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Playtor Paud in Pirangut, Pune : Issues


Playtor Paud in Pirangut, Pune : Issues

Last updated: September 21 2018
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  • Playtor Paud in Pirangut, Pune : Issues

    Hi Sir,

    I have booked a flat and the agreement is also done but I want to cancel the flat agreement. I have paid two lakh rupees of the flat cost, which is twelve lakh rupees.

    I have submitted Indemnity form on 13th August. I also visited their office two or three times and also sent email but did not get proper reply. Previously when I had called them they had told me that they would process the cancellation deed on third September but they are not updating on the matter now.

    Please advise what to do now as it has been a month and I have not received any update from them. Could you please advise on what I can do now?

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    Re : Playtor Paud in Pirangut, Pune : Issues

    Can u name the Builder & the Project? A thread may already exist on this Project and there could be other members facing similar issues. This thread would be then required to be merged with the existing thread, if there is one.
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    • datta3ozarkar
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      Hi Sir
      Bulder name is Playtor and project is Paud c4 bulding.bulder website

      Also have raise consolation request

      Conciliation Request Number. Cxxxx00011xxx
      Payment Date xx/0x/2018
      Total Amount Paid by User 1059.00
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