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Nashik : New Destination

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Nashik : New Destination

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    MIDC keen to levy & collect property tax in industrial areas under civic limits

    Tushar Pawar | TNN | Updated: Jan 24, 2020, 13:02 IST

    Two industrial estates of MIDC, Satpur and Ambad, are located in the limits of the NMC

    NASHIK: The Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) is keen to levy and collect property tax in industrial areas that falls under the jurisdiction of municipal corporations across the state and has written to the state government, seeking its nod.

    Currently, the MIDC is levying and collecting 50% of the property tax and the remaining 50% is given to the respective gram panchayats. The MIDC had issued a circular in this regard in December last year following a government resolution (GR) issued in September 2019.

    The MIDC wants the same model to be replicated for industries located in the limits of municipal corporations like Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC). MIDC CEO P Anbalagan, who was in Nashik on Wednesday, said at present such taxes are being levied and collected by the local civic bodies in rural areas.

    “We are against recovery of property tax from industries by the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC). We want the property tax to be collected by the MIDC from industries in municipal corporation limits too,” Anbalagan said, adding they have already sent a proposal to the state government for approval.

    Anbalagan was in the city for a meeting with industrial associations from five districts of Nashik division. Two industrial estates of MIDC, Satpur and Ambad, are located in the limits of the NMC.

    The NMC collects the property tax from the industries in these two estates and in return provides road and look after maintenance of streetlights. But the agency wants more funds to create and maintain infrastructure in the industrial areas which could be garnered from collection of property taxes.

    During a meeting, NIMA presidents Shashikant Jadhav had said that most of the roads in Satpur and Ambad MIDC areas have been handed over to the NMC for maintenance work. “Some roads in these two industrial areas are yet to be handed over to the NMC. Hence, the civic body is not developing these roads,” he said.

    Anbalagan, however, refused handing over of roads to the NMC. “I am against handing over of roads to the NMC. We may give an NOC to the NMC for developing the roads in both the industrial estates,” he said.

    New investment proposals in Nandurbar

    Anbalagan on Wednesday said that two large industries have shown interests to invest around Rs 1,000 in Nandurbar. This will generate over 2,500 jobs. These industries are from textile and food processing sectors.

    “Apart from Nandurbar, three other industries are also making investment over Rs 1,000 crore in Supa MIDC areas in Ahmednagar district. The land has already been given to these industries,” he said.

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    • Re : Nashik : New Destination

      Smart Rd not yet complete, inaugurated on Sunday

      Santosh Sonawane | TNN | Jan 26, 2020, 4:22 IST

      Nashik: The city’s maiden smart road between Trimbak Naka and Ashok Stambh will be inaugurated and thrown open for vehicular traffic on Sunday.

      Ahead of the inauguration day, the labourers were seen working aggressively on the stretch to make it ready for Sunday.

      On the other hand, the senior police officers expressed their concerns about the road being thrown open for vehicular traffic, even when the road is not fully complete.

      The officers said that they will have to deploy additional manpower to monitor the streamflow of traffic.

      On Saturday, the labourers were seen working on paver blocks, a couple of feet away from the footpath to create a cycle track. The road was also dug up at a couple of spots for setting up other facilities. The painting work of the road dividers and the traffic island was seen on the stretch.

      The stretch all set to become one of the best streets in the city, commuters are complaining about the decreased width of the road and huge bumps in between. While the footpaths are appreciated, currently many motorists are seen parking their vehicles on them.

      Gopal Paripurna, an executive working at a private firm on the MG Road said that the cycle track adjacent to the footpath is a waste of money. “All along the footpath, there is a beeline of illegally parked vehicles. Once the road is thrown open for traffic, the cycle track would be under the illegally parked vehicles,” he said.

      Police officer, who didn’t wish to be named, said that they feared that once the signals are set operational the traffic at the CBS junction mainly will become chaotic. People coming from the Trimbak Naka side and moving towards Sharanpur Road will not get a clear free left, which will further to the chaos. “On the same junction, the free left for vehicles has been done away. Thus to take a left, motorists will have to wait for the signal to go green,” said the officer.

      Many traders, who have their establishments at Ashok Stambh junction said that the road was already falling short for the heavy traffic and now after the smart road work, the width of the road has been further reduced. Senior traffic officials said that they would observe the flow of traffic after the inauguration near Ashok Stambh. If problems occur, the junction will be closed until construction work is fully complete.

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      • Re : Nashik : New Destination

        NMSCDCL: Smart road is uneven at some stretches

        Tushar Pawar | TNN | Jan 28, 2020, 4:32 IST

        Nashik: The Nashik Municipal Smart City Development Corporation Ltd (NMSCDCL) on Monday admitted that the construction of city’s maiden smart road is “improper”.

