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Nashik : New Destination

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Nashik : New Destination

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    Malegaon’s water table drop worst

    TNN | Updated: May 13, 2019, 10:42 IST

    Representative image

    NASHIK: Malegaon taluka recorded the greatest drop in groundwater levels when compared with the five-year average, the Groundwater Survey and Development Agency report said.

    The taluka recorded drop in groundwater levels for the second consecutive year, officials from GSDA, which conducts observations of water levels in wells as part of the survey, said.

    There are 185 observation wells in the district, and a recent survey showed drop in the groundwater levels.

    The drop is also pretty steep, at 2.37 meters below its five-year average at Malegaon, which is quite alarming. What is more, the situation of Satana and Sinnar talukas is only slightly better.

    “Water levels dropped 2.17 meters below the respective five-year averages. This drop threatens to pull down the mean average itself,” an official at GSDA said.

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      Ex MNS MLA calls for public agitation for equitable water distribution

      TNN | Updated: May 15, 2019, 12:43 IST

      Representative image

      AURANGABAD: Former Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) MLA from NashikNitin Bhosale has appealed to the people of Marathwada and north Maharashtra to unite for getting equitable water distribution under Centre’s Interlinking River Programme.

      “Several parts of Marathwada and north Maharashtra reel under water scarcity for most time of the year. The government needs to undertake sustainable and reliable measures to end the water woes and therefore public pressure is necessary,” he said while addressing the reporters on Tuesday.

      Expressing reservations over the programme, Bhosale said that the state government must consider the interest of the state fist and must not succumb to any alleged pressure from the union government.

      “The proposed water diversion under the central programme has many pros and cons. The ruling party leaders must hold the interest of local people in mind while entering into any agreement under the interlinking of rivers,” he said.

      Bhosale said he undertook a tour in eight districts of Marathwada and five districts of north Maharashtra to make the masses aware of the solution to their water issues.

      “As per reports, basins of Nar-Par and Damanganga rivers have huge water availability and the same must be diverted towards parched areas of Marathwada and north Maharashtra. To achieve this, public pressure is necessary and it will be created during our tour,” he said.

      Being asked about opposition from his home-town Nashik to water release for Marathwada during the time of crisis and conspicuous silence by public leaders including those from MNS, Bhosale said inter-region disputes related to water would solve permanently once the water from basins of Nar-Par and Damanganga rivers is diverted as per the demand.

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        NMC begins clearing cupboard space cases

        Tushar Pawar | Updated: May 25, 2019, 4:40 IST

        The civic body is expecting revenue of close to Rs 150 crore through premium hardship for clearing the cupboar...Read More

        Nashik: The Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) has started cleaning cases of cupboard space where such norms were violated.

        Cases related to scope for regularisation are being cleared against hardship premium under the jurisdiction of the municipal commissioner.

        The NMC has just cleared seven cases of cupboard spaces, while 25 proposals are in the pipeline. The town planning department of municipal corporation has shortlisted these proposals that are to be submitted to the municipal commissioner for his approval.

        There are a total of 3,500 cases related to cupboard spaces where Building Completion Certificate (BCC) has not been issued. NMC is expecting revenue of close to Rs150 crore through premium hardship for clearing the cupboard space issue.

        As per norms, a cupboard with size up to 8x2 sqft is allowed. But most of the developers have violated the norms by extending the cupboard spaces to 12x2 sqft or even up to the room length.

        The civic administration had stopped giving Building Completion Certificates (BCCs) to such properties for violation of cupboard spaces and FSI. But smaller roads like 6 and 7.5 metres are to be converted to 9 metre and they will get benefits of premium FSI and TDR.

        In cases of properties on smaller roads, the cupboards issues are to be regularized by using additional premium FSI and TDR applicable on 9metre road that they will get after surrendering the required land after widening.

        Last year, the NMC had invited applications from builders who had violated cupboard spaces norms to get unauthorised structures regularised by paying compounding charges.

        The NMC, had received around 3,500 proposals from the developers, seeking regularising their projects those were pending for BCC due to violation of cupboard spaces norms.

        “But the issue is now with the Bombay High Court that has given stay for regularising the projects of cupboard spaces. Hence, municipal corporation has decided to clear these proposals that are applicable or genuine under the jurisdiction of the municipal commissioner,” an NMC official said.

