there,” official added.

    The state government had set up a Godavari Wine Park at Vinchur in Niphad tehsil, 60 kms from city, in 2001 to promote wine industry. Of the total 133 hectares, the wine park was developed on 83 hectares. But only five-six wineries became operational there. Following poor response from wineries, the industries had demanded that the state industries department to allow food processing units on remaining 50 hectares of land. Now, MIDC has earmarked this 50 acres for the food processing industries there.

    The food processing park has already attracted investment worth Rs 900 crore during Magnetic Maharashtra, held in February. Hence, there is huge scope for investment at Vinchur Park.

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      Road closure fears loom large over local residents

      Santosh Sonawane| TNN | Updated: May 7, 2018, 14:45 IST The army has constructed a gate at Shigve which leads to Barnes High school from dhondhi road.

      NASHIK: Residents of Deolali Camp and Bhagur, who often have to worry about sudden road closures, are now anxious about the possible shutting down of two of the busiest routes in the area - the stretch from Nanegaon from Bhagur and the link road between Dhondi Road and Barnes High School.

      Rumours have been swirling for the past few months about an imminent closure of the routes. Most have been triggered by the fact that the army has started construction work on a piece of land along the road connecting Nanegaon and Bhagur, near the flyover over the railway line.

      The constructions work have already upset several longtime residents of the area.

      Ramdas Kasar, a businessman at Bhagur, said the army had about six months ago decided to shut down the road that led towards Nanegaon from Bhagur. There's ongoing construction on an army plot near the railway track, close to Vijaynagar. "But in an attempt to secure this area, the army has decided to close the road that leads to Nanegaon," he said.

      Kasar added that for decades, and even before British rule in the country, residents of Nanegaon have been using the road in front of Mari Mata temple. He said the army's construction work could disrupt the flow of traffic - or even stop it - along the only road that links Nanegaon and Bhagur.

      Others said a disruption could throw the entire area into chaos. Daily commuters, residents said, numbers in the thousands.

      Residents also said that the road connecting Bhagur and Nanegaon was once relaid using money from the MP's fund allotted to member of Parliament Sameer Bhujbal. They said they found it impossible to believe the army was considering shutting down a road that was improved using public money. They added that closure or disruption would inconvenience over 2,000 people from the Cantonment areas and another 5,000 commuters from Nanegaon.

      But activists in the area said the shutting down of the road could impact commerce and livelihoods across a wider area.

      "We have only been given an oral assurance stating that a road will be constructed between Bhagur and Nanegaon," said Tanaji Bhor, a city-based social activist. "But so far, the authorities have given us nothing in writing. The closure of the road will have a wider, and more devastating impact on the economy here. Besides the residents of Nanegaon, Palse and other villages that are linked by the Nashik-Pune road, residents of Phadwal Mala, Mali Mala, Rokade Mala, Renukanagar, Lumbininagar will also suffer. We must bear in mind that thousands come to Deolali Camp and Bhagur for everyday activities such as bringing children to schools and selling agricultural produce," Bhor said.

      The activist added that the army's decision to provide a road that's about 5.5 metres in width will not be of much use.

      "Only one vehicle will be able to pass through this road. Also, this proposed road falls right in the middle of land that actually belongs to the Indian Railways. If the Railways decide to lay a third track along the line, this road will be the first to vanish," Bhor said.

      What has been of immediate damage though has been the uncertainty. Residents of Deolali Camp and Bhagur are now wary about all construction work being carried by the army in the area.

      Apart from the Nanegaon-Bhagur road, Deolali Camp civilians are also wondering why a fence and a gate have been erected by the army near Shigve, aling the road towards Barnes High School from Dhondi Road. Some said restrictions along such major routes could increase travel time and costs.

      Autorickshaw drivers, who claimed they frequently use this road, said if the route is shut by the army they will have no option but to take another road from Renuka Mandir to reach Barnes High School from Deolali Camp.

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        RTA nod must for new speed breakers

        Sumita Sarkar| TNN | Updated: May 13, 2018, 09:39 IST
        There are around 450 speed breakers in the city and Mundhe had been insisting that these are not scientifically built

        NASHIK: The city will not get any new speed breakers unless the road transport authoritygrants its approval and they are designed as per the Indian Road Congress (IRC) rules.

