PUNE: After Pune, it could be destination Nashik for industry as Pune is fast running out of land. The vigorous land acuisition by the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) and private industry here is soon going to ensure this.

Sources said that the state government’s industrial infrastructure development arm is looking to create a land bank of between 10,000-20,000 hectares in the two cities, Pune and Nashik, with emphasis on the latter.

However, the attraction of destination Pune remains. MIDC is looking to acquire land for which notifications have been issued at Ranjangaon, Talegaon, Chakan, Karla and Khed.

The state government is believed to have received 1800 applications for the Chakan industrial area, 1100 for Ranjangaon and 600 for Talegaon. The land bank with the MIDC, Pune region, is close to being exhausted and it is facing problems in acquiring new land.

Industry experts think Nashik will prove to be the alternative to Pune. “Nashik, with it’s huge land availability, abudant water supply and connectivity with Mumbai offers ideal locations. It has got mild climate like Pune too,” sources said.
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  • Nashik civic body to crack the whip on property, water tax defaulters
    Tushar Pawar | TNN | Updated: Jun 23, 2019, 16:43 IST

    NASHIK: With an aim to boost the revenue of the municipal corporation to raise funds for developmental works, municipal commissioner Radhakrishna Gamesaid on Friday that the civic administration would come down heavily on those defaulting payment of property and water taxes.

    Game also made it clear that additional works worth Rs 350 crore suggested by the general body in its budget would be carried out only if Nashik Municipal Corporation’s (NMC) income increased through taxes from the town Planning, property and water tax departments.

    In February, the municpal commissioner had presented a budget worth Rs 1,894.50 crore for the current fiscal 2019-20. The corpus was increased by another Rs 89.50 crore to take the total budget to Rs 1,984 crore by NMC’s standing committee.

    Thereafter, the general body of the civic administration made provisions for additional works amounting to Rs 352.38 crore, taking the total budget to Rs 2,335.87 crore.

    “I had presented the budget on time in February considering possible income and the works suggested by the corporators. The income through GST is fixed. We don’t have any other source of income except revenue from the town planning, property and water taxes,” said Game.

    He further said, “There is a need to increase NMC’s revenue, which necessiates the need to take action against those defaulting payment of property and water tax. We will carry out the additional works worth Rs 350 crore only if we get more revenue through taxes.”

    He said that the civic body’s main focus would be on the defaulters and that he has issued directions to the concerned departments to prepare a list of those who are yet to clear their pending dues.

    According to Game, NMC would bring around 59,000 new properties under the property and water tax nets.

    Game said, “We have already given a boost to various developmental works as per provision in the budget of the civic administration, considering the code of conduct that may come into effect in the next two to three months due to the forthcoming state assembly elections.”

    “The tenders for some developmental works will be floated soon. Our major focus is on works related to drinking water, drainage and road works,” added Game.

  • NMC plans to create 650-metre barrier-free stretch on Trimbak Road
    Tushar Pawar | TNN | Updated: Jun 24, 2019, 11:17 IST

    The project is estimated to cost Rs 4.5 crore to the NMC

    NASHIK: The Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) is planning to develop a barrier free road for a stretch of 650 metres between Trimbak Naka Signal to Savarkar Swimming pool along Trimbak Road.

    The stretch is known for its huge traffic on the road and the proposed project will help residents to walk safely and ride cycle on the footpath.

    The project is estimated to cost Rs 4.5 crore to the NMC. "We have already given work order to Nashik-based private contractor, who have already started working on the project," said a NMC official.

    He further said that the project is being developed in line with a smart road and will be completed in three to four months' time. "In this case, we will not touch the existing roads and traffic will not get affected," he added.

    According to the plan, there will be a footpath and cycle track with width of 3.5 metre and 3 metre on both sides of the road. Moreover, a drainage line and cable ducts will also to be constructed below the footpath and cycle tracks, said the official.

    The Nashik Municipal Smart City Development Corporation Ltd (NMSCDCL) is already developing the pilot smart road stretch from Ashok Stambh to Trimbak Naka, with total stretch of 1.1 km. This project is about transforming chaotic road image to a smart road and will be completed in next couple of months.