        “The riding quality on the smart road is not as per the set standard. It is uneven at some stretches,” chairman of NMSCDCL and senior bureaucrat Sitaram Kunte said after a meeting of NMSCDCL in which CEO of NMSCDCL Prakash Thavil and municipal commissioner Radhakrishna Game were also present.

        “It is not possible to rectify this shortfall at this juncture as construction of the road is complete. We cannot dig up road to set things right. So we have taken a decision to rope in experts from IIT-Bombay,” Kunte said.

        “The experts from IIT-Bombay would examine the road and come up with the best possible solution to deal with this problem to ensure that the problem is rectified,” he added.
        The 1.1-km stretch of city’s first smart road — from Ashok Stambh to Trimbak Naka — has been constructed at a cost of Rs 20 crore. The work for the project began in March 2018.

        The contractor of the project missed five deadlines and has been penalized by the NMSCDCL for the same. Many elected representatives of the civic body and local residents have been questioning the quality of the road following which the NMSCDCL carried out a quality check of the entire stretch and the problem was detected.

        “Although we have opened the road for traffic, work to set up the bus shelters, high mast lights, underground cable work of MSEDCL, installation of e-toilets, is still remaining. The NMSCDCL will ensure that these works are completed within the next one month,” Kunte said.

        A visit to the road on Monday revealed that the traffic signals at CBS chowk and Mehar junction are yet to be made operational.

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        • Re : Nashik : New Destination

          NMSCDCL to carry out bore-well trails to revive the ancient kunds

          Tushar Pawar | TNN | Jan 29, 2020, 4:19 IST

          Nashik: The Nashik Municipal Smart City Development Corporation (NMSCDCL) has decided to undertake borewell trials at 17 ancient kund sites in an effort to revive them.

          In each of the kunds, the authorities will first sink a borewell to ascertain the water depth. If the water is not available in the kund it won’t be revived.

          Moreover, the smart city company has decided to de-concretise the riverbed stretch between Dutondya Maruti and the Gadge Maharaj bridge.

          The decision on the same was taken during a board meeting of the smart city on Monday. “We have decided not to de-concretise Ram Kund and Gandhi Talav in the river Godavari, but the stretch between Dutondya Maruti and Gadge Maharaj bridge would be de-concretised,” said the chairman of NMSCDCL Sitaram Kunte.

          There were also proposals to revive 17 ancient kunds with natural springs in the Godavari. “Initially, we decided to study the project. Moreover, we will undertake borewell trials to ascertain that there are still natural springs at the sites of ancient 17 kunds,” said Kunte.

          The survey for mapping of the kunds with natural springs have already been completed by the smart city officials.

          In December last year, the smart city officials had decided to start the reviving work of the kunds from Gandhi talav, but they had to stop it following opposition by a section of corproators.

          In 2015, an environmentalist Devang Jani had filed a PIL in the Bombay High Court seeking removal of concrete in the Godavari. He has been pursuing with the NMC for removal the concrete development.

          The High Court in its judgment had said that it is the right to devotees to get pure water and it is the responsibility of NMC to make it available. In reply, the court had asked the petitioner to give a presentation before the municipal commissioner, who will take a decision on the same.

          Thereafter, the then municipal commissioner Abhishek Krishna had deployed security guards to protect the river from pollution and had also set up a Godavari conservation cell. But, no decision was taken on removal of concrete.

          Now, the municipal commissioner Radhakrishna Game has taken initiative in this connection.

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          • Re : Nashik : New Destination

            Nashik: Five maps drafted for greenfield township, feedback sought

            The maps are to be sent to the director of the town planning department of the state government for its technical approval. Tushar Pawar | TNN | January 31, 2020, 18:00 IST

            NASHIK: The Nashik Municipal Smart City Development Corporation (NMSCDCL) has prepared five different maps for the township project under the town planning scheme. The smart city company has put these maps on display and sought feedback from the farmers.

            The maps are to be sent to the director of the town planning department of the state government for its technical approval. NMSCDCL will invite suggestion and objection by the farmers after technical approval by the state’s town planning department.

            NMSCDCL chairman and senior IAS officer, Sitaram Kunte, said efforts are being made to complete the project within the deadline. “The suggestions and objections are to be sought after the final approval to the draft and maps of the township project by the office of the director of the state town planning department. The project will be cancelled if more than 50% farmers or land owners oppose the project,” added Kunte.

            The smart city company has proposed greenfield township project over 753 acres in Makhmalabad area of the city. The Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) is a planning authority of the project. The land is to be acquired under the town planning (TP) scheme project, similar to the model implemented in Gujarat.