        Nashik municipal commissioner Tukaram Mundhe had called the first meeting of the Urban Mobility Cell on Friday to discuss issues like encouraging walking, cycling, improving public transport system. Officials of the traffic police and other related departments attended the meeting.

        "If the existing speed breakers are not as per IRC rules and Road Transport Authority (RTA) permission, they should be removed," Mundhe said while discussing about speed breakers in the city.

        There are around 450 speed breakers in the city and Mundhe had been insisting that these are not scientifically built. He added that the civic body has decided that no new speed breakers will be constructed in the city. As per the directions of the high court, speed breakers have to be approved by the RTA. It is the RTA that would decide whether these are needed or not and where these are needed.

        At present, the civic administration constructs speed breakers based on the recommendations of the city traffic police.

        Various other issues such as managing bus services by Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) , making specific roads one way, installing signals at various squares along with pedestrian signals, beautifying various squares of the city were also discussed in the meeting. Mundhe gave instructions to various departments after elaborate discussion on all the topics. He spoke about the traffic police taking severe action against people who park vehicles on the roadside illegally and on the footpaths, finalising the number of authorised auto rickshaw parking and auto rickshaws stands.

        He said that the traffic police and the RTO should jointly inspect the haphazard parking of autos and fix locations for auto parking. They should not allow illegal parking in Dwarka naka, establish no vehicle zones in the city as per the need, make one way for specific roads, implement meter system in auto autorickshaws and take severe action against parking on roads in front of lawns and marriage halls.

        Mundhe spelled out the NMC's policy of reducing the number of private vehicles on the city roads and shifting towards the use of public transport. There are also plans to establish infrastructure to encourage walking and cycling.

        "We will soon be undertaking the work for barrier-free and pedestrian-friendly footpaths. NMC will soon take over the city bus service. Every signal in the city should have pedestrian signal for walkers to cross the road. The time of the signal should be fixed considering senior citizens, school children and women," Mundhe said. The various squares that should have signals, road crossing, authorised auto stand, zebra crossing by NMC, cat's eye on the road, sign boards were finalised in the meeting. Mundhe instructed NMC officials to cleaning footpaths at Dwarka naka, remove encroachments, clean the area and conduct an anti-encroachment drive in front of the market yard. He asked the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) to clean the underpass, repair it and make it usable for pedestrians, erect boards and provide street lights on Mumbai-Agra service road.

        Assistant police commissioner traffic department, deputy regional transport officer, NHAI project director, Nashik, executive engineer of Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd, Nashik, executive engineer state highways, Nashik First representatives were present for the meeting.

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          Nashik civic body expects better ranking in Swachh Survekshan

          Sumita Sarkar| TNN | May 14, 2018, 22:28 IST
          Illustration for representational purpose

          NASHIK: Nashik Municipal Corporation is expecting better ranking than last year in Swachh Survekshan started by the central government’s urban development department. The results of the survey are expected in couple of days.

          The cleanliness survey started in January 2018 and concluded in March. For the last three years the survey is being conducted. In the first year, 73 cities in the country competed for it, in the second year 434 cities competed while this year it is 4041 cities. Nashik stood 31st in the first year and 151st in the second year. The administration was heavily criticised for the ranking last year by elected representatives and citizens. This year, it took extra efforts to keep the city clean but the number of cities in the race is also huge.

          “We are doing very well with garbage collection and segregation, our municipal solid waste management plant is being managed as a pilot project and we are the only city to be making fuel out of plastic. We have curbed river pollution to a large extent. The results are expected in couple of days and we hope to stand better in the ranking this year though the competition is tough,” said an NMC official.

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            Nashik: Divisional commissioner tells revenue employees to update online information

            Abhilash Botekar| TNN | May 18, 2018, 17:37 IST

            NASHIK: The divisional commissioner of Nashik Rajaram Mane has exhorted all the revenue employees to update all the online information as being sought by the government to bring in better transparency among the various departments.

            Mane was speaking at the review meeting on Digital India, Land Records and other online services that were launched by the government.

            “The revenue officers have to update the information related to their desk and their office at the earliest. They also have to complete the remaining task so that all the services and information go online as per the government’s decision. The works have to be executed at the earliest,” Mane said.