    Proposed features of the project include uniform standard carriage from one junction to another, properly designed footpaths, bicycle lane, road intersection development, infrastructure utility ducts below footpaths, road marking, proper storm water drainage and landscaping to increase overall aesthetics of the road.

    The barrier free road is being constructed from the point where smart pilot road project ends at Trimbak Naka towards Savarkar swimming pool.


  • 'Stop action against illegal religious structures'

    Tushar Pawar | TNN | Updated: Jun 26, 2019, 12:38 IST

    NASHIK: Blaming the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) for conducting a wrong survey, the corporators have asked the civic body to stop its action against illegal religious structures until the state government takes a decision on General Body's resolution for regularising 15% construction of the structures on open spaces.

    The demand was made during on Tuesday's General Body Meeting (GBM). As per directive of the Bombay High Court, the NMC had conducted a survey and published a list of over 900 illegal religious structures in the city.

    However, the corporators said that the civic administration hurriedly conducted wrong survey and the properties on open spaces and not causing hurdles to the traffic have also been termed as illegal.

    "Religious structures that are on open spaces and not causing hurdles to the traffic should have been exempted from action. The civic administration is responsible for today's panic situation created among city residents," leader of the House Dinkar Patil said.

    As per state government norms, 15% of the structures on open space built for social purpose are regularised. On the same ground, the general body of NMC had decided to give relief to religious structures on such open spaces in 2017 after which the civic body has sent the resolution of the GBM for its approval.

    The resolution was immediately sent to the state government for its approval, and it is yet to get the nod. These religious structures will get relief from demolition if the government gives the green light.

  • 'Unseal civic properties given to social outfits'

    Tushar Pawar | TNN | Updated: Jun 26, 2019, 12:39 IST

    Representative image

    NASHIK: Elected representatives cutting across party lines lashed out at the civic administration at the general body meeting of the civic administration on Tuesday for sealing several of its properties which were given for a social cause, but were being used for commercial purposes.

    The corporators demanded Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) to unseal the properties on a priority basis. However, no decision was taken by the mayor till late evening.

    City-based educationist Ratan Luth had filed a PIL at the Bombay high court (HC) over the misuse of NMC's properties. During a hearing in April, the HC had directed the civic administration to submit a status report on the properties that were given to social institutes and NGOs at nominal rates during a hearing on May 3.

    However, NMC failed to submit the report. The HC had then pulled up the municipal corporation for not maintaining a records of its properties. It also directed municipal commissioner Radhakrishna Game to remain present during the next hearing on June 3.

    After being pulled up by the HC, NMC started taking action against the properties being misused and sealed 382 of the its 945 properties across six divisions.

    All political parties had urged the civic chief to soften its stand against the properties which were being run for a social cause. Thereafter, NMC decided to relieve those properties which were being used directly by the public and also renew agreements of those properties which were being used by social outfits and NGOs at lease rate of 2.5% of Ready Reckoner (RR) rate. Accordingly, NMC has lifted the seal on 112 properties. However, around 270 properties are still under lock and key.

    "There was no mention of sealing the properties in the HC order. The civic administration still went ahead with sealing properties were being used for social causes like study halls, libraries, yoga hall, laughter clubs etc," said senior corporator Gurumit Bagga.

    Leader of the opposition from Shiv Sena Ajay Boraste also flayed the civic administration for sealing the properties. Game informed the house about the policy of the state government with regard to properties owned by the civic body.

    "We have already sent a policy on NMC properties which is pending with the government. Moreover, the state government has proposed Unified Development Control and Promotion Regulations across the state excluding Mumbai Municipal Corporation as per which the civic body should lease out properties through auction and also as per Ready Reckoner (RR) rates or market value of the properties,"said Game.

    He further said, "The government has proposed lease rate of 8% RR rate of the properties and sought suggestions from the municipal commissioners. I have informed the state that lease rate of 8% of RR rate will not be possible and that it be reduced."

  • Smart city: 21 projects completed, 31 worth 2,247 crore in pipeline
    TNN | Updated: Jun 27, 2019, 11:03 IST

    The centre will share 50% of the funds while both state and the civic body will share 25% each

    NASHIK: Under the smart city project undertaken by the NashikMunicipal Smart City Development Corporation Ltd (NMSCDCL), 52 projects worth Rs 2,667.5 crore have been sanctioned. The smart city project is likely to change the facelift of the city.

