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Mahalunge Maan Town Planning Scheme, Pune


Mahalunge Maan Town Planning Scheme, Pune

Last updated: December 3 2018
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  • Mahalunge Maan Town Planning Scheme, Pune

    My cousin is looking to invest in a 2BHK in Hinjewadi around Maan / Sus area. I read that a 700 acre Mahalunge Maan TP scheme will be developed by PMRDA in that area which will also build houses for 1.5 lakh people.Will this planned Hi Tech City by PMRDA bring down or stagnate costs of the flats developed by other builders or township schemes like Blue Ridge / Life Republic ?

    - Hemanth Karunakaran

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    Re : Mahalunge Maan Town Planning Scheme, Pune

    Whether the prices will come down or stagnate in future, we do not know. because the proposal still in the planning stage and will take another 5-10 years time. if your friend can wait for that period, surely he can have the benifit if at all the prices come down.

    no one can tell what will happen in 5 years time.

    Kul echoloch was started in a big manner with complete township and many more, what happened in last few years........ evereyone know that flats were built with poor quality and owners were forced to take the incomplete flats and their 2nd phase was stalled...... company got bankrupt. this project is just few kilometers from Hinjewadi.

    suggest your cousin, if he want to stay with family, he can buy at a very much socialized areas like wakad, PS or baner, were already people are living.

    if at all he is looking for investment............. nothing that sort is really possible in underconstruction properties in Pune RE. He can invest in places where people are living now. Prices didnt changed for last 4-5 years and will not change for another 3-4 years, until something BIG happens.


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      Re : Mahalunge Maan Town Planning Scheme, Pune

      Thank you for your suggestions. He was looking at a 2 BHK at Shapoorji Pallonji Joyville planned near phase 1, at Maan. However, read the news about Mahalunge - Maan TP scheme called hi tech City where govt/PMRDA is also planning to build affordable houses in large numbers. Mahalunge is close to phase 1, therefore he thought it may not make sense to invest in Hnjewadi immediatey.


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