            He specifically pointed out that the information related to the electoral rolls, electors, correction in the data, etc have to be updated in the shortest possible time. The officers on election duty have to understand their roles and responsibilities to the fullest to ensure clean and error-free data was updated in the election machinery which would form the basis of free and fair elections.

            The review meeting was held at the district collectorate where collector Radhakrishnan B, deputy commissioner Raghunath Gawde, additional district collector Nilesh Sagar, deputy election officer Pradnya Badhe-Misal, Shashikant Mangrule and other officials from the election department as well were present at the meeting.

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              Huge relief for residents as Deolali road set to open

              Santosh Sonawane| TNN | May 22, 2018, 00:11 IST

              Nashik: The Mohinder Singh road in the Deolali camp area is likely to be opened to civilians soon as the defence ministry has decided to reopen all the closed roads in cantonments.

              The closure of the road by the local military authority in March 2016 brought great inconvenience to citizens as there are farms and burial grounds in the area.

              Ajay Kumar, chief executive officer of the Deolali Cantonment Board, confirmed that the defence ministry has issued instructions to open the roads for public use and the local military authority has also been communicated about the same.

              The CEO said the defence ministry was informed that the Mohinder Singh road was used by the public and hence it should be opened.

              Board vice-president Dinkar Adhav said, “The roads were closed by the army on security grounds. The Mohinder Sing road was also closed by the army a couple of years ago, although there is private land, farms and a couple of burial grounds. We, along with MPs Hemant Godse and Harishchandra Chavan,were following up with the defence ministry.”

              Adhav said the defence ministry had convened a meeting with the members of Parliament and elected vice-presidents of all the 62 cantonment boards in the country on May 4. “After discussing the issue, the defence ministry decided to give a serious thought and come out with a solution.”

              The residents of the area said that they expect the road to open soon as it was causing inconvenience to people.

              The residents said that the army was also preparing to close a road at Vijay Nagar in the Bhagur area and the road from Shigve to Barnes School. The residents said that they hoped that these roads were also not closed in the near future as the army was found making all preparations for the same.


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                Around 20 sqkm area cleared of encroachments

                Sumita Sarkar| TNN | May 22, 2018, 23:48 IST
                Nashik: After conducting a series of anti-encroachment drives targetting unauthorised hotels, restaurants, residential and commercial establishments, the civic administration has been able to clear encroachments in around 20-sqkm area across the city in the last one and a half years.

                However, civic body officials said there is atleast 15-2 sqkm of area that still needs to be cleared of encroachments.

                Officials are keeping a close vigil on the areas that have been cleared of encroachments so that the unauthorised structures do not mushroom again.

                An NMC official from the town planning department said, “We must have cleared at least 15-20 sqkm of area by demolishing unauthorised constructions, religious structures and by evicting hawkers. We still have to physically measure the area that has been cleared of encroachments.”

                He added apart from the encroachments on the roadside and public places, the department had also removed encroachments by the river as per the orders of the high court with respect to a public interest litigation on Godavari river pollution.

                “New Nashik (CIDCO) has maximum encroachments. Almost every property owner has some unauthorised construction there,” said the officer.

                Another officer said even even after removing hawkers, the hawkers keep coming back to the spot which makes it necessary to keep a close tab on such spots.

                “We had to carry out a number of anti-encroachment drives in Nehru Garden to evict hawkers from there. We have cleared the DP road of hawkers and kiosk owners. The garden is being renovated under the Smart City project. We have to keep revisiting some places to ensure the hawkers don’t come back,” said an officer from the encroachment department.

                He added the present drive against wedding halls will make a significant difference in the city.

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                  Residents gherao NMC officials, demand halt to demolition drive

                  NASHIK: Residents of Raigad Chowk at Cidco on Tuesday gheraoed the divisional officer and her team while they were marking encroachments in the area for demolition. The residents also submitted a memorandum to divisional officer Sunita Kumawat, saying that they would remove the encroachments but the marking should begin from scheme I and not randomly at any place.

                  “We told them that they should start from the beginning and not from in between. They are marking minor encroachments like small sheds but there are bigger encroachments as well. Why are they not focusing on those?” asked a resident of Raigad Chowk.

