Hi guys, I finally managed to book flat in Nea Plus by Bhandari Associates at Baner Annex. The size is 924 sq.ft. I was tight on budget and looked around various projects right from Rohan Leher to Jardin, Yashwin and Pinnacle. I found location of Nea better than mentioned projects as its right next to Bella Casa and Ganga Acropolis.

Since its by Bhandari Associates, I hope I did the right thing as the construction quality seems quite good for what they are charging. The locality average seem to be 5500 to 6200. 4650 seem reasonable enough for bore well water. I managed to talk to few resident and non complaint of water problem.

What made me book the flat? Well, I went to F building and saw west wing flat. The view from balcony just melted my heart every time I visited the place. The project placing is bad since its like a train but hardly matters coz I booked in G building which will be closest to road.

Suggestion from senior board members welcome ☺
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  • Congratulations..!! Even i was considering booking a flat there. Not finalized yet. Although 4650 is a good deal, i think builder could have come down to 4500.
  • Am too considering purchasing in the same, construction quality and rate quoted seem justified (compared to what small builders are quoting in same neighborhood).
    Society is pretty big and almost fully occupied which somehow makes me comfortable, i do not want want to stay in 3 storey building with no occupany
  • Good job sales team.......
    as per building norms this building should have 2 stair cases..... did you seen them ? one of them is an fire exit.......
    this building was built long back and builder is unable to sell the higher floors, which were built without sanctions and he is selling them as they were new !!
    i will never consider these apartments even for RENTAL purpose.... useless, no safety, no proper road, no street lights and much inside to any road...
  • RRao first and foremost we are buyers not sales team. Second thing what was the last time you visited that area ? 2010 ? are you stupid or plain naive approch road is there its different thing if you are blind. For 20 flat wing 1 lift 1 staircase n 1 fire exit is fair enough,most of the board member will agree on this.
  • The builder charged me extra insterest of Rs. 90k to hide their inability of obtain the APF in timely manner from the bank.

    Since the builder didn't give appropriate documents to bank on time, the APF from the bank was not done for the project (Nea Plus), and due to this the loan amount was not disbursed. Bhandari Associates took advantage of that (and they further delayed the documents) and charged the customers several lakhs of interest , I am charged ~90k, one more customer is charges 1 lakh 26 thousand.

    And all this is because the builder was not able to gain the APF from the bank in timely manner; but to hide their ability the executives there presented this situation to their boss as if the delay is from the customer, and charged the interest from the customer, even though everything was clear from my side.

    Worst builder, I will never again buy or recommend this builder to any of my friends.
    • Anurag_241 years ago
      Is it even legal to charge interest when there is a delay by the builder ? You should check look for legal help or reach out to MAHARera.

  • I am planning to buy a flat in nea plus now... Need reviews from documents and cost perspective Of the site. .. Price quoted to me is 55 lakhs for 672 sqft carpet area flat in g building.