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false ceiling for sound proofing


false ceiling for sound proofing

Last updated: January 9 2019
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  • false ceiling for sound proofing

    We've recently moved to a new flat in Pune and we're facing a lot of noises from the flats above and adjacent to ours. There are sounds of people's footsteps, flush, bathroom door closing, kitchen usage, TV, music, people talking etc. Basically any sound that happens in our surrounding is heard in our flat. During the day we can ignore these sounds, but at night they are disturbing.

    I wanted to know, to what extent can false ceiling help to dampen these sounds. Other measures like sound proof windows and acoustical ceiling mats are very expensive. False ceiling seems like a reasonable option at this point for us, but don't know how effective it will be.

    Please share your experiences. Thanks!
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    Re : false ceiling for sound proofing

    False ceiling is not going to help. if you are hearing normal footsteps and flushes its a sign of bad quality.


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      Yes these are normal footsteps, barefoot walking. Someone suggested false ceiling with glass wool/stone wool. But we wanted to be sure before undertaking any work here.
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