            Some farmers recently met municipal commissioner Radhakrishna Game, opposing the project. “These 400 farmers, who are opposing the project, have around 50 hectares. The remaining farmers owning 700 hectares have given their consent to give their land,” he said.

            Game reiterated that he himself will cancel the township project if more than 50% of total farmers or land owners oppose the project.

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            • Re : Nashik : New Destination

              Game orders inspection of illegal constructions

              Tushar Pawar | TNN | Feb 4, 2020, 4:30 IST

              Nashik: Municipal commissioner Radhakrishna Game has taken strong note of the alleged illegal constructions carried out in 36 civic-owned properties.

              Game, on Monday, directed an inspection of these properties to ascertain whether any civic official was responsible for these illegal constructions or the parties to whom these properties were leased to had carried out the illegal constructions without the knowledge of the civic administration.

              As per Development Control and Promotion Regulations (DCPR) of the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC), 15% constructions on open or amenity spaces are permissible — 10% is permissible on ground and 5% on first floor.

              Recently, a survey was carried out by the town planning department and Public Works Department (PWD) of the municipal corporation. During the survey, officials of both the department found violation of the norms while carrying out construction on open and amenity spaces.

              Following this, Game told TOI that he has directed the PWD department to inspect the properties and find out who is responsible for the illegal construction.

              “Responsibilities about the illegal constructions are to be fixed first. Action will be taken against municipal officials if they are found involved for illegal constructions. Notices will be sent to the parties to whom the properties have been leased out if they are found involved in illegal constructions,” Game said.

              Meanwhile, the civic administration has decided to table the proposal of increasing the lease rates for its properties from 2.5% to 8% at the coming general body meeting.

              The decision has been taken after the urban development department of the state government has directed all civic bodies to increase the lease rates on civic-owned properties. The state government has also sent a letter to the NMC asking it to levy new lease rates.

              There are over 2,500 properties of the NMC, including 1,900 commercial outlets and remaining 900 study halls, community halls, libraries, laughter clubs, gymnasiums that have been leased out to different parties.

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              • Re : Nashik : New Destination

                Credai delegation discuss road projects with Nitin Gadkari

                TNN | Updated: Feb 6, 2020, 14:24 IST

                Nitin Gadkari

                NASHIK: Credai Nashik Metro has requested Union road transport and highways minister Nitin Gadkari to speed up the road projects undertaken by his department in the district.

                A delegation of Credai Nashik Metro, led by MP Hemant Godse, met Gadkari in Delhi on Tuesday and discussed issues related to several road projects.

                President of Credai Nashik Metro Umesh Wankhade said all these projects would improve Nashik’s road connectivity and help economic growth. “We have drawn his (Gadkari’s) attention towards the need to intensify the pace of construction of the by-pass of Nashik-Pune highway,” he said.

                “The completion of by-pass roads at Narayangaon, Manchar and Rajgurunagar would reduce the travel time between Nashik and Pune by at least an hour,” he added.

                Similarly, the delegation has requested the union minister to direct the authorities for speedy completion of the highway connecting Nashik with Gujarat via Peth area of Nashik district and the state highway from Wani to Saputara up to Gujarat border.

                “Since the Mumbai-Nagpur Samruddhi Mahamarg would be passing through Nashik district at Ghoti we have appealed Gadkari to direct his ministry to set up a six-lane express-way connecting Nashik to Ghoti for Nashikites,” Wankhede said.

                The delegation has also requested Gadkari’s intervention in matters related to strengthening of Nashik’s air connectivity.

                “Since he hails from Maharashtra and is a senior cabinet minister in the central government we have sought his help to start flights connecting Nashik to Delhi, Bengaluru, Goa and Hindan. All these routes were sanctioned under Centre’s Regional Connectivity Scheme,” he added.

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                • Re : Nashik : New Destination

                  Opposition leader slams NMC ruling of Rs 150 crore loan for land acquisition

                  TNN | Updated: Feb 6, 2020, 14:41 IST

                  The mayor of Nashik city Satish Kulkarni and the NMC standing committee president Uddhav Nimse both denied the...Read More

                  NASHIK: The leader of opposition in the Nashik Municipal Corporation, Ajay Boraste, slammed the BJP for its move to seek Rs 150 crore loan allegedly for land acquisition, though the charges were denied by standing committee president Uddhav Nimse.

                  Boraste, of Shiv Sena, addressing the press today, said that the BJP was using the corporation funds in the interest of selected builders and developers by paying the sum for land acquisition.