    Around 21 projects worth Rs 467.03 crore have already been completed while 11 projects worth RS 561.61 crore are being executed, Prakash Thevil, CEO of NMSCDCL said.
    He also said that around 15 projects worth Rs 1,327.52 crore are still in tender process while 5 projects worth Rs 311.34 crore are in the stage of preparing detailed project report (DPR).

    Under the smart city project, tasks worth Rs 1,000 crore are to be implemented through smart city funds. The centre will share 50% of the funds while both state and the civic body will share 25% each.

    The projects with additional costs of around Rs 1,667.5 crore are to be developed under public private partnership (PPP) and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

    The projects that have been completed so far include renovation of Kalidas kala mandir, Mahatma Phule kaladalan, Nehru garden, Sarkar wada, public bike sharing, traffic education park, Nehru bio-diversity park, fountain at Holkar bridge, history museum, etc.

    The projects that are in the execution stage include smart city road at a cost of Rs 17 crore, smart city operation and CCTV projects at a total cost of Rs 159.15 crore. Both the projects are being developed under smart city funds.

    Besides, solar rooftop is being set up at 16 buildings of the civic body at a cost of Rs 4.74 crore and smart parking at a cost of Rs 79.54 crore through PPP model. Of 33 parkings, 15 on-street and off-street parking are being opened in the city from July 1.

    The projects, which are in tender process, includes Riverfront development project at a cost of Rs 73.7 crore, integrated water and road network development project in ABD area at a cost of Rs 318 crore, and renovation of Pandit Paluskar Auditorium project at a cost of Rs 2.30 crore through smart city funds.

    Other projects which are in tender process through PPP model are smart light project at a cost of Rs 171 crore and multi-level car parking at a cost of Rs 16.26 crore. Around 92,000 LED lights are to be replaced with old ones in the city under the smart light project.

    • harshal221 years ago
      Most of these projects were already completed or done by Maharashtra Navnirman sena when they were elected on NMC. False information is given to media but all nashik people knows what is the truth..
  • Nashik: General Body nod to appoint retired government officials in property department
    The city mayor Ranjana Bhansi gave her nod to the proposal during recent meeting of General Body.Tushar Pawar | TNN | June 28, 2019, 19:00 IST

    NASHIK: The General Body of Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) has given its approval to the proposal of civic administration to appoint retired government officials on honourarium basis to monitor its property and land acquisition department.

    The city mayor Ranjana Bhansi gave her nod to the proposal during recent meeting of General Body.

    Accordingly, the retired officials with the ranking of deputy collector, tehsildar, surveyors, senior clerks and talathis are to be appointed by the civic body in order to deal with the manpower crisis.

    There are a total of 7,000 approved posts in the municipal corporation of which over 2,000 posts are vacant owing to retirement of employees in the past. In addition to this, around 100-150 employees are getting retired ever year.

    As the administrative cost of the NMC was above 35%, the civic body could not conduct recruitment for the vacant posts. Hence, it has adopted a method of outsourcing of staff for its various departments.

    The land acquisition cases for reservations for various civic facilities and amenities are carried out by the property department of the municipal corporation. There are a total 288 proposals of land acquisitions under process. Hence, there is need to pursue the issue continuously.

    Moreover, the NMC has over 1,000 properties of its own, including properties for public use like administrative buildings, schools, hospitals, auditoriums, planetarium, Phalke monument, swimming pools and town halls. The management of these properties is needed on daily basis and requires adequate manpower.

    “We already have inadequate manpower in our various departments. There is no adequate staff for the property department of NMC. There are already two petitions related to properties of NMC have been filed with the Bombay High Court,” an NMC official said.

    The high court had pulled up the municipal corporation after it had failed to produce status reports on its own properties. The court had also directed the municipal commissioner to remain present during the next hearing of the court on the petition

    Now, GB has given its approval to outsource retirement government officials with the ranks from senior clerk, talathi to deputy collector on honorarium basis after we get the nod from the general body,” the official said.


