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Resale or new Flat in Wakad


Resale or new Flat in Wakad

Last updated: January 29 2019
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  • Resale or new Flat in Wakad

    Hi All,

    I am looking for 2 bhk flat near wakad. I saw one resale property which is having 1000 sqft carpet area and construction is 5 years old. Owner is quoting 65 lacs (negotiable).

    I have seen some new schemes as well but they are way over priced (70 lacs+) and carpet area less.

    so what do you suggest. which one is the better option?
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    Re : Resale or new Flat in Wakad

    ready to move in is always better option, you know exactly what you are paying for and also you know what facilities are there inside and outside the premises.

    Additionally you save on GST.


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      Re : Resale or new Flat in Wakad

      Depends on many factors and most importantly on society.

      Personal opinion -

      Resale is good option if the construction quality of the building is good and there are no water issues. There are many old societies but not all are good. For example, if you see Swiss County, the construction quality looks good from outsde. There are no cracks or patches on bulidig. But if you see Aldea Espanalo, from outside itself you see the building have cracks and patches all over.
      Carefully note down the inside of flat, if there are seepage, water marks, plumbing quality, etc. And most importantly check Google Reviews of the society.

      Please note that you wont get any price appreciation in resale though. For example, Kunal icon is good society but it has already become very old and there is no chance of price appreciation if you buy there now.

      New ready-possesion flat will usually have price appreciation, and you will also feel nicer in flat.

      New underonstruction flats with GST, I believe do not make sense. 18 % money on taxes is a bit of an overkill for commonors like us.

      Shortlist your resale, new options. COmpare floor plans, check Google review of users, enquire with existing owners and make a pragmatic decision.

      For resale, if the cotruction quality is good, and society is good with no water issues, I think its a better option if carpet area is more.


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        Re : Resale or new Flat in Wakad

        RTM is always good option in current market. 5 years is not that old.1000 sqft is very good carpet area considering recent new projects. I am also looking for resale in this area. can you please tell which project did you find this flat in?


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          Re : Resale or new Flat in Wakad

          Resale seems almost always better than a new construction rigth now, no surprises about construction, people. even on monetary front its better because of no GST. also people who are selling now tend to have some kind of necessity so more bargaining power to you.

          plus you dont have to deal with professional psychological bullshit by a bunch of sales people trying to sell an overprised property.


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            Re : Resale or new Flat in Wakad

            darth_vader flat was in royal court society which is behind rosewood restaurant near dange chowk.


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