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Raheja Viva in Pirangut, Pune


Raheja Viva in Pirangut, Pune

Last updated: October 19 2018
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  • Raheja Viva in Pirangut, Pune

    There is a civil suite against Raheja Viva and nationalized banks are not considering customer's housing loan application. KRC is not willing to write an indemnity letter to the bank that in case of any adverse decision by the court, the builder/KRC will compensate the obligee with the entire amount. KRC needs to ensure they provide all the assistance in closing the legal documentation work. And in such scenarios where there is a civil suite, banks will need an indemnity to ensure the obligee is protected against any adverse decision passed by the court of law.

    The builder insists that I take the loan from HDFC, their approved project financial. But if I opt for HDFC I will end up paying a high rate of interest. When it comes to home loans, nationalised banks have better schemes which are in customer's interest. What do I do?
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    Re : Raheja Viva in Pirangut, Pune

    The builder's behaviour is fishy. Private sector banks do not care about the legal part. Even their lending background checks are very lineant as getting customers is their only moto. Do not fall pray to builder's sweet talks. This will last only until you sign the agreement. It's a buyer's market now. Builders can no more dictate their terms. With soo much inventory in the market, the builders need customers more than the customers need builders. Besides, considering this is a premium project with Villas offered by builder & location wise bit away from the city, I'm sure builder will not have too much demand.


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