  • Nashik: NMC panel gives nod for survey of city slums
    Tushar Pawar | TNN | Updated: Jun 30, 2019, 20:20 IST

    NASHIK: The general body of Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) has given its nod to the proposal of civic administration to conduct assessment survey of all slums across the city to rehabilitate slum dwellers under the Prime Minister’s ambitious plans for housing for all by 2022.

    After the GB’s nod, a private agency is soon to be deployed by the civic administration to conduct the survey of all slums in the city.

    There are 167 slums in the city. Of which, eight slums have already been developed under the scheme and benefits provided to the slum dwellers under Basic Services to Urban Poor (BSUP) scheme of the government.

    As per the survey conducted in 2017-18, there are still 159 slums across the city and population of these slums altogether is 1.94 lakh with 55,520 families.

    The state government approved the Development Control and Promotion Regulation (DCPR) of Nashik city in 2017. In the DCPR, the norms no 40 related to slum rehabilitation had been stayed due to lack of assessment survey.

    There is need to conduct assessment survey of the city to approve the norms about the slum rehabilitation in the DCRP, which is essential for the slum rehabilitation in the city.

    Hence, NMC is planning to conduct assessment survey of all existing slums in the city through private firm. The expression of interest is soon to be invited by the municipal corporation in this connection. The cost for the survey is estimated at Rs 1.50 crore, said the NMC sources.

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set a mission of housing for all by 2022. All the 55,520 families of slum dwellers in the city will get houses under Prime Minister housing scheme. Hence, NMC is taking efforts to get approve the norms in the DCPR to enable the civic body to undertake slum development of the slum dwellers in the city.


  • NMC’s tree plantation drive begins

    Tushar Pawar | TNN | Updated: Jul 1, 2019, 16:48 IST

    NASHIK: The city mayor Ranjana Bhansi inaugurated the tree plantation drive of the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) on Monday at the Nasardi river.

    This is a part of the state-level tree plantation initiative undertaken across Maharashtra by the state government with a total tree plantation target of 33 crore trees.

    The different state government agencies and civic bodies have been given certain targets for the three month period from July 1 to September 30.

    The NMC has been given a target of planting 50,000 saplings in the city at a total cost of Rs5.5 crore.

    The civic body has already made preparations and constructed pits for the plantation, which will take place between July 1 and Sept 30, said NMC officials.

    “We are planting 50,000 trees across various locations in the city through private contractors, who will maintain the trees for two years. Various species of trees, including banyan, neem, almond, karanj, bakul saptaparni and others are to be planted,” said an NMC official.

    The civic body will undertake bamboo plantation on the banks of the Godavari under the drive. Moreover, plantation will also take place at all nullahs in the limits of the municipal corporation.

    “With bamboo plantation, there will be soil retention even if there is lot of flow,” added the official.

    “The objective is to maintain environmental balance, generate revenue and gain carbon points. This would also help in saving money spent on retaining walls by the river to prevent soil erosion and disasters,” added the official.

    Last year, the NMC had planted around 12,000 trees across the city as a part of the government drive to plant 13 crore trees in the state. This year, the NMC is set to plant 50,000 trees.

    According to the tree census, there are around 50 lakh trees across the city. Considering the population of the city is 29 lakh, the proportion of trees to humans is 2.5 trees for every citizen.

  • Malls, NMC up in arms over free parking diktat
    Tushar Pawar | TNN | Updated: Jul 4, 2019, 4:11 IST

    Nashik: A section of mall owners are up in arms against the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) over the latter’s decision to start free parking at mallsfollowing a resolution of the civic general body.

    The civic body had sent written directives to the malls directing them not to charge parking fee from visitors. However, some of the mall owners have replied to the NMC saying that the instructions are illegal. They even questioned the civic body as to why the malls were not taken into confidence before taking the final decision on the issue.

    A civic official said mall owners ignoring the instructions would be liable for legal action. The general body of the NMC had recently given its nod to a proposal for making parking spaces at shopping malls and hypermarkets across the city free of charge. Mayor Ranjana Bhansi had given the ruling after a proposal regarding the same was submitted by two-elected representatives.

    After the ruling, the municipal commissioner had directed officials from town planning department to serve notices to the malls and hypermarkets across the city, asking them to provide parking spaces to their consumers and visitors free of charge.

    Accordingly, the NMC officials served notices to four shopping malls, including two hypermarkets, asking them to do the needful.