                  “When the acquisition of land since 1993 was still pending, it is hard to understand why BJP is acting in haste to arrange the funds to clear the dues of the people whose land is to be acquired as per the 2017-development plan,” said Boraste.

                  Boraste said that the issues – related to the roads, electricity and water supply were taking back seats and the BJP were allegedly not interested in resolving the issues despite the former chief minister Devendra Fadnavis adopting the city when he was in the chair.

                  The mayor of Nashik city Satish Kulkarni and the NMC standing committee president Uddhav Nimse both denied the charges levelled against them.

                  Kulkarni said, “The loan was being taken for the developmental activities including the construction of ring roads, water supply and other roads. This is in tune with the demands and there is no harm in opting for the same.”

                  Nimse said that the NMC was taking the loan for the developmental activities and it had nothing to do with the charges made by the opposition. “The NMC has to carry out developmental activities and pay for the land acquisition. All the works are being carried out as per the priority list and there is no question of favouring anybody,” he said

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                  • Re : Nashik : New Destination

                    NMC demolishes 19 illegal dwellings

                    TNN | Feb 7, 2020, 04:46 IST

                    Nashik: The anti-encroachment department of the Nashik Municipal Corporation demolished 19 illegal dwellings on a plot of land reserved for a civic school in the Satpur area of the city on Thursday .

                    The drive started around 7am under heavy police bandobast as the civic body feared retaliation by the squatters. A team of state reserve police force (SRPF) accompanied the local police and the civic officials. Bulldozers were used to raze the illegal structures.

                    “The drive was carried out at Pimplegaon Bahula village in Satpur that falls under the jurisdiction of NMC. Initially, some of the dwellers tried to resist but the huge police presence ensured smooth conduct of the drive,” civic officials said.

                    NMC officials said that the occupants of these structures were served notices by the civic body over a month ago to vacate them along with their belongings as the demolition drive would be undertaken anytime.

                    The owners of these dwellings shifted all their belongings from their houses before the demolition drive started.

                    “The plot where these illegal structures came up is reserved for a civic school. The local corporators of Satpur have been demanding an NMC-run school constructed on the plot for children in that area,” sources in NMC said.

                    However, later the civic authorities received a feedback that the dwellings exist on that same plot of land where the elected representatives were insisting to set up a school.

                    “We sought feedback about the plot of land from the office of the special land acquisition officer of the district revenue department. The latter informed us that the plot was reserved for a civic school. The NMC then decided to get rid of the illegal structures on the plot,” said civic officials .

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                      Nashik civic body to auction over 85 properties of tax defaulters

                      This is for the second time that NMC is auctioning such defaulters properties. Last time such action was taken last month. The auction of the properties is set to be held on February 26 at Dadasaheb Gaikwad auditorium in the city. Tushar Pawar | TNN | February 10, 2020, 14:00 IST

                      NASHIK: After receiving a poor response to the amnesty scheme, the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) has decided to auction properties of 89 taxpayers for defaulting tax payment amounting to Rs 23 lakhs.

                      This is for the second time that NMC is auctioning such defaulters properties. Last time such action was taken last month. The auction of the properties is set to be held on February 26 at Dadasaheb Gaikwad auditorium in the city.

                      Out of the 89 properties going under the hammer, 67 are from the Nashik Road division which has total dues of Rs 13.5 lakhs. Ten properties are from the Cidco division, which has pending dues amounting to Rs 6.5 lakhs while the remaining seven properties are from Satpur division with total dues of around Rs 3 lakhs.

                      “If we do not get a response from the bidders during the auction of the properties, we will take a call on changing the ownership of the properties in the name of NMC,” said an NMC official.

                      Last month, the NMC had put on an auction of 44 properties, which had defaulted property tax dues amounting to Rs 50 lakhs. Eight defaulters paid their dues totally worth Rs 3.68 lakh. Hence, an auction for only 36 properties was held in the first week of January with not a single bidder turning up for the bidding process.

                      In July last year, the NMC had put on an auction of 172 properties with total defaulting taxes amounting to Rs 2.84 crores but even at that time, it received a cold response from the bidders.

                      “It is difficult to inform about the reasons why people do not participate in auctioning of properties. But sometimes, the titles of the properties are not clear or there have been some loan burdens on the properties,” said an NMC official.

                      To counter this issue, the NMC will now convert the properties to their names. “If we do not receive a response to the auction of properties for the second time, NMC may take over these properties following approval of the standing committee,” said an official.

                      NMC has set a property tax collection target of Rs 218 crores for the current financial year 2019-20. So far, they have collected taxes amounting to Rs 118 crores, which is still short by Rs 100 crores.

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