        “This is a positive move taken by the municipal corporation. There are many building projects which are waiting for BCC from the municipal corporation. They have issues of cupboard spaces within their spaces and they have not violated any side margin,” Jayesh Thakkar, senior member of Nashik branch of National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO), said.

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          397 dilapidated structures in city get notice ahead of monsoon

          Tushar Pawar | Updated: May 28, 2019, 4:27 IST

          Nashik: Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) served notices to owners and occupants of 397 dilapidates structures across the city, asking them to vacate the premises or undertake repairs before the monsoon.

          In case anything untoward happens once rains set in, NMC has warned that owners and occupants of these premises would be held responsible. In the monsoon last year, two died and three were injured after a century-old wada in the heart of the city was damaged on August 10, 2018.

          NMC officials said it is dangerous to live in dilapidated structures that may not be able to withstand rain. Occupants, many with nowhere else to go, have refused to vacate such buildings.

          Most of the structures are in the old city area have wadas that have withered with time but continue to remain occupied. There are structures that appear unsafe in the east and west divisions of the city including in Kazigadi.

          Of total 397 dilapidates structures identified, 150 are in Panchavati division. There are 103 in Nashik West. Around 67 dilapidated structures are in Nashik Road, 39 in Nashik East, 23 in Cidco and 15 in Satpur division.

          “A building could collapse not only because it is old, but also if a fresh construction is of poor quality. We identified 397 dilapidated structures across the city, some of which are about 40 years old,” an official of the town planning department of NMC said.

          The officer said notices are slapped on owners and occupants, but they seldom respond. “We issue them notices every year before monsoon. In some cases, there are problems between tenants and owners of the wadas or houses, while the matter is in court in other cases,” the official explained, adding that it is hard to get residents to shift until disaster actually strikes.

          “We have makeshift locations like schools, in case of emergency. We could shift occupants to these safer locations. Repairs should happen in time, if the condition of structures is bad, they should shift,” the NMC official said.

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            Lottery for 950 MHADA flats to be drawn today

            Tushar Pawar | Updated: May 29, 2019, 4:33 IST

            Nashik: The Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) will draw the lottery for allocation of as many as 950 flats to beneficiaries across Nashik district on Wednesday.

            The programme will be held in presence of MHADA chief Uday Samant at Dadasaheb Gaikwad auditorium. “The lottery for the allocations of flats was scheduled to be held in the first week of April, but was deferred due to model code of conduct owing to the Lok Sabha elections. Now, that the code of conduct has been lifted, draw of lottery will now take place on Wednesday,” an official from MHADA said.

            The flats to be allotted through lottery are in difference sizes with carpet areas from 20.60 sqmt to 70.68 sqmt. Moreover, the prices of the flats are in the range from Rs8 lakh to Rs23 lakh.

            Around 948 flats, that are to be allocated to LIG and MIG people, are located at 10 various locations of the city. The MHADA project near Vasant Pawar Medical College on Adgaon-Mhasrul link road, houses a total of 189 flats. The carpet area of these flats is 28.11 sqmt each and the cost of the flat is Rs8.19 lakh.

            The project at Anjana Lawns in Pathardi area of the city house 184 apartments and the carpet area of each flat is 70.68sqmt and its cost is Rs23.26 lakh.

            Three projects with 112 apartments each are located on Adgaon-Mhasrul link road and near Makhmalabad in the city. The carpet areas of the flats are 44sqmt, 58sqmt and 63sqmt.

            The other housing projects of MHADA are located at Panchak, Murlidhar Nagar in Pathardi areas, Kalanagar in Mhasrul etc.

            Earlier, MHADA had announced its plan to allot all the flats before electionsand even announced the date for lottery for allocation of the apartments. But elections were declared before the lottery day that led to postponing of the lottery.

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              Rift remains among farmers over Greenfield project land

              Tushar Pawar | TNN | Updated: May 29, 2019, 12:24 IST

              A section of farmers opposed the idea of giving their lands as they were apprehensive about their livelihood w...Read More

              NASHIK: There has been a rift among farmers on giving land for the Greenfield development project to be developed on 754 acres of land in Makhamabad area of the city.
              A section of farmers opposed the idea of giving their lands as they were apprehensive about their livelihood while the others agreed to cooperate.

