Any feedback on VTP Blue Waters in Mahalunge, Pune?
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  • VTP Blue waters township is awaiting launch in 100 acres in Mahalunge, i'm looking forward to give them token, pls suggest. Info on background would help

    I've learnt that they have taken over Kumar's space which is near Kumar's Kul eco
    • anupnema1 years ago
      How is connectivity between blue water and Hinjawadi phase 1 ?
  • can anyone please let me know possession date for bluewaters
  • Bike can go, but car can't. No corporation water connection will be given to this project as it falls under PMRDA which doesn't have water storage. Also they don't have infrastructure to provide water connections.

    Very early to say mahalunge mann will be hi tech city.
  • Hi

    I checked on Rera site for Leonara building. Its showing pending litigations. Is it ok or I should stay away from this project?
  • They are also including 'Enclosed balcony' which is extra from terrace and dry balcony into carpet area to show the extra size.
  • Dear All,

    I have done the booking and trapped. Right from sales people to CRM all are just busy in attending new enquiry with false commitment.Please keep away from this project and save your hard earned money. Lots of litigation hence SBI is not funding home loan.

    Sincerely yours.

    • ak.10011 months ago
      SBI approval is in process for the project.
  • Making false promises to customers under big name worst management. Total money loss if you invest in VTP Blue Waters.
  • Project seems promising, as the connectivity with Hinjewadi Phase 1 is visibile. When KUL owned this project there wasn't much development in this area, in fact they also built a small bridge over the river but it didnt help. Now, there is a 120 Ft wide 6 lane road passing across the VTP project which connects to Hinjewadi Phase 1, 60% road is complete and I believe remaining 40% will also be completed before the metro work commences in Hinjewadi. Maan-Mahlunge Hi-tech city DP plan is ready, proposed Hyperloop station will also be close to this project. So, if you look at it with a 5-7 year horizon than things look promising. FYI on pre-launch 850+ flats were booked.

    • devyaanidalal11 months ago
      They are fraud. Please stay away from this project.For some reason we had to cancel the booking on the very next day after booking and now they r saying they won't return 27000 token money saying you signed on papers which says u won't get token money back while in reality they hardly gave any time to read any paper neither informed us regarding the same during their prelaunch.Please stay away from this scam
  • I did a bit of research, gave token, visited site on sale day(didnt booked) and got my token refund(after some follow -ups), i'll share my opinion(strongly my personal opinion and not to enforce over anybody's else opinion) about it:

    Things I liked:

    - Location- its green, in front you will see mountain, so ventilation will be good. i feel VTP is comparatively closer to Pune city, also you have the advantage of staying close to cental zone compared to extreme corner, even being close to IT hub

    - Planning Infra ,& Future perspect: alot to come in terms of development as there is no existing slums, habitals etc. so everything will be new & planned(hopefully), Maan-Mahalunge smart city initiative can be game changer(can be a hype too)

    -Prices & Appreciation: compared to other developing areas like Wakad Annex, Punawale, Ravet, prices are relatively cheap.Good appreciation can be expected as its in close proximity to IT companies, also the new route to Hinjiwadi from Pune would be crossing VTP

    Builder: Developer can be trusted as they have a good market repo and experience

    Things I didnt liked:

    -River-side: Since there is a river; mosquitoes can be a big issue for residents , pls refer Kharadi issue (Link ). Developers potray this in a very nice way, like they will make boat club, jogging track, park etc. Even if they manage to keep up their promises, you cannot control the water flowing through the river and the pollution-level in it. We all want clean rivers, but also know how well and seriously its being taken care

    -Alot of construction for minimum next 10 years which will make you inhale polluted with dust, cement etc. Also a lot of noice pollution, Even if the builder gives posession in 3 years, the area would be stilll developing as development almost started from VTP only

    Security: There is literally nothing nearby in terms of security, infulence of local goons can be high. Even people in 'developed' areas like Wakad are struggling

    Main Raod: Yes its an advantage and disadvantage too, this project lies on main road which 'appears' appealing.... fair enough!!. But unfortunately thats main road is only approach road to VTP. Let me explain you with a situation, imagine your house instead of HP petrolpump near hinjiwadi chowk, on weekday,it would take around 10-15 mins just to cross road or get out of your house because of road fully packed with traffic and rash drivers. I hope you understood what i mean here

    Things I'm concerned and unsure:

    - How good this would be for residential purpose, within next 5 years

  • Does anyone has any Idea about STP plant in VTP Blue waters Mahalunge Pune?

    Where exactly will it be located? What are disadvantages?
  • I am not having pleasent experience but same canot happen with all.

    It has been 1 Month as of 23-Apr-2019, I am still waiting to get my token refund. I hope, they will return token amount(27K) but not sure when.

    VTP is brand name they are focusing and providing their best services during token collection once you give token.. no one is there to help you. They need to improve lot.

    I afraid if they keep same behavior and you go with VTP than what can happen to common man who are seeing their dream house in VTP. They can get trap similar to Kul Ecoloch which VTP has overtaken.

    • ips.indersingh11 months ago
      I got my token back and it was comfortable for me.
  • Can anyone confirm that SBI is funding for VTP or not ?
  • I have paid token amount today, seems a good property for investment
    • nikita.anandrao9 months ago
      If there is any whatsapp group please let me know . I have booked at VTP BEL AIR pls add me so that we can have construction updates.
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  • I too have booked a flat at VTP bluewaters if there is any whatsapp group pls add me so hat we can be in touch for construction developments.