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Pune : Society not paying lease amount


Pune : Society not paying lease amount

Last updated: July 2 2019
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  • Pune : Society not paying lease amount

    Hi Experts,

    I have a flat in small society with 12 flats. Society is supposed to pay lease amount to govt. However, society is not paying it as most members are not interested in paying it. I want to sell the flat. However, banks are not giving loan to prospective buyers unless lease amount is paid by society.

    Is there a legal way to force society to pay the lease amount? I think discontinuing maintenance amount is not an option since society may also take counter actions like stopping water supply etc.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re : Pune : Society not paying lease amount

    I think you can try below:

    1) Attend society meeting and request/advise society Management Committie to pay the amount. Explain them that this amount can not be avoided. Sooner or later they will have to pay it.

    2) File a written application in your society office about the same and get a writtent responce from MC

    3) File a written complaint in your local District Deputy Registrar Co-Op Soc office and keep chasing them

    4) Hire a good lawyer and take further steps

    Bear in mind this task needs lot of patience and you will have to spend some money but I think its for your own good and if you want to sell your flat you will have to do it..also this might take few months or may be years..


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