              A meeting was organised by the Nashik Municipal Smart City Development Corporation Ltd (NMSCDCL) on Tuesday at Mahakavi Kalidas Kala Mandir, during which the farmers voiced their opinion on the project. The NMSCDCL proposed the development of Greenfield project at Makhmalabad area of the city as a part of the Town Planning (TP) scheme.

              Municipal commissioner Radhakrishna Game, CEO of smart city Prakash Thevil, town planner of the smart city Kanchan Bodhle, senior official from Gujarat’s town planning department Shirlie Balani, and KPMG’s project director Amit Saksena answered the farmers queries during the meeting.

              This is the second meeting held between the NMSCDCL and farmers in the past six months. In the previous meeting, the farmers demanded an extended time limit for making a decision.

              Moreover, the NMSCDCL had taken a section of farmers to Ahmedabad in November last year to show them the TP Scheme project developed in the city.

              The Greenfield project is already delayed by a few months and the smart city corporation is expected to speed up the process.

              During the meeting, the NMSCDCL offered two models of land sharing to the farmers – 50:50 and 55:45. In the 50:50 case, the farmers will get 50% of the developed land while the roads and other infrastructure will be developed on remaining 50%. In case of 55:45, farmers will get 55% while the rest of it will be allotted for the development of roads and other infrastructure.


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                NMC to conduct survey of slums for rehabilitation of slum-dwellers

                Tushar Pawar | TNN | Updated: Jun 1, 2019, 4:51 IST

                Nashik: The Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) has planned to conduct a survey of slums across the city in order to rehabilitate slum-dwellers under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana by the year 2022. A private agency is soon to be deployed to conduct the survey of all slums in the city following an approval by the General Body Meeting (GBM).

                According to sources, of the 167 slums in the city, eight have already been developed under the scheme. The benefits under the Basic Services to Urban Poor (BSUP) scheme of the government have been provided to the slum-dwellers.

                As per the survey conducted in 2017-18, there are 159 slums across the city. The population of these slums is 1.94 lakh with 55,520 families.

                The state government approved the Development Control and Promotion Regulation (DCPR) of Nashik city in 2017.

                There is a need to conduct assessment survey of the city to approve the norms related to slum rehabilitation in the DCRP. Hence, the NMC is planning to conduct a survey of all existing slums in the city by a private firm. The municipal corporation will soon begin accepting tenders for the same. The cost for the survey is estimated to be around Rs 1.50 crore, NMC sources said.

                “The proposal is to be tabled by the civic administration at the coming General Body Meeting (GBM) for its approval,” the sources added.

                Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set a mission of housing for all by 2022. All the 55,520 slum-dweller families in the city will get houses under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana.

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                • Re : Nashik : New Destination

                  Open roads lead to more accidents: Study

                  Abhilash Botekar | TNN | Updated: Jun 2, 2019, 4:45 IST

                  Nashik: Against the common belief that obstacles on the roads and narrow roads are the basic reasons for accidents, a study conducted by the regional transport office (RTO) for the district road safety committee reveals that mishaps are much more on congestion-free roads where the drivers seem to over-speed.

                  The study about road accidents in the district between January 2013 and August 2018 shows that 4,627 out of the total 11,492 accidents, ie 40%, happened on clear roads. Also, these accidents account for 45% of the fatalities.

                  “The accidents claimed 4,422 lives and 1,992 of them were in open roads. The next highest number of deaths was 392, at zebra crossings,” an RTO official said.

                  The figures have left the RTO officials and members of the committee headed by the district collector looking for solution to the issue. As per guidelines of the Supreme Court, depending upon the frequency of accidents and fatalities, the committee has identified the black spots and corrective measures are being taken. But there is hardly any solution to the situation that does not have specific traits.

                  “The analysis has led us to a situation where there is no solution except self-restrain. There is neither engineering solution nor structural solution to the problem. The reasons behind accidents are that either the drivers tend to push the vehicle beyond its limits or their attention is distracted. Another reason is technical fault in the vehicle, but that is very low,” the official said.

                  It is up to the motorists to ensure that they are fit and so are their vehicles and also that they be alert and maintain their speeds and lanes, the official added.

