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Can someone help me look at this 712


Can someone help me look at this 712

Last updated: October 9 2018
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  • Can someone help me look at this 712


    The seller is willing to sell land and give 7/12 on our name.

    Does this look like a clear land to go ahead for? Are any debts pending?

    What documents should we ask for from the seller?

    Attached are the documents.

    Please advise.


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    Re : Can someone help me look at this 712

    Take legal advise, even if it costs you. Search report of the property is required which will provide a trail of ownership of the property and the nature of deeds/transactions done on the property.

    7/12 might have the names of current owners, and the title may even get transferred to your name after the sale deed is executed. That doesn't stop a disputed owner to show up from out of the blue and claim ownership of the property. Such things happen when you start construction.

    Since the land is not NA, how would you know whether their is any type of reservation, or proposed development? You have to study the development plan to check if the land is marked for future roads, canals, public utility etc


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