    The civic body in a notice to the malls stated that NMC had given rebates to them in parking spaces as per the Development Control and Promotion Regulations (DCPR) while giving Building Completion Certificate (BCC).

    Now, a section of mall owners have replied to NMC saying that they do not agree with its notice. “Moreover, we were not taken into confidence or given a chance to submit our say. Hence, the notice issued by the NMC is illegal,” one of the mall owners said.

    When contacted, an NMC official said, “A section of mall owners have replied to our notices and they do not agree to providing parking spaces free of charge. We are seeking legal opinion in this regard.”

  • MIDC likely to take away plots given to 21 businessman
    Tushar Pawar | TNN | Updated: Jul 5, 2019, 10:10 IST

    The MIDC had developed the textile park in the first phase at Sayane in Malegaon taluka of the district and al...Read More

    NASHIK: Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) has served notices to 21 industrialists for not developing plots in Sayane textile park in Malegaon taluka and getting building completion certificate (BCC) within the given deadline.

    This is the first step that the industrial development corporation is taking before taking back the plots that it had given to the industries for development.

    MIDC had developed the textile park in the first phase at Sayane in Malegaon taluka of the district. It had allotted as many as 65 plots to the industries at Sayane around eight years ago.

    As per norms, it is mandatory for the plot-holders to develop plots and take BCCs from the MIDC within five years.

    "However, even after eight years from the allotment of plots, the 21 industrialists have neither developed the plots, nor taken BCCs from the MIDC," said Hemangi Patil, regional officer of MIDC, Nashik region at the Zilla Udyog Mitra (ZUM) meeting.

    Patil further said that notices have been slapped on 21 industries at Sayane and that the plots would be taken back from them and transferred to other industrial units. She made this announcement after an industrialist from Malegaon, Khurshi Ahmed, raised the issue during a ZUM meeting.

    Khurshid urged district collector Suraj Mandhare not to take action against the industrial units and give an extension of two more years to make constructions and get BCCs from the industrial corporation. Patil said that action had been taken as per norms of MIDC.

    She also said that earlier, it was mandatory to make at least 20% constructions as per the permissible floor space index to get BCC. "But MIDC has now increased the construction limit to 40% for getting BCC," said Patil.

    MIDC has already issued a circular in this regard. "Action will be taken against those who have not made at least 40% constructions of the total permissible FSI and obtained BCCs from MIDC," said Patil.

    Industrialists sought to atleast exempt micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) from this decision. Patil said it was a policy decision taken at the state level.

  • NMC snaps 362 water connections of tax defaulters in a month
    Tushar Pawar | TNN | Updated: Jul 7, 2019, 22:13 IST

    Picture used for representational purpose only

    NASHIK: Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) has snapped water connections of 362 water tax defaulters in past one month

    During a tax review meeting around a month back, the municipal commissioner Radhakrishna Game had directed the water tax department to take action of snapping water connections of defaulters.

    Accordingly, NMC has decided to start action against the water tax defaulters.

    The water department had collected revenue of Rs 40 crore through water tax during last financial year 2018-19, against the target of Rs 45 crore.

    Moreover, NMC still has dues from the defaulters over Rs 30 crore.

    NMC had collected water tax amounting to Rs 29.50 crore during 2017-18 fiscal.

    The water tax department of NMC initially targeted big defaulters and served final notices to over 60,000 water tax defaulters, who had defaulted water tax dues totally worth Rs 14 crore. These notices were served by February end.

    But NMC started taking action from last month. So far, it has snapped total 2,362 water connections of tax defaulters.


  • Nashik civic body serves notices to 209 coaching classes over non-compliance of fire norms
    The department had kicked off a survey after the tragic incident at a tutorial at Surat in which 18 students had lost their lives around two months back.Tushar Pawar | TNN | July 08, 2019, 15:00 IST

    NASHIK: The fire brigade department of Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) has served notices to 209 coaching classes for not having any fire fighting equipment in the classes

    The department had kicked off a survey after the tragic incident at a tutorial at Surat in which 18 students had lost their lives around two months back.

    So far the NMC fire brigade staff has surveyed 250 tutorials across the city.

    Coaching classes have mushroomed in the city and many of them are operating from dingy small rooms packed with students.