                  The RTO officials said the Children’s Traffic Park run by NGO Nashik First with the help of the civic body has been of great help to sensitise motorists.

                  “Since a session at the traffic park has been made compulsory to every motorist who is taking licence for the first time or even to commercial motorists in the district, the drivers are now aware of the defensive driving techniques and other measures. Unfortunately, a large number of motorists involved in the accidents are from other districts or states,” he added.


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                    Delay in smart city projects likely to attract hefty fine

                    Tushar Pawar | TNN | Updated: Jun 8, 2019, 11:21 IST

                    The pilot smart road stretch is from Trimbak Naka to Ashok Stambh

                    NASHIK: The management of the Nashik Municipal Smart City Development Corporation (NMSCDCL ) has proposed to the board of directors to impose Rs 37,000 per day penalty on the contractor for failing to complete the project on time.

                    The chairman of the board Sitaram Kunthe while speaking to the media admitted that the contractor was slack in implementing the project. He said that the board would look into the proposal given by the management. The proposal had also mention of extending the deadline further from June 30 to July 25.

                    “This is the fact that the smart road work is not gathering momentum. This is the road with heavy traffic as it has major government offices and institutes along the road. The notice has already been given to the concerned contractor for delay of the project,” said Kunte.

                    As per the proposal by the management, the deadline was March 31, but it had been extended up to June 30 and thereafter July 25. Hence, the fine of Rs 37,000 per day has been proposal for a period from March 28 to July 25.

                    As per the officials, the deadline has been increased thrice. The smart city road first had a deadline of October last year which was extended up to March 31 this year and finally it was set at June 30.

                    But the works is likely not to be completed before June 30. Hence, NMSCDCL has proposed extension to the deadline upto July 25 and also Rs 37,000 per day fine from March 25 onwards.

                    The pilot Smart Road stretch is from Trimbak Naka to Ashok Stambh, measuring about 1.1 km and the total cost of the project is Rs 16.15 crore. The NMSCDCL has also proposed rise of Rs 3.89 crore in the project cost due to some changes in the project and also because of the delay.

                    This project is about transforming chaotic road image to a smart road. Proposed features of the smart road includes uniform standard carriage way from one junction to another, proper designed footpaths, bicycle lane, road intersection development, infrastructure utility ducts below footpaths, road marking, proper storm water drainage and landscaping to increase overall aesthetics of the road.

                    Initially, due to heavy traffic they could not bring trucks of cement during the day, and hence, they brought it during the night after the traffic reduced.
                    There were other reasons like underground channels, old sewage lines, old water supply lines had to be taken care of while constructing the road. Many such issues like these delayed the work.


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                      Nullah widening to solve Manmad crisis

                      Abhilash Botekar | TNN | Updated: Jun 11, 2019, 12:11 IST

                      Representative image

                      NASHIK: Widening and deepening of the existing nullahs in two key watershed areas of Manmad may be the way to beat the severe water scarcity in this town of 1.25 lakh residents.

                      Located in Nandgaon taluka of Nashik district, Manmad has been getting water supply every 21 days. Even the chief minister Devendra Fadnavis had called a meeting to discuss measures to improve the water situation here.

                      Geologist Suresh Khanapurkar, a former officer with the Groundwater Survey and Development Agency (GSDA), has suggested a water conservation plan for the Manmad town to the Nashik district administration.

                      Khanapurkar is credited with the Shirpur-pattern of water conservation in Dhule district.

                      "The plan is to deepen and widen nullahs in the Wanjarwadi and Satvai watershed areas. They will carry rainwater from the respective watershed areas into the Panjhan river. Thereafter, a weir can be constructed to pick up water for supply to the town," Khanapurkar said.

                      This entire plan will cost Rs70 crore and provide space to store water and encourage its seepage. Stressing on recharging underground aquifers, as done in Dhule, Khanapurkar said deepening and widening of the nullahs would go a long way in water conservation.

                      "There is already a Rs290-crore scheme proposed for Manmad. The financial viability and feasibility of the scheme is being studied. We are open to other cost-effective and sustainable ideas as well. There is a proposal from Khanapurkar," district collector Suraj Mandhare said.

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