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Issues with Lawyer


Issues with Lawyer

Last updated: December 19 2018
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  • Issues with Lawyer


    I am buying a resale 1bhk in Aundh. I met a lawyer to see how much she will charge for the entire process..token receipt, stamp duty and registration. She said 15K. Excluding stamps cost etc.

    When I cracked the deal, we requested her for a receipt for the token amount. She typed it out and gave it to us (no stamp was used, kinda of a kaccha receipt). We did not bother because the seller and I have trust i each other. I requested her to prepare a draft of the sale deed as the bank requires it.

    She took two days and sent a draft that was copy pasted from another of her client's document. Even included his PAN and Adhar no...his flat details, Incorrect flat price. She did not capture the property history from the original sale deed (from my new flats ). Apart from hundreds of mistake she even wrote my name incorrectly. We, the seller, broker and my family were shocked to see horrible first draft. I decided to change the lawyer because such a shabby job was not expected even if it was the first draft.

    I sent rs 2000/- with the agent for whatever work she did until now. She is demanding rs 5000/-

    I refused. I wanted to know if rs 5000/- was justified for what work she did?
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    Re : Issues with Lawyer

    You should have just paid 1000/- as she is not worth more than that. Do not hesitate to tell her that she did not do her job properly and she can not ask more money.
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