    “We have started survey of tutorials to ascertain whether the coaching classes have fire-fighting system in place or not. Of total 250 tutorials surveyed so far, we have found 209 tutorials which had no fire fighting equipments in place,” said the sources from fire brigade of NMC.

    “We have slapped notices to these tutorials having no fire fighting equipments, giving ultimatum of 30 days to install the proper fire fighting equipments at their tutorials. If they do not comply, then the water and electricity connections would be cut off and legal action would be initiated against them,” said the sources.


  • 40-year-old abandoned building collapses, no fatality reported
    Tushar Pawar | TNN | Updated: Jul 9, 2019, 12:44 IST

    The fire brigade sent squads to raze the dilapidated structure with the help of officials from the Nashik muni...Read More

    NASHIK: An old abandoned three-storied building collapsed in the congested Panchavati area of the city early on Monday morning. There was no fatality as the residents of the building had moved out about a year ago.

    The fire brigade department sent squads to raze the building's dilapidated structure with the help of Nashik Municipal Corporation's public works department officials.

    "The three-storied building was around 40 years old. The residents of the building had shifted out about a year ago. No casualties were reported, but we immediately started an operation to remove the dilapidated structure," said the fire brigade officials.

    The collapse of the four-decade-old building in Madhuban Colony, near Makhmalabad Naka in the Panchavati area, was the fourth such incident in 24 hours. Earlier on Sunday, three wadas in the Old City area had collapsed following incessant rain that had lashed the city all day long. Including Monday's collapse, a total of eight old structures have collapsed in the city in the past 10 days.

    In most of the old wadas, owners and tenants are involved in disputes. That is why tenants are often unwilling to move out of the wadas, even when they are at risk. "We had evacuated residents of the old wadas that had collapsed. We are keeping an eye on all the dangerous wadas," said a senior NMC official.

  • Godavari river throws up 4 tonne waste on its banks
    Tushar Pawar | TNN | Updated: Jul 9, 2019, 15:55 IST

    NASHIK: The Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) has collected around 4 tonne of garbage from the banks of river Godavari after the water level in the waterbody receded on Monday.

    The civic body had deployed three tractors to collect the garbage from the river bank. And collection of waste in such huge amount is an indication that the river still polluted despite Bombay high court directing the local agencies to ensure that the river remains free of pollution.

    “Waste had gathered at Ramkund and nearby riverbank areas. We deployed few tractors and cleaned the areas,” an NMC official said.

    The water level in Godavari had gone up to touch the waist of Dutondya Marutiidol on Sunday following incessant rain. The idol, near the Ramkund area, is used as a yardstick to study flood situation in the city and warning is issued based on the water level at the statue since centuries.

    However, after the intensity of rain reduced, the water level was back to normal on Monday morning.

    “The river gets flooded only after water is released from Gangapur dam into the river during monsoon. But it happened for the first time that the river was flooded even without the release of water from the dam,” Devang Jani, social activist and environmentalist, said.

    “Initially the colour of river water was blackish and it had some foul smell which I experienced even from my house on the bank of the river. This happened due to leakage of drainage lines and storm water lines,” he added.

    The social activist said that the drainage lines and storm water lines are connected with each other and it is wrong. “Actually, the water of drainage and storm water should reach sewerage pumping station and should be released through lines to sewage treatment plants (STP). But, most of the lines have leakages that led to rise in water level of the river,” Jani said.

    “The NMC had spent Rs 472 crore on building drainage and storm water lines in the city under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNURMS).The works were completed by 2013-14, but there is no use of work done under the JNURMS and the money spent stands wasted,” said Jani.


  • Nashikites undertake tree plantation to create a small forest in Surgana
    TNN | Updated: Jul 10, 2019, 17:28 IST

    While trees plantation drives are being taken up at various places, the forestdepartment in Nashik has decided to make a small forest area at Surgana tehsil in Nashik.

    In this planned forest, the department has planted indigenous trees. Started by forest department, the area will be open to all citizens who want to plant saplings here. Students too will be involved in the process.

    Sujit Nevase from forest department came up with this idea of ‘My small forest’ under which ’10 hecatres of landwill be covered in greenery with different varieties of trees like peepal, bor, subabhul, nilgiri, bibba and more.