                  Civic chief Tukaram Mundhe had promised to do away with encroachments in Cidco during his walk with the commissioner event in Cidco on Saturday. On Monday and Tuesday the civic body marked total 500 unauthorised constructions. These structures will be demolished from June 1, said NMC sources.

                  During the event on Saturday, many residents had complained about the unauthorised structures in the area.

                  On Monday, 150 houses at Shivpuri Chowk were marked despite protests by the local residents. On Tuesday, they began marking the structures at Tanaji Chowk. However, the residents demanded that encroachments by the roadsides, main squares should be removed first and from the first house. They also demanded that no damage should be done to their properties. But the NMC continued with the marking and went to Raigad Chowk where they were gheraoed.

                  Saying that action should be taken against Cidco officials who had taken money for giving permission, the agitators demanded that the marking should be stopped immediately.

                  The officials asked the agitators not to create obstacle in government work and that they had received online complaints also on encroachments in CIDCO.

                  Meanwhile, minor encroachments were demolished in Satpur, Nashik Road, Panchavati and CIDCO.

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                    Extension to deadline demanded

                    Sumita Sarkar| TNN | May 23, 2018, 16:14 IST

                    Nashik: A special general body meeting is likely to held soon to discuss extending the deadline for getting unauthorised structures regularised by paying compounding charges and also for removing unauthorised wedding halls and lawns. The deadline for both is May 31.

                    Leader of the house Dinkar Patil has approached mayor Ranjana Bhansi for conducting a special general body meeting to extend the deadlines of these structures, a BJP leader said.

                    Meanwhile, the builders and developers have given a proposal to civic chief Tukaram Mundhe to extend the deadline for paying compounding structures in the lines of Bhiwandi that has given such an extension.

                    Recommended By ColombiaBased on a state government resolution dated October 7, 2017 that unauthorised constructions before December 2015 can be regularised by paying compounding charges and declaring the structure as compounding structure, the town planning department invited applications from developers/stake holders through a public notice on December 1, 2017.

                    They were given time till May 31 to apply for it. The earlier notification gave May 31, 2019 as the deadline but civic chief Tukaram Mundhe said it was a typographical error and that the deadline is May 31, 2018. It is on this ground that builders and developers are seeking the extension.

                    “We are requesting for an extension of six months as we were informed May 2019 earlier. Even Nizampur gave an extension,” said a builder.

                    The city has 166 unauthorised marriage halls and lawns. The administration had set May 31 as the deadline but started bulldozing these from Monday. The lawns by the river banks were demolished on Monday. Some lawn owners removed the encroachments on their own. On Tuesday there was no action on the lawns but these could be bulldozed any time. They have sought relief by asking extension of the deadline.

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                      Civic task force to sensitise people on ways to combat dengue

                      Sumita Sarkar| TNN | May 23, 2018, 16:16 IST
                      Nashik: The health department of Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) will be conducting house-to-house awareness drive to sensitise citizens about dengue and its prevention.

                      The task force is getting trained for this purpose. The health department has included 267 employees of malaria department, 153 Asha workers and 30 multi-purpose workers in the task force.

                      “We are trying a new plan to control dengue. The task force will educate and sensitise people by going to their houses. They will ask the residents to look for breeding places in their house even if they find a single mosquito in their house. They have to assume that the mosquito is dengue mosquito,” said an NMC official.

                      He said that there were five breeding places in houses — air cooler, temple at home, tortoise plate, water container behind the refrigerator and money plant.

                      “Water in these things should be changed in every two days. They should be emptied completely and then refilled. Nobody cleans the water container behind the fridge as it is at the back. These dengue mosquitoes are seen only in bungalows and plush flats as these are fresh water mosquitoes. If anyone sees larvae then these should be disposed of immediately. But these should not be disposed in the basin or bathroom or in the drains as they could multiply. These should be disposed in an open space,” said the official.

                      He said that awareness programmes will be created beforehand as immediately after the rainy season dengue cases increase and that these should be nipped in the bud.

                      “In addition, our team is regularly carrying out fogging and spraying. The task force will also have women as housewives feel reluctant to let males in the house when they are alone,” he added.

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